Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wedding Countdown- 9 days!!

I wanted to fill you guys in on some details of our upcoming nuptials! This past week has been a tough one indeed- last Wed night our sweet miss Emma girl was hit by a car and ran off...I'm not even sure I can type the story yet but she was gone for 2 nights while Seth and I and the entire community searched for her. Finally, on day three, it was pouring rain (which she hates rain so I lost it telling Seth "She has to come home, she can't get wet!") We sat on the front porch until I had to head back to work and once I got in my car and went down the hill I saw the most beautiful sight..after two long nights/days of searching, posters, radio announcements and calls miss Emma was about 50 yards away and limping toward me in the rain. I jumped out of the car, called for Seth and we brought our baby girl home! All I can say is that we are now back on track with excitement for wedding, baby girl is recovering just fine (nothing broken!! Just scuffed up pretty badly) and I can't imagine life without our first child! *Happy Ending*

Welcome Home Sweet Girl!!

Now lets see what details I can fill you in on pertaining to the actual nuptials (in 9 days let me remind you!) We have a fantastic bridal party! If you want an out of the box way to ask your bridesmaids head over to and visit their "will you be my bridesmaid?" boutique! So many cute choices and they wrap them as well as send for you! 

you can choose any style and color!

love them!

We are having the wedding at my parents house out in the country so we are already praying for good weather! (they also got married there) We have also indulged in the tradition of burying the bourbon. This is an old southern tradition that says to bury a bottle of (nice) bourbon upside down exactly one month before the ceremony to ward of bad weather! *Fingers Crossed* Here are some details of the wedding (without giving too much away) Thanks for reading and y'all have a great day!

we have 3 huge tents in the backyard!

We ordered these exact ones!

I decided to design & print my own programs- Seth folded over 300! :)

Custom Monogram for programs thanks to

you will be seeing blue mason jars...

the bridesmaid dress! (in aquamarine! to match the jars duh..)

I was lucky enough to win a monogrammed veil!! Head over to for yours!!!

our florist is designing a yellow version for our trees!

sums it up.. :)

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