DIY Stylish Candles

This project is so simple and can transform any room! You will love the night/day contrast as well! You will need decorative cocktail napkins (you can even splurge and get brands like Lilly Pulitizer or Vera Bradley cocktail napkins and have designer candles!) Mod Podge, foam brush or paint brush and flameless candles. I got all of the items at A.C. Moore and got the candles from Target (a little cheaper at 2 for $9.99) First of all measure your candle so you know how much of the napkin to use/cut. Next, cover your candle with a layer of mod podge and begin to wrap napkin slowly making sure to avoid bubbles/bumps so smooth as you go. (if there is a filler layer in the napkin remove so that you are only using the one with the design)

These Napkins came from Target and the monogrammed ones I found in my kitchen!

since you can see underneath, forgot to mention you will need AAA batteries most likely

When you have finished wrapping the napkin, secure any edges with more mod podge or cut around the bottom. Also, try not to overlap as much as possible. Let it dry for about 15 minutes or so and begin to brush on the first layer of mod podge. (like a seal) When that is dry you may want to do one more (the more layers the more glossy the finish) 

my room is done in black & white :)

as you can see they are gorgeous by day and stylish by night!

And there you have it, DIY flameless candle decor! Happy Crafting! I will be doing more closer to Christmas with different patterns so check back!  

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