DIY Jewelry Display!

I hope everyone had a FAB holiday & Happy New Year!

So I was waiting for the holidays to be over to post this (unfortunately-bc it is a great gift idea) because I didn't want my sis to see it (since it was for her!) These are sooo flippin' easy and you can choose any fabric! I will be making a bunch I am sure! Anyway you will need an old semi-large frame, fabric of your choice, rat wire or a piece of screen, a staple gun (which seth bought me, bless him! so much better than trying to hot glue this one haha) wire cutters & maybe some duct tape if the edges are sharp.

I found some old rat wire out in one of our sheds and cut the amount I needed. I then took the old Goodwill frame from a previous project, removed the backing and glass and begin to secure/cut the rat wire into place. Next begin to cut your fabric to fit and start to staple that as well (pulling tight!)

Once those steps are complete you are literally done--well hang your jewelry of course! Also, I was in a hurry with this one but if you can find a little hook and a drill, drill the hook into place on the side of the frame and that will give you a place to hand necklaces and bracelets too!! The picture should already have hanging materials so hang and admire your new DIY jewelry display! Happy Crafting!


  1. Thanks! I need to make a bunch more with different fabric!

  2. Love this! I have seen something like this on Pinterest and I have been dying to make one! Glad I found your blog! You just gained a new follower!


    1. annnd you have as well! Love your blog- you are so freakin' cute! -Also checked you out on pinterest, were pretty similar! haha thanks for stopping by!