Feeling 'Fallish'!

Hey ya'll! -Just wanted to check in and post some stuff that has been going on around here lately. Not really a tutorial post this time just an update. I hope everyone is enjoying the new found COLD weather and that everyone is recovering from miss hurricane Sandy! I'm hoping with the upcoming holidays that I will be back to posting more frequently! As usual, Happy Crafting and thanks for stopping by!

I was overflowing with corks- (wino??) & made my first cork project:
Nice little 'O' on the exposed brick in our kitchen
with a monogram wooden letter from A.C. Moore

Doing some pup art with Miss Emma!

I printed a green toile background and framed for the office!

Happy Fall!

gotta do some halloween cupcakes

have kids? mozzarella ghost pizza with black olive eyes!
I found this idea from the Dixie Delights blog!
With this project we wrote messages to each other with permanent marker
put them in the over for about 30 minutes on 350
and you'll have your message through washes!

He is so precious haha

the other side of his mug (aw)

Living Room Upgrade

WELL HELLO THERE! I've only been missing for 6 months! -In my defense I recently (well almost 6 months ago) moved in with Seth thus sacrificing my craft space like at the old house. After everything was packed up and we got our new little bundle (Emma our new pup) and diving head first into becoming a certified Wedding Planner- it took more motivation to get back into gear in the crafting spectrum to say to say the least.

Anyway-I was browsing one of my fav bloggers sites Dixie Delights (check her out!) and saw this pillow project and went from there on my "hmmmm I have an idea...." train of thought! Our living room wasn't terrible just needed some sprucing up so to say (some girly touches) so I eased my way in! Check it out below and as always, Happy Crafting!

Living room before..ehhh

My brainstorm in the form of supplies (from A.C. Moore and pillows from Wally World)

Had to find these burlap rosettes (2.99 each-not a steal...)

Found these rhinestone broaches on ebay 2 for 3.00...(def a steal!!)
Easy to attach since the broaches are pins or you can sew!

Grouped them and then put onto pillow (love the light blue!)
Took the wooden tray from AC Moore and painted it a rustic looking brown
 Sidenote: Found the great toile blue and brown fabric on ebay for 2.00 a yard! Obsessed with toile, Seth..not so much (working on him at least letting me have a bathroom with toile wallpaper one day..I think I got it covered hahaha)

Got my trusty scrabble tiles out that Seth got me and starting forming some sayings to make some coasters! Glued the tiles onto a thicker based felt for the bottom to not scratch tables, etc.

love it

Voila! simple and organized

I think it looks better and not too drastic! (simplicity at its finest) 

Pillow close-up

Trying to keep Miss Emma away from rosettes :)

Cupid Got Me! Valentine Decor-

Yay for Valentines Day! haha -I think I just like the colors and who isn't a sucker for love right? (and those candy hearts) Anyway, I wanted to do some simple decor inside and out and that is just what I did. I started with a little heart wreath and then moved on to the mantel. See below for instructions and then head over to the Good Eats tab to see my Pinterest inspired hot pink zebra valentines/girly cookies! Soo good!
-Happy Friday & Happy Crafting!

Grabbed a copy paper box from work and traced
a heart for the wreath. Painted it pink and with a nail
punched holes around the heart. Next I took fake flowers, cut them
down and stuck them through the holes, securing the other side. 

from the street it is so cute! Adds great color
to the blue door!

Next I got a styrofoam ball for a homemade pom pom with felt flowers.
I got about 12 sheets of felt .20 cents each, traced around a glass and cut out circles.

 Fold the circle half moon style

 then take each side and fold inward, overlapping and making a point on the bottom
(there are many ways to fold flowers, this is just the most simple!)

then have fun doing this about a million times! haha using the
pins to secure the flowers to the ball

Oh and I have to share: Seth bought me a TON of Scrabble
pieces because he knew I was looking for some for upcoming ideas
so I decided to incorporate them into the matel! (oh yes he did, love him) :)

Found an old wooden frame and cut out some
shabby chic looking scrapbook paper for the backing

decided I wanted a lighter frame so
I did some finger painting

yay! I am in love with this!

LaurenConrad.com gave me the idea for this cute little jar filled
with hearts and the hot glued penny Lucky In Love tag!

Some glitter and homemade bunting..

And there you have it, a spruced up lovey dovey mantel for Valentines Day!
Try to ignore my man TV...

I set the finished pom pom on a regualr glass, decorated some
paper white bulbs I had from Christmas (thanks mom) to add
some green to the mix! (the clothespins can be painted to add more color!)

another cute 'kiss' topped jar and more hearts!

Glittery Bunting!

another close-up, hey sis!

Super Simple! Until the Spring!

Cocktails, Trays & Sushi- Hostess in Training!

I LOVE to entertain! Whether its a cocktail, birthday or (coming up) Super Bowl party - I thrive on this stuff! haha so I thought, rather than going out and picking up supplies each time, what are some little things I can craft to help? With all the buzz going around about homemade coasters- I jumped on them! A serving tray is always nice and can carry you right into the summer with your outdoor BBQs etc -and of course some easy homemade Sushi! For the coasters you will need tiles (glass or ceramic) from your local hardware store, Mod Podge, foam brush, Felt sqaures, scrapbook paper of your choice (thats the fun part) and Acrylic Spray Seal (lowes). You'll get addicted to making these match your home, making them for gifts and before you know it you'll be swimming in designer looking coasters. See tutorial under each photo and as always Happy Crafting!! **Then head over to the Good Eats section for the Sushi making!

simple tray from A.C. Moore, fabric and supplies
you most likely already have!

Paint desired color (I felt oddly girly during this session)

now we have scrapbook paper, tiles, modpodge and foam brush

To save some time go ahead and cut your bottom felt pieces
to make sure the coasters won't scratch any surface

 I will say those little circle stick felt pieces
that people use on chairs, etc. would be much easier!

Start layering on your Mod Podge- coat the tile itself so the paper will stick
then brush over it, let it dry about 15 minutes- and repeat about 3 times
(the wrinkles will smooth with more coats)

Next, take them outside (the acrylic is strong!) and spray in a back
and forth motion. 1-2 coats is good and this makes them
water resistant (and shiny!)
And there you have it, super easy DIY coasters! (and tray!) ps Seth picked up some
'manly scrapbook paper' so that is why we have included the metal looking ones!
More of those to come to later!

Add matching ribbon and these are perfect gifts!
You can even personalize with photos!

I heart coasters (toile ones!)