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What an amazing 6 weeks this has been! Time really does fly when you're having an absolute blast am I right? Being at home with baby girl has been the highlight of my life. I took the full 12 weeks for maternity leave which would put me back at work the second week of July.... hmmm .... I am really debating going the SAHM route. It has actually always been what I have wanted if I had children and now more than ever I feel that way. I have worked since I was 16 and although it will be hard to walk away from current job (great boss, wonderful people I've know basically since high school, excellent hours and vacation, etc) I just feel like you can always go back to work but you can't always get their baby years back... thoughts? Opinions?

Hubs and I have really been focusing on the house updates as well. I know I am REALLY overdue for a house tour/update! The inside is mostly finished (still putting finishing touches on nursery and some of the rooms upstairs) but we are hammering down on the outdoor list. Currently we are working on the out buildings, porch, siding and figuring out a driveway situation. Right now we are pulling through the yard to the back of the house so of course when it rains it is treacherous. Honey has been sweating in this darn heat cutting back the crazy amounts of wisteria and bamboo on the side yard which actually gives us like 10 extra feet or more of width for a driveway. We will then be getting either privacy trees or fencing...haven't quite decided. I'll start working on a home tour next week or so (that means I have to clean...ugh haha)

Driveway situation on the side of the house

Porch floor and siding clearly not done but I had to have a place to sit! Slowly creating my outdoor space!
One of the completed outbuildings via le husband!

Next one on the list (and there's a huge one behind this one!)

We've had so many visitors and have loved showing off miss Andi. I'm 100% sure she's the best baby in the universe and that if I have a second child it will be the spawn of satan (hahaha sorry..) She never cries unless wet and only grunts at night to let me know she's awake and ready to eat. She gives us 5 hour stretches of sleep and on Mother's day she did 7! She goes down around 9-10pm, wakes up about 3 to quickly eat, goes back down until about 6 and then co-sleeps (aka cuddles) until about 9 or 10. (NO JOKE YA"LL - she rocks! and it has been like this since day 1!) She is a master at tummy time and so strong for such a tiny bird! She needs to slow down with these milestones! She's also the best traveler/shopper in the world (daddy's worst nightmare) she's so adaptable and goes anywhere with Mama without a peep (maybe just a fitting room change or two!) I'm just loving being her Mommy and everyone is so right when they say - they grow SO fast! We're almost at 2 months and with that said- 2 month shots are coming! Yikes! Any words of advice on preparing for that appointment?

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Andi's Newborn Photoshoot: Miss Virginia 2036

I just realized I haven't shared any of these gems! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and remember what this weekend is for! See ya Monday!

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Anderson's Birth Story

Hey Ya'll! I've missed you but still think I'll stay disconnected for a bit to savor these moments and days with my little love bug - life has changed so drastically and it's almost hard to imagine life before Miss Andi now! I'm stopping by to tell ya'll the story of how she came into the world and I promise it's not a long one but there will be a picture overload (I mean, they don't call me the paparazzi for nothing and I've only taken about 300 thus far...and she's only 2 weeks old..ok it's sort of long)

Saturday, April 11th - 6:00pm

We head to Lowe's in search of some home items and pricing for some privacy trees and seriously end up walking the perimeter of that store 5 times until I was resting on those giant cart things and hubby was asking if I was ok... (I'm thinking this triggered labor haha!) Afterward we went and had a late dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant (yup, reallllly funny on the delivery table the next day... sorry not sorry, we're getting real today!) After stuffing my face we headed home and caught up on some Bates Motel via the DVR and I assembled some last minute toys and her play mat before we hit the sheets around 11 or 12... totally normal!

 Sunday April 12th 2015 - 7:00am

I wake up with super painful contractions that were a heck of a lot worse than my normal braxton hicks ones I'd been having almost constantly. Hubs was still asleep and I thought to myself "hmmm.. maybe I should be timing these like  most people tend to do.." So I started to text myself each time (love this because I still have the text to myself with the times!) and they hit 3-4 minutes apart for an hour. At 8am I got up to go to the bathroom and trickled a litttle water... I googled, once I got back to bed, if your water could break 'non-dramatically' and of course it said YES- that it isn't always like hollywood with a huge gush. I got up again to go pee and guess what? CUE HOLLYWOOD! GUSH! I yelled "It's showtime!" and woke up hubs. He jumps up as I'm frantically yelling that it won't stop and it's NOT pee as he rushes to get a towel. I remember laughing for some reason and Seth yelling "Stop making me laugh clown!" (haha the scene was hilarious)

I waited for it to ease up as I was crouched over the side of the bed - so pretty - and hubby rushed to get dressed and grab the bags. I swear he was ready and at the door in 10 minutes while I'm nonchalantly walking around, plugging in my hair straightener and on some weird blissful high of make-up, etc. We finally, about 20 minutes later, call the doctor, my parents and his parents and head for the car. LADIES - remember to bring a towel OR TWO with you in the vehicle because each contraction brings on MORE fluid! (note taken for next time!) We were so excited and couldn't believe that our little girl was making her debut 3 weeks early. In my heart I knew I'd be early but never thought it would be the beginning of April. I was just happy my water had broken at home - since the hospital is about an hour away we didn't want to be those unfortunate people that get all the way there and have a false alarm.

