Glam Series: Hair

I was patiently waiting to cover hair in the Glam Series weekly link-up with Jordan over at Love Always, Nancy J and we made it! I'm in no way, shape or form good at styling hair but I've gotten a lot better at keeping it healthy and maintaining that health in the past year or two. I'm really focusing on length at the moment because I swear my hair has been the same length for almost 3 years! (too much harsh blonde color) This means that my ends are splitting so when I trim it, it doesn't look like it has grown any. Boo! My roots were growing out (when I was full on blonde) so I could tell there was re-growth .... but ends? Not so healthy with all the color.

Recently I've gone a little darker and then thrown some highlights in versus all over blonde and today I just want to share some of my favorite products for healthy, shiny hair! Remember to try not to wash your hair EVERY day (que the dry shampoo if your strands are oily) and eat foods high in protein! Happy almost Friday Ya'll!

1. Unite Luxury Argan Oil- reduces blow try time, helps heal ends, extends color life and natural UV & thermal protector. It also makes your hair feel incredible!

2. Rusk Deep Shine Lustre Cream- This stuff makes your hair feel like pure silk! No frizz ladies and instant shine!

3. Kenra products are always great but I especially like their dry shampoo line for those in-between days.

4. Not Your Mothers Long & Strong sulfate free shampoo & conditioner

5. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product- I cannot brag about this stuff enough! Helps split ends, stops breakage, detangles (like really detangles) and is a thermal protector! Also, the SMELL is AMAZING!

6. Hot Buns- hahaha I love these little guys when on the go!

My Favorite Ladies and Their Locks!

Oh and this styling tutorial- Don't know why I try (I'm so hair challenged ya'll) but it's a good one!

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  1. I tried the It's a 10 a couple of months ago for the first time, I'll never be without it now!

  2. I've never tried It's a 10 before but have heard so many great things!! Might have to try :) stopping by from the linkup!

  3. I love Rusk products, though i haven't tried that one, will have to check it out. I keep seeing those hot buns in the store but was afraid they didn't work. Glad to know they work. I like the it's a 10 product but I switched to the Healthy Sexy Hair and love it even more.

  4. I LOVE sock buns, I use H&M's! I also love Not Your Mother's products, they had the heat protector spray at Target, but stopped carrying it. GRR. Ooh, I want to try Its a 10!

    1. you have to, you'll love it! Ah I wish we had a Target close by!

  5. It's a 10 truly is a miracle product! Best thing I've done for my hair was buy that little bottle! And have you ever tried Kenra's hair spray? Amazing!

  6. I just recently picked up some NYM products and am looking forward to trying them out! Great recommendations...thanks!


  7. I love the deep shine too! It really works wonders! I've been using it for probably 7 years! Haha! And yes, love the "sock" bun things! Especially on the no wash hair days! :) I've never used an oil before but I've heard so many great things about them. I might have to try it out sometime! :)

  8. I've been looking for some new hair products, thanks for the post lovebug! xx

    Rachel @

  9. I'm a new follower! I found your blog from the The Glam Series link-up. It's perfect that it was the hair one too since I think the color of your hair is just gorgeous. I have wanted to all over color for years, but because my hair is a medium brown I have always stuck with highlights. I look forward to reading more posts!

    Brittney @