Living Room Upgrade

WELL HELLO THERE! I've only been missing for 6 months! -In my defense I recently (well almost 6 months ago) moved in with Seth thus sacrificing my craft space like at the old house. After everything was packed up and we got our new little bundle (Emma our new pup) and diving head first into becoming a certified Wedding Planner- it took more motivation to get back into gear in the crafting spectrum to say to say the least.

Anyway-I was browsing one of my fav bloggers sites Dixie Delights (check her out!) and saw this pillow project and went from there on my "hmmmm I have an idea...." train of thought! Our living room wasn't terrible just needed some sprucing up so to say (some girly touches) so I eased my way in! Check it out below and as always, Happy Crafting!

Living room before..ehhh

My brainstorm in the form of supplies (from A.C. Moore and pillows from Wally World)

Had to find these burlap rosettes (2.99 each-not a steal...)

Found these rhinestone broaches on ebay 2 for 3.00...(def a steal!!)
Easy to attach since the broaches are pins or you can sew!

Grouped them and then put onto pillow (love the light blue!)
Took the wooden tray from AC Moore and painted it a rustic looking brown
 Sidenote: Found the great toile blue and brown fabric on ebay for 2.00 a yard! Obsessed with toile, Seth..not so much (working on him at least letting me have a bathroom with toile wallpaper one day..I think I got it covered hahaha)

Got my trusty scrabble tiles out that Seth got me and starting forming some sayings to make some coasters! Glued the tiles onto a thicker based felt for the bottom to not scratch tables, etc.

love it

Voila! simple and organized

I think it looks better and not too drastic! (simplicity at its finest) 

Pillow close-up

Trying to keep Miss Emma away from rosettes :)