Easy Decor & Last Minute Gift Idea!

Ok thinking back to the "Giving Thanks & Drinking Beer" post I decided to utilize the thrown out beer bottles from the countless football nights. For this craft all you will need is hot glue, various shaped bottles for your vases and yarn of your choice-- Then something to go into the newly made vases. In this case I picked up some holly berries and greenery for the Christmas feel! ($1.00 each)-Follow the steps below! Also, thinking of a crafty homemade gift idea + yummy/edible? Mason jar cookie mixes are just the thing! I love how personal and custom these can be from personalized labels & directions to candy colors and more. For all under $10 check out the step by step instructions and as always Happy Crafting & Merry Christmas ya'll!!!

Start wrapping your bottles in yarn making sure it is tight
with no visible gapping

How about the help of a friend?
Hey Sam! haha

Add your fillers and you're done!

Make sure to secure the end, oops..

Just enough Christmas and under $10!
Here is what you will need for the jars: Quart Jars, Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar,
Baking Soda, Candy Pieces, Fabric and Labels of your choice (My labels are from Etsy!)

Also some measuring cups & a funnel are useful!
2 cups of flour on bottom
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
add candy pieces to top of jar

Let me just say this is sort of a messy job haha and time consuming!

I also printed out the instructions for the full
baking process which you can find online & glued
them to card stock, hole punched and attached with jar!
Cut fabric into about 6x6 sqaures and secure under lid, add label and Voila!
A great homemade gift!


Rustic Christmas! Wood Burning 101

This year I had this vision to do a rustic/manly/country Christmas tree when it hit me-- I'll experiment on Seth's tree! (afterall he is a man, he won't mind haha) For this tree I used cardinal reds, plaid, pinecones and homemade wooden ornaments which are super simple and add a custom touch to any tree! I purchased the wood burning kit ON SALE from Michael's for $12.99 (so pumped!) and the little wood chips were like .50 cents (you could def make your own though!) I hot glued yarn to the back to hang and they fit perfectly with the theme!

When using the wood burner, the slower you
go, the darker the lines become!

I wanted to use yarn to keep that rustic look

I had so much fun with these! (started to make dots vs. writing-
your hand will get tired!

I LOVE the way they turned out and how they fit with the tree!
Happy Crafting! (more wood burning projects to come!)

Time to Deck the Halls Ya'll!

So like my fall monogram wreath --of course I needed a christmas one! This can be so custom and so chic on any door! The wreath was only $7 at A.C. Moore and the rest of the supplies cost under $10. Check it out below! Also, I saw on http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=A22929061&navAction=jump&navCount= these cute mason jar snow globes and everyone is going nuts over them! However, why would you pay up to $40 dollars (no offense Anthropologie, great idea) when you can make your own custom ones with anything from objects to pictures inside? Check em out and as always Happy Crafting!

Supplies you will need: ribbon if you want a bow, a door wreath hanger (.99 cents!)
any kind of Christmas decor and of course your monogram :)

I wanted something bright to see from the road so I
painted my letter with a few coats of lime green!

Glitter? Sure why not!?

 Stick in the other objects and there you have it folks! Love it!

 Now for the mason jar snowglobes. The possibilities are endless for these. --I just did some quick ones to get your wheels turning! Have fun!

Here are the supplies: Napkins for snow-like bottom, snowman from
Dollar Tree & I couldn't find those tiny fake trees so we'll be sculpting our own haha
Start to make your trees if you are using this garland/wire

Use flour or sugar as fake snow! (cute lil crooked tree)

They wanted in on the action/reveal

VoilĂ ! Mason Jar Decorative Snowglobes!  

Be Thankful! (& thrifty!)

