Wednesday, July 11, 2018

WHW: Easy Meals

Recent Recipes Update:

Hey y'all and happy Wednesday! Today I'm sharing a quick (and updated) post from last week showcasing what we've been eating lately. I'm by no means a chef but I strive to have at least 3 healthy meals per week for my family. I also like to make different things to introduce them to Miss Andi. She loves my porkchops so we used pork in two of the following recipes.  (I'm aiming for more home cooked meals I promise but man things get busy! And now I just joined the PTSA - SOS) I really need to get K Cav's new book, True Roots, because she always seems to light a fire under me for cooking inspiration. I also snagged Joanna Gaines' book and have YET to open that sucker! 

Anyway, don't forget to link up with us below and share whats going on with you! Hope y'all have a fabulous rest of the week!

Baked Apple Pork Chops
(SO yummy and a huge hit with my family but definitely
 a recipe made for fall in my opinion - made the house smell amazing!)

Pioneer Woman Lighter Fried Pork Chop 
(I'm a sucker for her show and saw this the other day! Very yummy and super easy!)

Also on the menu recently - my Mama surprised me with these taco shell pans and they are a total game changer! (I mean, does anyone really have to guess how much I like me some Mexican food? Taco Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....)  The next night I made a simple chicken, cheese and spinach dish that I found on Pinterest. Recipe linked below and toddler approved. 

Spinach Chicken Casserole 

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday 5

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! I hope most of y'all are at a beach somewhere. Lord knows I can't wait to be sitting by the ocean in about 20 days. The countdown is officially on. So, how was everyone's holiday? I hope it was fabulous and not as hot as it was here. We had a super fun neighborhood block party cookout! See below for the quick and festive dish I brought.

This weekend Miss Andi and I are going to my future SIL's bridal shower and we're so excited. Its a couple's shower so my BIL will be there as well and I seriously cannot believe that their wedding is SO close. Hubs has to work out of town but I'll at least have my little sidekick. Also, have I told y'all that we'll both be Jessi Otey?! How crazy is that!? Both the Otey brothers married/will marry a Jessi/Jessie. For some reason it just makes me love her more (right Jess? I know she's reading..muah!) No but seriously, my SIL is better than y'alls. She's hysterical, sarcastic, so pretty and loves wine just about (but not quite) as much as I do. She'll obviously be a perfect addition to the family if I do say so myself. 

Diving right into the link up and sharing 5 fun things from the week. Have a fabulous weekend!

1. For the 4th of July block party I made this super cute, easy and festive taco dip via Family Fresh Meals 

2. For the bridal shower, I scored the cutest 'poppin' champagne' wrapping paper similar to this one. Is anyone else a sucker for cute wrapping paper? Target & T.J. Maxx always have great patterns! 

3. This little thing has been (cautiously) loving the pool lately and her swim lessons start in a couple weeks. I'm really hoping they go better than last year so keep your fingers crossed! Also, any advice on getting your toddler more comfortable with the water would be greatly appreciated!

4. Speaking of Miss A, we had a movie night last Thursday and she picked All Dogs Go to Heaven y'all....MELT my heart! That was one of my favs back in the day and I cried like it was the first time I'd seen Charlie get called to Heaven. Next week we're going to an outdoor showing of 101 Dalmations. Its so neat to see her gush over all the Disney movies I loved as a kid! (word has it that Cruella is going to make an appearance!) 

5. Did y'all see that Blogger has fixed the comments/email problem we've been having?! I'm so happy Brittany from Life as the Mrs shared this with me because this issue has been super annoying. Head over to Andrea's post on how to resolve this. 

Words of Wisdom for the weekend:

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Design Advice 101

Hey y'all and welcome to another WHW! Join in with Jen or myself so we can see what's going on with you currently. Today I'm sharing (lucky number) 7 design tips that are tried and true and I absolutely swear by. This was such a fun post to write and I also decided to track down an example of each so y'all can see what I mean. There are so many great tips out there to follow but these just happen to be my favorite. With that said, feel free to drop your favorite design style quotes or advice in the comments. I can't wait to read what y'all have to say! 








