Don't Go Nuts! (A-corny joke..haha ok I'll stop)

Keeping it in the fall decor spirit (I just spelled out s-p-i-r-i-t in an old cheer from HS to remember the spelling- it is too early!) I have created a super simple and virtually free craft to spruce up any side table or wall for fall! This project was in Better Homes & Gardens (which I just got in the mail with my new subscription!) and I decided to give it a go! Here's what you need:

Hot glue, real or fake leaves, a background for frame,
 $1.00 plain frame from Michaels & paint
Next you will need to scout out some Oak trees to gather up some Acorns! -- Seth & I went to a local graveyard (yea its October-keeping it in the spooky realm) which has tons of beautiful oaks and historic graves so it was good for picture taking and finding these HUGE acorn caps:

This was plenty!
Design & put in your backing first, that way
you don't crush any caps or have to wait for it to dry..

I didn't want to leave the frame just plain wood
so I decided to mix a bright green & brown to give me
the sage green I was going for the background

<--Here is the frame painted green. Also, I chose a red oak leaf so that it would stand out & it also matches most of the color scheme in my home. Let your frame dry and then start to glue on your acorn caps however you want
I liked the mixture of light & dark caps

Now you have your finished product! Also below, check out my friend Tiff's version of the fall plain frame transformed! Loved hers! I wanted to put them side by side but she took hers home. We'll have to get her to send a pic of where she placed it when her and her hubby get back from China! As always: Happy Crafting!

Tiffany Peck ladies & gentleman!

Simply Stunning! & I love how she put the backing I used
around the frame and used burlap for the actual backing! Miss you Tiff!

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