Light my Way! DIY lanterns!

Let me start by saying, LOVE THESE! They are so simple and so cute, perfect for kids! (and me duh) To start out, get wire $3, hammer/nail, spray paint minis $3 each, soup cans, candles/tealights, and print a face trace or design trace. This project cost less than 10 total depending on what you have already around the house!

Start by peeling the labels from the cans and then cut out and tape your face/design to empty can. Fill can with water and place in freezer (preferably overnight) this is to make the hammering process a breeze when going over the tracing dots. 

Looks done!

Next begin the hammer process, you'll see that it doesn't take much to puncture the can now. (also be sure to make 2 holes on either side of the cans for the wire to go through) When you have gone over the design you want, remove the labels and dry cans thoroughly.

Time to Spray Paint! (I did a pumkin & a bat) so black/orange!

After the cans dry take them inside and cut/feed the wire through the side holes. (length is up to you) Open the tealight/candles (I purchased flameless battery ones bc they are wind/fire resistant, thus safer haha) Place them in your cans and hang where you like! So cute. So simple. Happy Crafting!

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