Weekend Re-cap: Gettin' It Done!

It's Monday and I don't even hate it ya'll (Busssy week at work in preparation for a Friday conference ugh) but other than that it will be in the high 70's ALLL WEEK LONG! I feel like we go so much work done on the kitchen this weekend. As I posted before we sanded, de-glossed and primed every single cabinet. Yesterday we were able to prime and paint all the trim on the doors, trim on the windows AND the wainscoting/beadboard is no longer brown! White and so bright! Oh, and the laundry room is no longer lime green- it's primed and ready for color! We had a blast jammin' out to music and painting our hearts out (and singing of course on my end) Also, this week is going to be exciting because all of the big issues are starting to be addressed. We have roofers, windows and floors starting TOMORROW! Woot Woot! (I'm excited because once the big things are tackled, I can start to focus more on the fun decor things...or you know...like moving in! haha) We also decided on the definite color of the kitchen walls and laundry room: Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Grey

Cheers to a new week!

No more lime green!

See ya brown!

Hey Justin Bieber- pull up those britches

Ya'll like his shirt? haha

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Friday 5

Good grief this week has gone by entirely too fast for my liking! (It was such a laid back week and next week is going to be ca-razy at work with an upcoming conference we're hosting next Friday..ugh) But we do have the weekend to enjoy with nice temps heading our way!
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I don't know about ya'll but I am super excited for season 2 of Eric & Jessie- Yes I admit I am hooked on yet another reality show but I adore these two and their wedding was beautiful! (still have it on my DVR haha) Season 2 is all about the road to baby Vivienne Rose (which she was just born last Tues!)

 We purchased our paint for the cabinets yesterday! Ended up going with Martha's Anvil: (it has more blueish tones in person- below is an example of finished cabinets where someone used this color!)

We also picked out and bought the decorative metal grates for our built-in kitchen table benches we are making! (will go over baseboard heaters and metal grates will allow heat to pass through without showing those hideous things haha)

Miss Emma Jo is absolutely loving being out in the country while we stay at my parent's house! Her idea of helping grandpa with the wood stove is to remove all the wood and scatter it throughout the yard!

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Kitchen 101: Floors

Soooooo busy!!! That's how I feel and I feel bad I haven't blogged lately! Seth and his Dad have been a POWER house team in tackling the kitchen. (our first project since weather is preventing roofers to get started and windows) They ripped up the part of the floors that we found rot and water damage in and replaced/secured the beams, poles and joists. We hauled out so much wood and debris that literally smelled like a lake laced with mildew? Good mental image right? Masks? Check.

But- you can no longer see down to the basement from the kitchen and that is a relief! After laying the new sub floor we are ready for new hardwoods folks- which were just delivered today! Luckily, the floors are mostly in excellent shape for a house that hasn't been lived in for over a decade AND being original to the home so uhhh only circa 1850! We only have 3 rooms that need floor re-finishing (master, master closet and office upstairs) the rest of the floors are beautiful. Kitchen however, was a gut job. The main thing I've learned so far: Never use vinyl. Just don't do it- it's not good for anyone and I will put nails in my eyes before I ever rip it all up by hand again. The smell? Worth it alone to not use vinyl. I smelled like a hose/plastic blow-up toy for 2 days ya'll! haha Anyway, cabinets have also been sanded and are ready to be primed/painted once it warms up later in the week. Conclusion? Kitchen is moving right along! (Oh and appliances? Paid for and waiting to be delivered! woot woot!)

Oh Oh Oh... and we now have water for toilets ladies & gentlemen. You can assume what we've been doing in the meantime.... (hahaha roughing it) But let's be honest- I'm still mostly staying with my parents :)

Look at my HGTV man go!

Straight to the basement

TA-DA Ready for new hardwoods!
New floor is in!

And now on to the kitchen bathroom (where my toile wallpaper is going!!)

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Friday 5

I don't know about ya'll but I am so pumped for the weekend, so thankful to be working on our home and SO happy it will be above 60 degrees all weekend long! Oh- we'll be spending our first night in the home tonight and popping champagne! (ok so no water yet, living room bed kind of camping and super cold inside but I just want to stay there haha) I'll make this quick because I gotta get my butt out there- hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend! 

Linking up with Darci, Christina, April & Natasha

1. THESE LABELS! Love their Lilly-esq look and just ordered them with my new address from American Stationary for $12.95!

2. THESE PILLOW COVERS! Ok so I know we are in major reno/demo and the fun decor and girly stuff is coming way later but I couldn't help myself....I custom ordered 9 of these from Pill-o-Matic on Etsy and cannot wait to see them!

Love the fabric!

 3. Wedding season is approaching and I am thrilled to say the least! -Got the first invite from a college gal pal in the mail yesterday. How cute is this? Her wedding is in May in sunny Florida and we are so excited! (Can't wait Lauryn!!)

Lauryn and I senior year!!

