Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trending Tuesday: Red Carpet

Trending alert! Red carpet fashion alert!
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I am a sucker for awards and awards seasons of any kind and adore seeing what people wear on the red carpet (I even host an Oscars party where people may or may not be required to dress up...) With that said, we've had the VMA's and the Emmys back to back this week and I'm going to highlight my hits and misses for the evening. Though I'm not a huge fan of the MTV ones, it makes for some fabulous no-no examples. Happy Tuesday everyone and I hope everyone had a great weekend since I was MIA yesterday recovering from a busy wedding weekend!

Sidenote: wedding went well and the bride and groom are relaxing on their honeymoon in Charleston while I wipe my brow and thank goodness I'm no longer running around like a crazy person haha just kidding just kidding! (also, the rain and clouds broke just in time for the ceremony! Whew!)

Ok now starting with what's NOT trending in my book for the VMAs on Sunday. The following people get fined... Amber Rose, Jesse J, Ariana Grande, Charli XCX and even T Swift ya'll. I believe in trend setting and standing out but come on now...

 Now that I'm moving on to the Emmys, I'll only make it about positive best dressed folks. No more no-nos. Ok, here we go, the best dressed nominees for the 2014 Emmys according to Jessi:


But my absolute favorite win and look of the night? My girl Jessica Lange! Nailed it! I mean just look at her!

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  1. I mean the VMA's are just a hot mess - but J.Lo looked unreal - can I please look like her at 42?! Agree everyone looked so great last night - but Julia Roberts was my favorite - so different than anything else anyone wore!

  2. Um yes, I cringed when I saw Amber Rose. What the heck?! Love your best dressed list for sure!

  3. VMA's were nuts. J. Lo wins that hands down. She just gets hotter and hotter. Heidi Klum has my vote for Emmy's best dressed. I love that coral.

  4. I thought everyone looked fabulous at the Emmy's last night! Heidi Klum looked amazing.. it seemed like everyone was in red! Worst look = Lena Dunham. Good lord what was she wearing?!?

  5. Fabulous picks on your best dressed and I couldn't agree more on the first few... I mean come on!! Sarah Hyland was far and away my favorite! That dress... perfection!

  6. I have no idea how I missed T-Swifts outfit but ew. Normally she looks so put together and I know the VMA'snt exactly scream class but I mean come on. And yes to all the Emmy's looks! My absolute favorite was Sarah Hyland! Glad the wedding went well! Xoxo

  7. I agree with you on all of these! Heidi Klum...her body is simply TO.DIE.FOR...how else could that dress look so good? I also thought Halle Berry looked great at the Emmys.

  8. The VMAs were a hot mess...! And I SO agree with Leslie, Heidi Klum is so amazing!!

  9. LOVEEEE AHS.. Jessica Lange is gorgeous! And I missed the VMAs but holy crap.. those are some bad outfits. I feel like that's the award when anything goes and class gets thrown out the window!