More Fall Decor!

With November in full swing and Thanksgiving on its way (being thankful, good food and a stepping stone to Christmas?- is there a better time of year?) I decided, with some inspiration from one of my favorite blogs (, to spruce up the place just a tad more. Ok ok I must admit- I had one tiny piece of chalk in my kitchen cabinet and my skills were not up to par- ummm I was rushing for this post? Yes. That explains the not-so-pretty laurel 'give thanks' sign in our kitchen. I'm practicing! :)

Also, if you haven't started already, join the #GratefulNovember challenge with me on Instagram! (or any social media outlet really) I know it seems like this time of year is the only time that people come out and really 'declare' what they're thankful for- and we all know we should be thankful for each and every day let alone specific elements or items but this challenge is like a jump start to realizing how blessed we all are each and every day! (was that a major run-on sentence or what?) Also, over on another favorite blog of mine ( Alexandra puts things into perspective when she writes

"As we go into this crazy Holiday time, it can get overwhelming. Total chaos and stress. Lara was making a point to think about things that we are grateful for when we start to get those feelings.  I know that in the moment, it’s not where we want to go – - but it will calm your soul and hopefully give you a reset when you need it."

Click on the image below to learn more about Lara Casey:

I've posted today that I am thankful for my job but I also want to point out that I am thankful for the right to vote- hope you all were able to make it out yesterday to the polls! 

 Anyway- hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and here is some fall decor!

Artificial leaves, spray adhesive & glitter is all you need!

Glued them to yarn because I couldn't find my hole puncher

My helper...always (tried to snap a pic with glitter on her nose!)

Love the way these turned out!

the bottom phrase has been there for almost 3 years :)

cute printables always help

Haven't added monogram yet!

Can't wait to see everyone else and their fall themed homes!

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  1. love everything! I might just have to come on over and experience it in person :)

  2. Haha i'm working on a leaf banner literally just like that right now as I type! Waiting for my paint to dry!

  3. Love the fall decor! So festive (:

  4. I love the leaves! And what a cute little helper :)

    1. She got so much glitter on her nose but licked it too quickly for me to snap a pic! haha

  5. Glad to find your blog via the LinkUp!! I LOVE the leaf project, makes me want to make one too! So pretty & creative :)

  6. I love the glittery leaves! I might be stealing that idea...