We checked in around 10:30am and I was at 3 centimeters. The contractions were so intense that I barely had time to breathe and quickly hit a 5 in no time. I wanted, for my entire life, to follow my birth plan and do a natural birth but the contractions had their own plan and I was having no down time. The nurses even stepped in, asking about my pain level and pointing to the chart of my 'off the scale' contractions, before I started to contemplate not following my birth plan. I mean vomit in hair almost dead kind of feeling- ugh I caved... and through hysterical tears and some stupid fear of being judged, I got the epidural. I cried so hard I didn't even feel the numbing process as hubby assured me that everything would be ok... best decision of my life I have to admit. I could interact with my family and husband and I knew what was going on around me enough to write this story! 

I remember the Masters being on all day and mingling with my family and being so anxious that our family of 2 would soon forever be a family of 3. I didn't have my actual doctor that day but another doc that was on call and we loved him! His SUPER dry sense of humor and no-care attitude was actually just what I needed and the nurses assured me that he was fantastic and would get down to business when the time came. Speaking of nurses, I HATE that my nurses gifts were not completed because they were simply PHENOMENAL! Nurses really truly do almost everything before the doc comes in last minute and takes all the credit. My nurses were sarcastic (just like me) and so hilarious that we were all cracking each other up every other minute with real talk and comparisons, etc. (and we bonded so much that we're now friends on facebook and keep in touch!)

4pm rolls around and they check me again and I had hit a 9. The nurses looked at us and said "We'll have a baby girl in less than hour, we're getting the doctor." It was such a whirlwind of emotions that I lost my breath. We took so many pictures! I had only my husband, Mom and Sis in the room and the show was ready to start. I pushed for an hour and a half and at 6:04pm welcomed my biggest and greatest gift into this world. My daughter had arrived. I also know whole-heartedly that God had a plan for miss Anderson. He knew she needed to make her debut early because when she finally came out everyone in the room went into silent mode and there were no cries... I frantically asked why I didn't hear her and no one would tell me anything. Hubs rushed over like a deer in headlights and after what seemed like forever we heard her shrill cries of life. The cord had been wrapped around baby girl's neck twice and she was blue- they quickly shot into serious mode and got her out so quickly, cleared her lungs and made sure she was alright. The hospital staff and doctor were truly amazing. I tear up just writing about this and I know this post does nothing to portray my emotions but I have never been so thankful in all of my life as I was when they finally brought that beautiful baby girl to me and placed her on my chest.

I have have been given the greatest blessing and my heart is so full that I find it hard to tell ya'll just how much you can love another human being. I will forever be her Mommy and our lives are forever changed for the better. Welcome to the world Miss Anderson Greer Otey! (Emma is still getting used to her little sis but is becoming more protective each day)

**Disclaimer: Real Talk at the bottom of this post - reader discretion advised

Literally on the way...bring a towel!

Goodbye swollen everything!

Ok- now we're going to get real. Are you ready? You probably will have a bowel movement on the delivery table. Yup, fact and the nurses will try not to tell you but my no filter self knew better and called them out every time they hauled something away and as they tried not to laugh at me (laughing at myself) I knew...Oh how I knew. Also, your husband, even if you previously agreed he wouldn't, will probably witness most of this birthing business. I am very short so even though he was holding my leg and closer to my upper body, he could see... no holding back...or in my case, no trying to hold your gown up to block his view (hahaha) The nurses will then offer up the use of a mirror so you can see what's going on - it's better to just say no to this. I had youtubed so many vaginal births by this point that I really didn't need to see my own but curiosity got the best of me and I said what the heck, haul it out. Ok, first of all it's scary to see such a huge round thing protruding but not yet out of your body down there and everything that seems like it should be INSIDE is creepily outside...just a warning. Also, while pushing it is best to keep your eyes closed (so they don't bulge out of your skull) and the mirror makes you want to keep them open so uhhh I nipped that mirror in the bud really quickly.

Tearing- it happened and ladies were you aware that one could rip UPWARDS?? Yea me either, no book told me to expect this! I ripped up and down and had 10 stitches but luckily it was only a 2nd degree tear and it ripped on its own since they were concerned with just getting her out at that point. (apparently tearing on your own heals faster than having to have an episiotomy)

Postpartum - Make friends with your nurses so that they stock you up on EVERYTHING. A lot if covered/paid for anyways by insurance but I took SO MANY extra ice pack pads and mesh undies home it wasn't even funny.  I even got home and ordered my own box of those ice pack pads which are seriously THE BEST THINGS EVER INVENTED! (order them here!) You will bleed- a lot! You will bleed through the 2 by 4 size padding they put on you (and even more every time you breastfeed and lets not mention how they come in ever few hours to "Roll" your stomach..ughh)The squirt bottle they give you is also your best friend since wiping is super scary and don't worry about going number 2- you can save that horrific experience for when you get to the privacy of your own home. (and ladies- yes it is scary as hell but stool softeners and fluids are a must and it will happen! Oh, and tucks pads!) The doc said 4-6 weeks before sexual activity or exercise and I laughed and said yea right buddy more like 8-10...

Breastfeeding- this is the most incredible bonding experience you will ever have with your child but I can completely see why it is not for everyone. It will take every ounce of patience you have but it does get easier! I am so thankful that it is going so well for us thus far but it definitely takes support from your partner, education and you and your little one learning from each other. Andi is eating every 2.5 hours during the day plus on demand feedings and she usually gives us 4 hour stretches at night! She's basically amazing! I'm sitting here nursing her now so I know there's so much I am leaving out but until next post i hope this will do!

If you have managed to read this far then thank you and sorry for this grammatically terrible ramble! I love and miss ya'll and promise I will get caught up soon. The letters, texts and e-mails (and even gifts!!) from some of my blogger bff's have been so incredible and mean SO much to us. I love staying up to date via instagram will continue to stalk yall  :)  Have a fabulous week- LOVE YA'LL!

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