Update Please!

Ok where do I start this post? Before diving into more crafts lets update please! This past year has been a whirlwind- let me break it down: Seth & I got engaged on December 16th, 2012! Our wedding is in 25 days on September 7th, my bachelorette with my best gals took place, I completed and planned my first full service wedding as a newly certified Wedding Planner & Consultant and our little miss Emma girl is growing like a weed into such a gorgeous gal! WHEW!

Of course I am swamped with wedding planning (which I love) so not too many new crafts but my Mom did throw me a Monograms & Margaritas Bridal Shower so once the wedding is over I will be crafting up a storm getting to use my new monogram ya'll!! So stay tuned and bear with me and I will most definitely keep you posted on my DIY wedding planning crafts once I get pics and OF COURSE the BIG DAY!

ps-Scroll down for at least one new craft..couldn't leave ya'll hanging' like that!

 xoxo Jess


Save the Date!


Someone snapped of pic of my wedding planning action- Right before the Bride walked down the aisle!

oh my heavens look at this gorgeous girl!

Me & Honey

DUH... my new monogram is on its way!! :)
maybe about $7.00 worth of items from Michaels- grape vine wreath, fake flowers & letters!

Painted them an almost reflective silver

And voila! A nice wreath for the door until we can get something with the Marriage Monogram!


  1. Wow!! To say the least :) I've stalked your whole blog.. so fancy :) love it!!!

    1. Well I'm glad to have you!! I'll try to post more in the next few weeks!