Time to Deck the Halls Ya'll!

So like my fall monogram wreath --of course I needed a christmas one! This can be so custom and so chic on any door! The wreath was only $7 at A.C. Moore and the rest of the supplies cost under $10. Check it out below! Also, I saw on http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=A22929061&navAction=jump&navCount= these cute mason jar snow globes and everyone is going nuts over them! However, why would you pay up to $40 dollars (no offense Anthropologie, great idea) when you can make your own custom ones with anything from objects to pictures inside? Check em out and as always Happy Crafting!

Supplies you will need: ribbon if you want a bow, a door wreath hanger (.99 cents!)
any kind of Christmas decor and of course your monogram :)

I wanted something bright to see from the road so I
painted my letter with a few coats of lime green!

Glitter? Sure why not!?

 Stick in the other objects and there you have it folks! Love it!

 Now for the mason jar snowglobes. The possibilities are endless for these. --I just did some quick ones to get your wheels turning! Have fun!

Here are the supplies: Napkins for snow-like bottom, snowman from
Dollar Tree & I couldn't find those tiny fake trees so we'll be sculpting our own haha
Start to make your trees if you are using this garland/wire

Use flour or sugar as fake snow! (cute lil crooked tree)

They wanted in on the action/reveal

VoilĂ ! Mason Jar Decorative Snowglobes!  


  1. Love the snowglobes - they are adorable! I want to make some now :)

  2. Thanks! they need more fake snow haha but they can be customized so easily! thanks for stopping by!