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Renovation 3 Update

Hey y'all! Its time for another renovation number 3 update and we're making some big strides! Floors, trim, molding, master shower, lighting = all done. We're a little behind on kitchen install because our cabinet guy lost some of his help so we still have that going and also the butler's pantry. The last of the wallpaper is being delivered by the end of the day today so that project can start (Hubs is thrilled to do more wallpaper...) and our entryway light came early instead of its back ordered date of August 12th thank goodness! 

We're currently finishing up painting the stair railings and cleaning and re-staining the handrails and posts. They have painted and caulked all of the trim and crown molding and with the floors finally finished it all looks absolutely beautiful. Outstanding to-do list items are the fireplace project (paneling it in and covering the brick plus new tile surround) painting the front columns and porch, wallpaper half bath and wetbar, kitchen and butler's pantry install, master closet install and a few more tiling projects. I cannot believe we've come this far! It feels like I can go ahead and move furniture in. So without further ado, I present a big ole' photo dump of the progress thus far:

Miss A Update: Andi's CT scan showed nothing out of the ordinary and no disease was evident. She will still need a CT scan every 3 months for 5 years but for now we are singing praise! She is super tired but is still her happy and sweet self. She's a fighter y'all! Thanks again for ALL of the continued support and follow along with more updates on her facebook page. 

I have to open the photo dump with this before and after - can y'all remember when it was a pure
rubble/gut job mess? WOW!
Entryway view the light fixture that came early! Via Ballard Designs

My Fav light fixture for the dining room also via Ballard Designs. Also a great view of the
finished floors! 
Master closet ready to be transformed to the inspiration picture on the right!
Upstairs guest bathroom 1 ready for action (haha)

Master bath is pretty much done minus glass shower door install and picking
out a cute faux roman shade for that window!

I HAVE to share this hysterical add-on to the master bath: a toilet paper holder with
an added tray for belongings and/or phone. I seriously couldn't resist y'all....

Ready for the final touch of glass!

Love this drain
Half bath/Laundry ready for mirror over sink, wallpaper and cabinet hardware

Daredevil getting ready for railings


Kitchen View

Only item in the butler's pantry currently - love him
Miss Andi showing off the bench we scored for the master bedroom last week!
Oh and y'all know my love for this spray paint so we couldn't help ourselves
when we found this original vent grate for the dining room!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July y'all!

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Life Lately

Hey y'all! I wanted to post a little update on just life in general since I wasn't around last week. Today we are currently on our way to VCU for her first CT scan since diagnosis. They want to make sure there is no evidence of disease. On top of the CT scan, she has two chemo medications today which always seems to knock her out the next day. I was dreading today but now its here and we're just continuing to pray. She is still her spunky and hilarious self and she is inspiring y'all. Absolutely inspiring. 
Donuts before last week's treatment and a special visit from Miss Virginia

Last weekend Mom and I went on our annual little overnight getaway to the Miss VA Pageant and it was so relaxing and fun. We stayed at our favorite place the Virginian Hotel, had a wonderful dinner and then headed across town to the pageant. This year was
especially special since Andi had just visited with the former Miss VA a few weeks ago. The new Miss VA is from Richmond and she's pretty darn fabulous. She graduated from cum laude from Virginia Tech with degrees in biochemistry and system biology and she is now pursuing a doctor of pharmacy degree. She is the first to perform a science experiment as her talent and if you follow on me on IG then you saw how awesome that was! I'm looking forward to following along with her year as Miss Virginia because I'm sure it will be a great one!

After the pageant we met my sister, niece and aunt for mimosas and brunch and then accidentally stumbled into Loft and scored some awesome deals with their 40% off sale which I'll link below. After grabbing Starbucks we headed back home (only an hour away) to tell Andi all about the pageant and show her ALL the videos and pictures. Overall it was a great weekend! 

We've been busy with the renovation finishing some tile work and putting down trim so really...I promise to update next week! The wallpaper is supposed to be delivered today and the entryway light that was back-ordered until August actually arrives tomorrow. I'm so excited to share a sneak peek with y'all next week so stay tuned!

Tie Hem Dolman Top
Bird Split Sleeve Top (looks just like my half bath wallpaper y'all! haha Had to have it!
Flutter Sleeve Striped Top
Indigo Wash Crop Jeans 

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Design Projects

Hey y'all! How is everyone? Thanks for joining in on another WHW. I  need to wait just ONE more week for a renovation #3 update so that we can finish installing some pretty fabulous and fun light fixtures. However, you've probably gotten a sneak peek by now if you follow my IG highlights! For now lets dive into some recent design projects shall we?

Today I went and got quotes on some fun upholstery projects I need to jump on. Basically I need to start this story by admitting that I have a chair addiction. The first step is admitting you have a problem right? Seriously I do. I have so many cane and bamboo style chairs that I always scoop up whether I know where I'll put them or not. My parent's barn is sort of full. This story is great though because it was such a SCORE! I was looking for cane, barrel back chairs for a specific spot in the new house because they are petite. I found the ones I wanted from a cute antique mall in Palm Beach, Florida. They were going to cost $350 with shipping and I was JUST about to pull the trigger when I saw them on marketplace for $75 bucks semi-locally! Yea...needless to say I jumped on that and I am IN LOVE! They're in perfect condition. I'm going to go a little out of my comfort zone and paint them a sharp shiny black. The Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon fabric to the right of them I'm splurging on but my oh-so talented friend and interior designer, Hillary, has agreed to do them for me if I sent them to her along with the fabric.  

