Mummy Men & Arachnophobia!

This goes with the above mantel but I wanted to show how simple it was to create! Glass candle votives from the dollar store (check) Almost see-thru ribbon (check) Googly Eyes! (check) Craft glue? (duh) and flameless tealights (check) all from the dollar store to create this mummy man candle holder!
Everything came from the dollar Store!

Look at me glow!
Next I made the Spider-web wreath and weird googly-eyed empty frame. Still with materials from the dollar store I purchased gause-like fabric, a medium sized wreath, black & orange ribbon and one package of webbing with plastic spiders. (I saw this wreath on one of my fav blogs FindingHome and had to re-create)

Just continue wrapping until you have covered the wood, add some of the actual webbing and then place or glue your spiders in! The empty frame (wreath?) came from the dollar store too, painted over it with white -- the pumpkins in the pic I also painted for the mantel. I took wire to dangle the spiders and glued on some googly eyes! haha

So simple. so cute!
"I always feel like, somebody's watching meee!"

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