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 Happy Friday Ya'll! This week I'm linking up with some of my favorite gals at Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures and The Good Life Blog!

Ok ya'll it is spruced and made pretty! Welcome to the debut of my new blog layout 'Jessi's Design' in my last post you can check out the work Rebekah does but I am loving it! Welcome and take a look around- so thrilled! Here was my old faithful original:

I have to share my new lunch obsession- I've been big into avocado lately and found this fabulous SIMPLE recipe on Pinterest the other week and it may sound boring, but I have had this EVERY day for lunch for TWO weeks! haha I can't get enough! One avocado, scoop out into bowl, add a little lemon juice, a little olive oil, salt/pep and I love red pepper flakes for heat! Spread over toasted sourdough bread (I cheat with a tad of butter) and oh em gee YUM!

This weekend we are hopefully doing the pumpkin-patch/carve pumpkins re-do from last week's planning. We got completely rained out and I think it is supposed to be clear this weekend for the most part! Last weekend there was a lot of this going on... (she is not normally allowed on bed but I know I was about to wash sheets.. hehe)

sorry hubs :) Oh Emma
I love driving around when the leaves finally turn! I feel like they have been turning pretty slowly this year. Here's a good pic from a visit to my Parent's house yesterday

I haven't done as much halloween decor this year yet and I'm feeling pretty guilty about it! I'll never forget when the hubs (then just my boyfriend!!) graciously donated his mantel for me to go wild on a few years back. You can see the original post here!

he was brave..

Have a fabulous weekend!
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  1. Happy weekend sweets! I eat avocado on toast practically daily because it is down right delicious! I'm so glad you love it too! I love the new blog layout and design! It looks fabulous!