I made it just in time for Thanksgiving (one day to spare) but I wanted to share some easy-last minute-inexpensive Thanksgiving decor ideas. Start with a paper towel/toilet paper or wrapping paper roll. Get some raffia, hot glue and anything for a place card or name tag (in this case I used fabric leaves I already had) Also, for the 'Thankful Tree' you'll need some sticks/branches, glitter spray paint and little cut out or stenciled leaves. This project is super simple and adds that Fall/Thanksgiving touch and is also perfect for kids and family to really express what you are thankful for each and every day! Happy Thanksgiving all and as always, Happy Crafting! (time for me to go start cooking! haha)

I also found these great placemats!

Write the names of your family.guests


Leaf stencils with colored paper

gather some branches and spray with the glitter, my can
decided to stop working so as a result it is not as 'glittery'
as it should be (great for re-use at Christmas time)

its 'glittery' in the sun :)
excuse my messy dining room/craft table! But after you cut out your leaves and write little 'thankful' messages on them, attach them to the branhes with tape or string to create your thankful tree centerpiece!

Now you are ready to go with your newly created napkin rings/place holders!

Also, you can head over to: http://www.itsoverflowing.com/2011/11/memoir-of-thanksgiving-blessings-free.html
and print out the 'Blessed' printable and have the entire family write what
they are thankful for and frame it for a great addition to your table!
see below: (minus my reflection haha)

Happy Thanksgiving!

DIY Stylish Candles

This project is so simple and can transform any room! You will love the night/day contrast as well! You will need decorative cocktail napkins (you can even splurge and get brands like Lilly Pulitizer or Vera Bradley cocktail napkins and have designer candles!) Mod Podge, foam brush or paint brush and flameless candles. I got all of the items at A.C. Moore and got the candles from Target (a little cheaper at 2 for $9.99) First of all measure your candle so you know how much of the napkin to use/cut. Next, cover your candle with a layer of mod podge and begin to wrap napkin slowly making sure to avoid bubbles/bumps so smooth as you go. (if there is a filler layer in the napkin remove so that you are only using the one with the design)

These Napkins came from Target and the monogrammed ones I found in my kitchen!

since you can see underneath, forgot to mention you will need AAA batteries most likely

When you have finished wrapping the napkin, secure any edges with more mod podge or cut around the bottom. Also, try not to overlap as much as possible. Let it dry for about 15 minutes or so and begin to brush on the first layer of mod podge. (like a seal) When that is dry you may want to do one more (the more layers the more glossy the finish) 

my room is done in black & white :)

as you can see they are gorgeous by day and stylish by night!

And there you have it, DIY flameless candle decor! Happy Crafting! I will be doing more closer to Christmas with different patterns so check back!  

Don't Go Nuts! (A-corny joke..haha ok I'll stop)

Keeping it in the fall decor spirit (I just spelled out s-p-i-r-i-t in an old cheer from HS to remember the spelling- it is too early!) I have created a super simple and virtually free craft to spruce up any side table or wall for fall! This project was in Better Homes & Gardens (which I just got in the mail with my new subscription!) and I decided to give it a go! Here's what you need:

Hot glue, real or fake leaves, a background for frame,
 $1.00 plain frame from Michaels & paint
Next you will need to scout out some Oak trees to gather up some Acorns! -- Seth & I went to a local graveyard (yea its October-keeping it in the spooky realm) which has tons of beautiful oaks and historic graves so it was good for picture taking and finding these HUGE acorn caps:

This was plenty!
Design & put in your backing first, that way
you don't crush any caps or have to wait for it to dry..

I didn't want to leave the frame just plain wood
so I decided to mix a bright green & brown to give me
the sage green I was going for the background

<--Here is the frame painted green. Also, I chose a red oak leaf so that it would stand out & it also matches most of the color scheme in my home. Let your frame dry and then start to glue on your acorn caps however you want
I liked the mixture of light & dark caps

Now you have your finished product! Also below, check out my friend Tiff's version of the fall plain frame transformed! Loved hers! I wanted to put them side by side but she took hers home. We'll have to get her to send a pic of where she placed it when her and her hubby get back from China! As always: Happy Crafting!

Tiffany Peck ladies & gentleman!

Simply Stunning! & I love how she put the backing I used
around the frame and used burlap for the actual backing! Miss you Tiff!