Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Linking up with Amanda today to share some of my favorite things this week! Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend as usual and I'll see ya back on Monday!

 Sooo this just happened.... I wanted a new (or old) show to get into when I'm bored and my friend couldn't believe I had never seen this know back from 2007?? haha So here goes nothing! (She says its right up my alley) I guess the countdown to football season really is on!

This chocolate cake I made at my Mom's house last night which we have already eaten half of...

Back on a healthier note, I have started my journey with kale! (Do ya'll think I got enough?) I'll be sharing some recipes next week!

I mentioned the entry-way in Wednesday's post being completed and here is what it looked like when the ceiling was being scraped/painted- our poor living room was like a scary movie quarantine room! Thankfully the popcorn ceiling is removed and painted! Now on to paint the walls!

Favorite random find this week? This racer back dress from Nordstrom- could also be a cute bathing suit cover-up!

Happy almost 4th of July!!

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Sneak-Peek (Semi-Finished Spaces!)

Ok so I know it has been awhile since one of my Monday Weekend Update posts due to travel, laziness, etc. Also, some of the stuff has been sort of behind the scenes and wouldn't be fun to feature but today I want to give a sneak peek into some of the oh-so developing spaces in our home! We are currently done with the living room and pretty much done with the master bedroom. Entry-way/hall way is being finished as we speak and then we get to tackle the master bath! I'm so thankful for my hubby and everyone that has helped us along the way. We have managed to get the entire first floor pretty much finished in about 4 months (next stop? Floor 2 and porch!)

The living room is so cozy and I love every aspect about the way it has turned out! Now if you see a thin layer of white dust on everything it just means there's still a thin layer of white dust on everything haha but I wanted to share these pictures anyway! (Dang that sheet rock dust is hard to get rid of!) We used Valspar's Wisteria Snow for the walls (super light blue) and I went from there with the decor. (you know me and blues ya'll!)

Living Room BEFORE:


I love the way the mantle turned out after taking it down almost a foot!

You can see that sheet rock dust in the background here!

Those JC Penny lamps I tried everywhere to find awhile back? LOVE them!

Master Bedroom BEFORE:

 Master Bedroom After:

Bedding: Pottery Barn

Lamps: Macy's
End Tables: Bed Bath & Beyond
Frames: Pottery Barn

Sheet rock dust all over fireplace... haha

Tall mantel as you can see from my hand!

Emma's Corner

Here I am adding a shelf to go on top of the radiator for more frames!

Still deciding on where to hang this guy!

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And another weekend bites the dust! The hubs was off all weekend which never happens so I'm surprised we didn't high tail it somewhere like the beach! We did however relax, have friends over and get started on the entryway! Thanks again for all of your votes from Friday's post. We're still looking and haven't quite decided on one yet but the feedback was ah-mazing! Let's see, Friday we made a fire outside and tried some new beers from a local place (including a really good ginger beer like the one we would drink on our Barbados honeymoon and haven't been able to find since!) Saturday we had friends over until 4am (yes you heard that right- still sort of recovering) and I got to spend the day with one of my friends celebrating her bridal shower!

It was a great weekend and now I'm looking forward to dinner with one of my high school besties tonight who is in town and of course ya'll- The Bachelorette. Oh and did I mention it is MISS VA WEEK? I didn't? Well this is one of my fav weeks of the year where ladies from all over the state compete for the crown and title of Miss Virginia. (Va is for lovers ya'll) One of my bridesmaids and best friends from college took the title in 2007 and went on the place in the top 5 at Miss America 2008 and ever since following along with her journey then I have been borderline pageant obsessed. It's pretty serious here in our household when it comes to them (haha) and I start my research on the contestants months in advance.

The Miss America Organization is such a great organization for young women to be involved in and you really can't beat the scholarships and opportunities it supplies you with! I'm really hoping to start a local one in the area once I get in touch with the right people and get my resources together! It would be a dream for sure! (future daughter for me please??) The pageant is on Saturday and airing live and since I'm not going this year I will be glued to my television!  So good luck ladies and here's to a good week! Happy Monday!

Want to learn more? Visit: 


Celebrating the bride-to-be!

Happy Miss VA Week!
Great Sunday dinner to finish out the weekend!

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Friday 5

Happy Friday ya'll! I hope everyone has a great weekend planned. My weekend highlights? Hair appointment and bridal shower and then a whole lot of relaxing/home reno (can you relax with home reno in the same sentence?) Today I'm linking up with April for Friday 5 and Amanda for Friday Fav's and I'm in need of everyone's opinion!

We have been searching for a new foyer/entry-way light fixture and can't quite decide on one. We've narrowed it down to about 10 (which isn't really narrowing it down at all) but I want to share some of the chosen few for my 5 things today. Now remember, something new and modern wouldn't really fit this 1850's home so we haven't looked at many new-age chandeliers, etc. but it is the main source of light for the hallway. The first pic is of the poor 1990's looking light that's in there now so you can get an idea of the space. Thanks for your help and have a great weekend!

Pics taken right when we closed so don't mind the mess! haha But that poor light must go ya'll....

Same fixture but different variations:

WILCARDS that border modern but I sort of like anyway:

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