You can see the black with the fabric here

I also went ahead and got a quote to have my dining chairs done. The chairs I scored are in fact periwinkle. (RIP Periwinkle fred) but I am having them painted white and adding the Mira Blue Ballard Designs fabric to the seat. The table below is just like the table I scored and will also be painted white to match. Its a vintage Thomasville Allegro set and I searched high and low for that baby! (at a fraction of the cost because it was...well...periwinkle) I had them shipped from SC last summer and have been keeping them in storage for this new home. The chairs are coming in at about $60 a seat but at least they will be professionally done. I found the Mira Blue fabric for $21.00 a yard which is so MUCH better than the Ming Dragon....trade off right?

I'm also feeling this geometric fabric and possibly this trim for my living room curtains!

I also had no choice but to go ahead and snag two of these Lancaster rugs via Joss & Main. Every time I looked at them they were sold out! I signed up to be notified of restock and when I finally got the email, I grabbed the 3x7ft for the front side of our island in the kitchen and a smaller one to go by the kitchen door. Unfortunately, they are sold out again and not back in stock until November.

I've been hammering down some other purchases a few at a time and waiting for things to go on sale. We still have about 3 or 4 months until we most likely move it and I hate to clutter things up with lots of unopened boxes. Here are some of the items left to purchase for the new house. I"ll report back with sources, sales and discounted options as I find them.

Thanks for linking up with us each week! I truly adore this link up! Miss A has been kicking butt still and is so happy and vibrant. I pray that she continues to be this way! We are entering week 5 of treatment today and I want to take a moment to thank each and every single one of you for the continued prayers and support. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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Cheers to 10 Years!

Hey y'all! I'll pop back on next week with a recap of all things Renovation #3 but today I wanted to share some (late) weekend highlights. Last weekend we celebrated our 10 year college reunion and I'm still shocked that we hit our first milestone already. A lot of us couldn't make it but all in all we had a pretty great turnout! We stayed up entirely too late at my house on Friday night before heading into Roanoke on Saturday morning (needless to say we weren't feeling top notch) but we powered through and hit most of our old spots before retiring to the hotel bar and room. My time at Hollins University was some of the best years of my life and it felt so good being back with those ladies. We ate great food at our old favorite spots and tried brunch at a fabulous new spot, stocked up on goodies and swag from the bookstore and then headed out Sunday afternoon. I miss everyone already but man was it good to snuggle with Miss Andi the minute I walked in the door. She may or may not have slept in my bed that night...and the night after.... Can't get enough. 

Speaking of Miss A, she's doing great has her 4th treatment today. Feel free to send us some prayers today because she gets double the chemo today and her levels and counts dropped a tad last week. She's still powering through and always smiling but I'm scared by this afternoon and definitely tomorrow that she will be wiped. Thank y'all for the continued support, prayers and messages. None of it goes unnoticed. <3 

Hollins University Class of 2009 

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The new norm

Hey y'all. I've been meaning to post this sooner and update y'all but its been super hard to concentrate and make myself write a post. Most of you know that 3 weeks ago our lives were flipped upside down when Miss Andi was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor on her left kidney. We had 24 hours to prepare and then she went into surgery to have the tumor and kidney completely removed. I'm pretty sure it was a tad better to have happened so fast because the lack of time to process everything sort of sends you into overdrive. Although the surgery was super long it went exactly as planned. We are so blessed to have such an amazing surgeon, team and group of nurses and docs at MCV Children's Hospital. The whole process has been a blur but we're learning and trying to keep up. 

They tested her lymph nodes and made sure the cancer had not spread to anywhere else in her body and the results came back favorable. She will now undergo 22 (now 21) weeks of Chemotherapy. Y'all, she has been the most inspiring little warrior princess I've ever encountered. I've found myself multiple times reminding her that she doesn't have to act like an adult. She's so smart and so aware of the situation and it just brings me to my knees. Kids are so resilient and they are definitely so much cooler than we are. She calls her incision scar a "mermaid wave" and by all means that is what we will forever call it. It is healing beautifully and the oncologist (its still sinking in to say that word) says that her hair should be ok for another few weeks.

Now onto the thanks portion. Y'all....we have NEVER been more grateful, thankful and blessed. The support we have received from you all has brought us to tears on multiple occasions. The prayers have ranged from California to England and everywhere in between. The blogging community has been a POWERHOUSE and I am so blessed to have BEST friends that I haven't even met IRL. You all are the prayer warriors that keep us going for her. You all are the ones that bring light and smiles to our faces in times where its hard to cope. THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. I'll continue to keep you all posted just in case this ends up touching another family in a similar situation. Please keep those prayers coming.

Come back next week for an update on reno #3. Hubs has stayed busy on this renovation sort of like a good distraction. We're still on track to be moved in by Fall so it has been fun seeing all of the progress continue!

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