Easy Decor & Last Minute Gift Idea!

Ok thinking back to the "Giving Thanks & Drinking Beer" post I decided to utilize the thrown out beer bottles from the countless football nights. For this craft all you will need is hot glue, various shaped bottles for your vases and yarn of your choice-- Then something to go into the newly made vases. In this case I picked up some holly berries and greenery for the Christmas feel! ($1.00 each)-Follow the steps below! Also, thinking of a crafty homemade gift idea + yummy/edible? Mason jar cookie mixes are just the thing! I love how personal and custom these can be from personalized labels & directions to candy colors and more. For all under $10 check out the step by step instructions and as always Happy Crafting & Merry Christmas ya'll!!!

Start wrapping your bottles in yarn making sure it is tight
with no visible gapping

How about the help of a friend?
Hey Sam! haha

Add your fillers and you're done!

Make sure to secure the end, oops..

Just enough Christmas and under $10!
Here is what you will need for the jars: Quart Jars, Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar,
Baking Soda, Candy Pieces, Fabric and Labels of your choice (My labels are from Etsy!)

Also some measuring cups & a funnel are useful!
2 cups of flour on bottom
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
add candy pieces to top of jar

Let me just say this is sort of a messy job haha and time consuming!

I also printed out the instructions for the full
baking process which you can find online & glued
them to card stock, hole punched and attached with jar!
Cut fabric into about 6x6 sqaures and secure under lid, add label and Voila!
A great homemade gift!



  1. ahh how i miss craft time with my friend :(

  2. Love the photo of my helping you. hahah. Wanted to drop in, see what's new, and let you know my blog has paintings on it and it's coming along. Slowly but surely. Check it out and let me know what you think. Miss you!!!!

  3. I really like your blog, i'm so happy I found it! Happy New Year!
    Mark @ room363

  4. @Sam I'll check it out today! @Mark thanks for stopping by will be adding new post today! & @Tiff I miss you more, hope the kitchen project is coming along well!!