Cocktails, Trays & Sushi- Hostess in Training!

I LOVE to entertain! Whether its a cocktail, birthday or (coming up) Super Bowl party - I thrive on this stuff! haha so I thought, rather than going out and picking up supplies each time, what are some little things I can craft to help? With all the buzz going around about homemade coasters- I jumped on them! A serving tray is always nice and can carry you right into the summer with your outdoor BBQs etc -and of course some easy homemade Sushi! For the coasters you will need tiles (glass or ceramic) from your local hardware store, Mod Podge, foam brush, Felt sqaures, scrapbook paper of your choice (thats the fun part) and Acrylic Spray Seal (lowes). You'll get addicted to making these match your home, making them for gifts and before you know it you'll be swimming in designer looking coasters. See tutorial under each photo and as always Happy Crafting!! **Then head over to the Good Eats section for the Sushi making!

simple tray from A.C. Moore, fabric and supplies
you most likely already have!

Paint desired color (I felt oddly girly during this session)

now we have scrapbook paper, tiles, modpodge and foam brush

To save some time go ahead and cut your bottom felt pieces
to make sure the coasters won't scratch any surface

 I will say those little circle stick felt pieces
that people use on chairs, etc. would be much easier!

Start layering on your Mod Podge- coat the tile itself so the paper will stick
then brush over it, let it dry about 15 minutes- and repeat about 3 times
(the wrinkles will smooth with more coats)

Next, take them outside (the acrylic is strong!) and spray in a back
and forth motion. 1-2 coats is good and this makes them
water resistant (and shiny!)
And there you have it, super easy DIY coasters! (and tray!) ps Seth picked up some
'manly scrapbook paper' so that is why we have included the metal looking ones!
More of those to come to later!

Add matching ribbon and these are perfect gifts!
You can even personalize with photos!

I heart coasters (toile ones!)

DIY Jewelry Display!

I hope everyone had a FAB holiday & Happy New Year!

So I was waiting for the holidays to be over to post this (unfortunately-bc it is a great gift idea) because I didn't want my sis to see it (since it was for her!) These are sooo flippin' easy and you can choose any fabric! I will be making a bunch I am sure! Anyway you will need an old semi-large frame, fabric of your choice, rat wire or a piece of screen, a staple gun (which seth bought me, bless him! so much better than trying to hot glue this one haha) wire cutters & maybe some duct tape if the edges are sharp.

I found some old rat wire out in one of our sheds and cut the amount I needed. I then took the old Goodwill frame from a previous project, removed the backing and glass and begin to secure/cut the rat wire into place. Next begin to cut your fabric to fit and start to staple that as well (pulling tight!)

Once those steps are complete you are literally done--well hang your jewelry of course! Also, I was in a hurry with this one but if you can find a little hook and a drill, drill the hook into place on the side of the frame and that will give you a place to hand necklaces and bracelets too!! The picture should already have hanging materials so hang and admire your new DIY jewelry display! Happy Crafting!