A Retro Holiday Affair

This will be a quick post but I just had to share details about the Retro Holiday party I attended on Saturday night. The ladies of the Metzger household had the BEST theme idea I've heard in a long time! (And I'm a sucker for theme parties...I think going to an all women's college has something to do with it..) A Retro Holiday Affair! Everyone came decked out in their best 50's/Mad Men era attire and being in character came very easy for some reason!

Look at that fabulous hair!

found this gem of a dress on Ebay ya'll!

Also happening around here...another engagement!! If you know me then you know I adore all things wedding (I mean, I am a wedding planner!) One of my favorite ladies and her beau (who was in our wedding!) got engaged a few days ago and it is almost like a Christmas present for me! (haha) I can't wait to dive into planning with her and spoil her rotten. She is one of my absolute most hilarious friends so this will be one wild ride from start to finish! (Right Richard??) Congrats to Richard & Blair! :)

All of us last summer!

Look at that sparkler!! (Hope she doesn't mind me sharing!)

Anyway I'm off to my parents house for a full day of cooking and preparations for tomorrow's annual Christmas eve tacky sweater party. On the menu for today: Sausage balls (a ton of em) Spicy Jalapeno Cranberry Crostinis, Parmesan Ranch Mushrooms, Sugar Cookies, Meatballs, Mimosas... whew I need to get going! Pictures to follow for sure of all the Tacky Sweater-ness.

Merry almost Christmas Ya'll!!

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5 on Friday & Christmas Swap!

Happy Friday Ya'll! If you haven't joined the link-up already, check out these ladies and join in! Thanks Christina, Darci, April & Natasha for hoting (as always!) Today I am featuring my Christmas Swap goodies that I got from my swap partner. The swap host was Kasey at Life Love and Mr. Wonderful This was so much fun to do ya'll and I am so glad I got to know my swap partner more during the process. Anyway, today starts a break from work until January 3rd so lets get this show on the road! haha -Happy Weekend & Happy Holidays!

 My Swap partner was the perfect match for me! Kasey over at Life and Love with Mr. Wonderful hosted the swap this year and it was fabulous. There was a $15-$20 spending cap and it had to be mailed to your partner by about the 2nd or so of this month so we could blog about it today. 

Meet my Swap Partner! If you haven't checked out this Southern Belle's blog, get to it! Meredith is absolutely beautiful & fabulous and she rocked the swap ya'll!

Here's what she gifted me: FABULOUS pink plaid Old Navy sleep pants, a fantastic festive Cheers banner for our mantel, gold accent pen & notepad set, Christmas socks & my favorite red & green Sour Patch kids (which I had eaten basically all of them because she gave me a huge bag!) Thank you Mrs. L!!!

These babies! Can't wait to decorate tree cookies!

Speaking of making cookies...need last minute, easy gift ideas using food? Check out this list I found! It had perfect options that are super simple. 

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Cheers to the New Year! (a lookback on 2013)

Today I wanted to join a link-up that definitely holds a special place in my heart! The ladies at Peach State of Mind, A Thousand Words, Sweet Georgia Peach, Happily Ever Parker and Life in the Lowcountry are hosting a "Cheers to the New Year" link-up and featuring different months from 2013 each week. This week the featured months are July, August and September. 2013 will forever be one of my favorite years ever due to the fact that I got in engaged (well that was in Dec. '12) planned my wedding and married my best friend! It was a fabulous year to say the least and I'm hoping that it only gets better from here! Without further ado, here are some highlights from the summer months of 2013! Thanks for the link-up ladies!

July: Vacations and getting the last of the plans and vendors finalized for the big day! Also last of the bridal showers! (Countdown 2 months!)


In August my favorite moment to look back on would probably be my bachelorette!

And then came September. I had waited for this month for a year and all of a sudden it was here. I started to panic because I thought...after all the time, effort, sweat, tears and planning....do I really want this day to be over? WAIT rewind- nooooo!!! haha It was the fastest day of my entire life. Other than slowing down time I don't think I would have changed a signle thing. The weather was a perfect 78 with sun and few clouds. A slight breeze hit my hair Cover Girl style at the alter and we were surrounded by about 300 of our closest family and friends. I havw the best parents in the world and they made sure, along with many others, that this was the "Best Day Ever" (that was our theme!)

September 7th 2013

Bridesmaid Luncheon!
Getting Ready!

Look at these fine gentlemen!! Haha

The weather was PERFECT ya'll... Whew!

"The Best Day Ever"

Oh and ummmm then we went to Barbados!!! :)

Mr. & Mrs.

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5 On Friday

Happy Friday once again ya'll! Today I'm linking up with my favorite gals Christina, April, Natasha & Darci. I hope everyone is ready for the weekend- Here's to relaxing, snuggling, hot chocolate and crafting!

I am so so excited ya'll its not even funny. If you follow me on Instagram then you know recently I've started my Jessica Simpson phase all over again. I was (and always will be) border-line obsessed with her. A radio show I was listening to last week mentioned the old reality show "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" and I thought oh my goodness I must re-watch. When I think 10 years ago I think about the 90's NOT 2003 when it came out haha! Anyway- watched season 1 in TWO days and now starting 2 & 3 this weekend. Not even kidding (tear, memory lane, no more Nick & Jess)

We just got another wedding present from a family friend and I have to share! She sent us two glass champagne flutes with our individual initial etched on them. won't these be an adorable addition to the tree? Love them!

Each year my family hosts an annual Christmas Eve dinner/party and this year we are doing a theme ya'll! Of course my Mom picks the tacky sweater theme which is perfect because it is hilarious to see all ages in those things! I am so excited for good food and family and currently trying to decide on two different hideous sweaters- I'll definitely share which one later!

Are ya'll like me and a little behind this year on shopping? (all of my items are scheduled to arrive today on my doorstep so I will be wrapping all weekend!) Check out these beautiful metallic monogrammed pillows that I THINK they are shipping out before Christmas Eve! Love them! Find the pillows and TONS of other gifts here: http://www.dixielandmonogram.com/

I'll leave off with a cocktail I'm going to have to try for the hubby this weekend. Looks so enticing right? Anyway, Happy weekend!! T

he Bourbon Épice //
  • 2 oz OOLA Waitsburg Bourbon
  • 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 oz simple syrup (or agave)
  • 4 oz Seattle Cider (use your favorite for just the right amount of sweet or dry)
  • A dash of cinnamon bitters
Combine first three ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a large rocks glass over ice. Top with cider and garnish with freshly grated cinnamon.

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