Mid-Week Ramblings

I cannot even contain my excitement that it has been 60 degrees for TWO days now and it is supposed to stay that way through the weekend. Snow is still on the ground (dirty, ugly snow-hate it) but it is warm and Emma is so happy to be able to go outside! (her mama is as well) We were able to walk our usual loop yesterday and not freeze to death- she even romped around on the soccer field near our house and once I let her off the lease...I realized that there was about a foot of standing water on the field....que the soaking wet, covered in mud but happy lab.

Despite the rain it is still super warm!!

Bath Stages with Miss Emma

Honey has been working a schedule this week that has allowed him to be home during the evenings as well so we've been enjoying some dinners and cuddle time on the couch (all while staring at our phones looking at things for the new house of course!) ps- ya'll like my obsession with photogrid lately?

I hope everyone is having a good week so far and I'm sorry I've been MIA lately with not much content to blog about. We are so tied up in getting everything straight for closing on the 7th and getting our renters in place that it is hard to focus on much else!

OH! One more thing.... I heard about it being national wine day yesterday? Is this legit? Because all I could think about in my head was this:

 photo signature_zps6045ff3e.png


  1. Lol I love that wine ecard!! Your dinner looks fab!!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful National Wine Day! (As if we need 1 day! hahaha) Just wanted to say and introduce myself as your newest follower. Hope you'll stop over and follow along with my blog too! :)

  3. Oh man I would be all about thinking of new things for that gorgeous home!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  4. Jealous of your 60 degree weather!!!

  5. Emma looks like Bella when she's gets a bath!! Is she good about being blow dryed? B loved it! Silly dogs! I heard about National Wine Day too late, but I did hear Saturday is National Margarita Day.... :)

    1. She likes the blow dryer on her stomach haha not so much face area :)

  6. Good thing I had some wine yesterday and celebrated! Ha-ha :) Such a pretty bath puppy!

  7. We are getting 60 degree weather here in Oklahoma too, it's fabulous! Loving that E Card ;)

  8. yay for warmer weather!!! I will be so, so sad if it gets cold again...

  9. I am really behind and can't believe I missed this holiday? I agree is it even true? If so I need a do-over day for sure!

  10. I would LOVE to get bath my pups in the bath at home, but am terrified of them shaking and getting soapy water all over! How do you contain the mess? PS - don't respond here as I'm bad at follow ups. Just email me back! :)

  11. I am loving the warm weather! It was in the 70's here...ahhh sweet summer, hurry up! Loving the SomeEcards. Every day IS drink wine day...duh ;)