More than just a wreath...

I had a fall wreath on my door that I put up last week but with my obsession for monogramming things I decided to make it personal! I went to the craft store to look for large wooden letters--however none were 'large enough' plan B--bought a slab of this Styrofoam and cut my own initial:

Then I bought spray glue which is FABULOUS but with the pours on this material it did nothing for me.. so of course I broke out the trusty hot glue gun and went wild (trust me you want to glue everything it's sort of psycho) (bagged leaves were about .99/$1.99 each) Place the leaves where you want them and then start the glue process! Also, ribbon adds a nice touch when hanging the initial in place. I found a sage green with copper glitter outline at Michaels. The Finished Product: (& I moved the wreath to the side of my house)

And this was the S my friend Sam made (love it!)

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