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Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekending: Miss VA 2018

Hey y'all and happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? I had my superbowl before my mega superbowl takes place in September. This weekend was the 2018 Miss Virginia pageant and then Miss America will be in September if you're wondering what I'm referencing. Y'all know how much I love and support the Miss Virginia Organization and this year was no different. My Mama and I made a weekend out of it and loved every second of getting all dolled up for a relaxing and fun weekend. 5 of my picks made the top 10 and my number 1 pick was actually crowned Miss VA 2018 and I am SO thrilled to welcome another Hollins girl to the sisterhood! Hollins has had 3 winners now since 2007 and this is a back to back win! #Proud #Green&Gold

We had excellent seats this year because I somehow was able to snag the last two in the main family section which made for quite the funny evening with all of the "which one is your daughter/cousin/sister questions" We didn't attend the after party this year but instead went back to the hotel room, put on our plush robes and polished off a bottle of wine while watching HGTV. I'm so excited to follow along with the new Miss VA's upcoming year and I'll definitely be pulling for her on the Miss America stage come September. With that said, don't forget to tune into Miss Virginia 2035 to see Miss Andi ....ha! No but seriously...

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Congrats to Emili McPhail! Miss VA 2018 & My Hollins sister! 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

WHW: #DemoDay

Hey y'all! Welcome to another WHW. Link up with us below to share whats going on currently with YOU! I've gotten some requests to share another demo update so today's post is dedicated to just that. Its hard to really show good pictures of the process because its difficult to show potential spaces when you're literally down to the studs. The hubs and FIL have really been kicking some mega you know what though. We ended up with a grand total of 13 tons of plaster and rubble but we are now officially done with the giant dumpster that has been occupying the side yard for over a month. 

The temporary wall is now up in the kitchen so that the new support beams can be installed to create the larger, open space we've been dreaming of. The doorway has been framed on the right side of the kitchen so that the space will now be walled off between the kitchen and future master closet. 
A little sneak peak of kitchen inspiration

Speaking of walls going up instead of down, the breezeway/hallway has now been constructed to create our new master bedroom, closet, bathroom space. This will just block it off from the main hallway so that the only access is through the master bedroom itself. We also encountered an issue with the main strip of hallway on the first floor. The floor needed to be lifted up a bit so they tackled that from the basement to make it more level. The basement is a great space and the added beams won't change that. Cheers to added support though am I right?! 

you can see master bath and then master closet to the left in new hallway

new hallway making it a straight shot to the kitchen 

look how large this basement space is - remind me to show y'all the future WINE CELLAR! (Hey Pop!) 

Shifting gears to upstairs, we framed a new closet in the first room so that it can now be classified as an actual bedroom and it looks great! The room behind that one now has an en-suite completely framed and its a great size. That will primarily be used for guests. Directly to the right of that new bathroom will be Miss Andi's full upstairs bath and that has also been framed. All the old plumbing has been cut out as well and this will now give us 2 full baths upstairs. 
New closet to the left of the fireplace - small but functional!

Andi's bath is what you see first and then beyond is the guest bath

We've also narrowed down the vision for the small (but again, functional) master bath. I decided to keep the master bath on the smaller side because I am SO ready to have my giant master closet back. If you follow me on IG then you've already seen the design inspo. Here's what we're thinking for that space:

Overall I'd say so far so good. We submitted the building permit application yesterday and the custom cabinet people start coming in next week to measure and show us some designs. The only thing we're struggling with is deciding on an exterior. (seriously, I'm pulling my hair out about it!) I'll save that reveal for next week but I'll just leave a hint by saying: super intrigued with black exterior pane windows.....hmmmmm.

Happy Wednesday y'all and don't forget to link up below.

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