4. Spending time with Mama! I have had a blast being able to stay with them over the past week! (sure I'll be spending a few more nights....)

5. Favorite Pinterest find this week (hehe) Happy weekend!

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It's Ours!!

I feel like I've been MIA lately but there has been so much going on! First of all let me fill ya'll in on our semi-crazy closing process. (But yes, as the title of this post states- it's ours!!) So of course originally we were supposed to close on the 7th of March and that got pushed back a week due to the title company finding MORE land in the deed. Since it was 4 more acres found and not less land found we were ok with that to say the least. So this past Friday rolls around, we had loaded up the 50 foot UHaul with my father-in-law, said goodbye to our completely empty and cleaned out home and drove to the new place. After dropping the UHaul off, Seth and I went to the attorney's office for official closing paperwork! We signed all of our paperwork, met with the bank, signed their paperwork and shook hands.....so uh, where are the keys??

Attorney: "The title company was supposed to overnight the final deed to be recorded in the Clerk's Office and it hasn't arrived yet so we don't have the keys for you"

Us: "Um, you're kidding right? Is there tracking available on the shipment? We are technically homeless and have a UHaul with our life in it that needs to be unloaded and returned..."

We even called the real estate agent and explained the situation and asked if we could just keys to the outbuildings (there's 3) so we could unload and he said he would drop the keys off at the office where we were but we couldn't have them yet.... OH and also, if the shipment didn't arrive and get recorded by 4pm that day, we were screwed until Monday. We were told to "cross our fingers it got there in time" Needless to say we were pretty bummed. In our eyes the house was ours! They didn't need us present or even need a signature on the final deed so I was thinking ummm aren't we done? We are personally friends with the attorneys and legal assistants and know that it was the fault of the Title company representing the sellers and not them- I probably shouldn't admit this but we went straight to the local hardware store, got metal cutters, cut off the padlock to the largest outbuilding, unloaded our life and went back to town to wait. The deed arrived at 4:07 folks, 7 minutes after the Clerk's office closed and refused to answer phones. We were now forced to stay with my parents because our renters were moving in the next morning at 9am!

SO- we got our keys Monday, the house is OURS, it's been fabulous staying with Mom and our renters are settled in to our old home and loving it! We have an electrician, a roofer and floors being worked on in the next 2 weeks and we plan to spend the first night (it's freezing there) this Friday when it warms up! Thank you for all of your encouraging comments and remarks! It has really made this process so worthwhile and I cannot believe we are in our FOREVER home. (I'm never moving again. I've also decided I love unpacking, not packing)

Just so ya'll know, this will probably predominately be a DIY/HOUSE RENO blog so be prepared and I hope you still follow along on our journey to restore this old beauty! Want a preview?? OK!

KEYS!!!!!! don't mind out nasty weather work clothes! haha

Emma was ready!!


Lastly, check out this sweet wallpaper we found when we took down the master paneling haha yikes!

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Thankful Thursday

So it's Thursday already and I really wanted to participate in today's 'Thankful Thursday' link-up 1. because I will be MIA tomorrow and miss the Friday 5 link-up as we are supposed to be closing on our house so I will name 5 things and 2. because I have so much in my life right now that I am thankful for! Thanks for stopping by and thank you to our hosts Mia, Katie!

I am so thankful for my husband. Boy does that man not only see me at my best but a lot of the time at my worst! He is so quiet, calm and collected and some how got swept away by the storm that is JESSI haha so many of our dreams are coming true in such little time and it only makes me think that whatever the future holds will be absolutely perfect (with bumps of course..duh..)    :)

In that same sense, I am so thankful for both of our families. I'm not sure I could have married into a better one and I for sure know that mine means everything and more to me!

AND my dog-ter! We don't currently have children so miss Emma Jo is our world. We were tested in our faith back in September when we thought we lost her right before our wedding (you can read about it here!)

Adore her!!

Next I am extremely thankful for my full-time job (I do Wedding Planning on the side!) I work at a place where I basically know everyone from growing up here, pretty much have a teacher schedule without being faculty, have an overly laid-back and awesome boss that I have grown close with and more free time than most jobs should permit. I am very thankful for this place and though we have discussed maybe doing the SAHM route once children come, it will be hard to find anything else like it! Go HSC!

My little humble abode

Lastly, I am extremely thankful for hopefully hitting the ground running in the next chapter of our lives: moving into and renovating our FOREVER home. We have looked for a very long time for a home that would be able to meet all of our needs for years to come, babies to come, etc. and we are so incredibly thankful to have found it and be closing on it tomorrow. Also, the overwhelming support from the blogging community makes it that much more fun!! We have A LOT of work ahead of us to make it our own and we beyond thrilled! (we are weird and like that kind of stuff and strictly looked for old, historic fixer-upper types haha so here we go!)

Found this pic on a website where someone had previously done work on our home!
So happy to see what it can be once finished!!!!

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