Christmas Card Time!

I got a knock at the door last night around 6 or so and it was FedEx with my Christmas card shipment! This year I especially love them because we did decide to go with a picture from the wedding AND our engagement. Any year after that would be weird right? Anyway I ended up ordering from because they were doing a $25 off special (it still might be going on!) but I do want to share a Shutterfly special I got but didn't use:  (Have to use on or before FRIDAY!)

And here's our silly family Christmas gem from last year! haha love it! I'll share the new one soon but don't want to give it away to family & friends just yet! 

Last year we used

 photo signature_zps6045ff3e.png


  1. EEEK can't wait to see this years :)

  2. LOOOOVE your last year's card!!! going to share both of mine (this year and last year) at some point. but not going to spoil the fun yet like you're doing! great minds...;)

    and i love how we're on the same christmas card schedule. our doorbell rang at 7!!

  3. So cute! I'm sure your card this year will be so adorable too! xo

    1. Thanks!! I ordered post card style with no envelopes but I'm thinking of using envelopes anyway haha