WHW: Lately

Hey ya'll! Happy what's hap-"pinning" Wednesday! I'm so happy we've made it half way to Friday and the long holiday weekend it's not even funny. I have Monday off from keeping the kiddos so we're leaving Friday afternoon for a long weekend at the bay house. I'm so happy to see sunshine ya'll but I have to admit I was loving the non-humid, cooler temps for this late in May!

We've been so busy lately that I feel like blogging has taken a back seat. Sometimes that's ok though! One of my best friends, Hillary, had her baby girl yesterday and we were all so thrilled to know that after over 12 hours of labor, little Olivia entered the world happy and healthy! I seriously cannot wait to meet her and I'm thinking I may have to do so like on the way home from the bay! We've been eating lots of fresh veggies lately and we recently devoured our first caprese of the season. I'm pretty sure I could have fresh basil, tomatoes, french bread, mozzarella and red wine and be totally content...like forever. The fresh broccoli we picked was our of this world! There's nothing like fresh broccoli - you'll never buy frozen again if you grow it!

In other news, the Bachelorette, also known as my super bowl, started this week and man am I glad Monday's are back! Actually, between the Bachelorette, Southern Charm and Mistresses coming back next week, my DVR is quite loaded on Mondays! Speaking of Southern Charm, another bestie of mine just put her bachelorette on the books for late this summer and its in Charleston! There's a huge group of us going and I am SO pumped to get back to Charleston ya'll - SO PUMPED! Anyway, that's what has been going on lately around here. Don't forget to grab our button and link up with me or Jenn to join in!

Welcome baby Olivia!

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Friday 5

Ya'll, we made it! Its Friday! It has been such a slow, dreary and rainy week around these parts - ugh! We have no concrete plans this weekend so we're just playing it by ear but I'm definitely hoping for a little sunshine. Well let's do it shall we? Let's dive into 5 things from this week that are noteworthy. I'm linking up today with April from A. Liz Adventures, Amanda over at Meet @ the Barre , Karli with September Farm. and Andrea from Momfessionals for Friday 5 and Friday Favorites. Join in!

1. Favorite Fashion Statement: Blake Lively - look at those shoes!

2. Favorite Blog Post - Lynn from Dispositive Motion's "I Blog For Me" post from our linkup on Wednesday. This post hits the nail on the head for me!

3. I won a $150 credit to Minted ya'll from Tiny Toes, little Nose blog and it was definitely the highlight of the week! Check out Minted immediately if you haven't already and Laura's blog of course! Here are some of the things I've ordered thus far:

4. Favorite Funny:

5. Andi photo time! (always my favorite!) Look at this sweet breakfast face!

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WHW: Ode to Blue

If ya'll know me, then you know I adore all things blue and white. It is seriously so classic. My home bleeds blue and white and I wouldn't have it any other way. I like pops of yellow and gold in there too and throwing in pink is stunning as well. I can't help but browse Pinterest and get sucked into all things blue and white decor. I mean, I could literally pin and browse for over an hour. I was looking through my likes and decided to share a few of my recent favorites. I"m pretty sure if it were up to me my home would have nothing but blue french toile wallpaper but luckily hubby limited me to one room (for now...) But seriously, how fun is wallpaper if done correctly? Think accent wall and wild colors or patterns! Although, if you asked my husband, he's tell you he's never messing with it again! (haha) Also, if there's a baby #2, we're leaning toward a dark navy nursery with pops of white and gold! It would be the total opposite of Miss A's light pink and green palace that's for sure.

Anyway, happy hump day ya'll! Link up with Jenn and myself for What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday and let us know what's happening in your world!


Also I want to give a big ole' Happy Birthday shoutout to my sister!!!!! Love you!!!!

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Hey ya'll and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fab weekend! It was great around these parts with lots of time outside and mild weather. Last night the temps dropped to the 50's and it was straight up chilly! I'm talking sweatshirt, leggings and socks chilly! I loved it - its still cool this morning and totally feels like October. I adore that month so that is 100% ok with this gal. Anyway, I got some planting done - vincas, marigolds and some basil potted. I found a mama fox and her two absolutely precious babes living in our backyard, met my Mama in Richmond while she picked out a new car and then we snagged a Saturday night dinner date with them since we were all out. (she was hit by a deer as she likes to call it and totaled her car but luckily she was fine!)

Sunday, we hit a big ole' milestone ladies and gentlemen. . . Andi stood by herself! I know a lot of babes are walking by now but she has just been totally panicked if we let go of her hand, etc. She can cruise and get where she needs to be like a champ but she STOOD by herself ya'll! Of course I started crying but she stool there for like a whole minute just eating her raisins. Here comes walking! Slow down little girl, I'm not ready!

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Friday 5

Haaaappppy Fri-yay ya'll! Today I only have one extra babe so I look at it as an 'easy day'. That's always good for a Friday right? Also, one of my best girlfriends is quickly approaching her due date (the 18th) and hubby and I have voted today for her in the "when is baby Olivia making her debut pool" haha! We are so excited for her! I don't have any specific plans for the weekend except maybe a Homegoods/T.J. Maxx run and putting my porch together. We re-painted all of my wicker furniture this week and I picked up some cute planters so I need to pot some flowers and set everything up. I'm not going too overboard only because we are about to (finally) pull the trigger on new siding ya'll! Unfortunately we have to take down all of the told aluminum siding first so it's going to get messy but I am SO excited to transform the outside of our home finally! Let's dive right in shall we?

I'm linking up today with April from A. Liz Adventures, Amanda over at Meet @ the Barre , Karli with September Farm. and Andrea from Momfessionals for Friday 5 and Friday Favorites. Join in!

1. Favorite Andi Snaps: Sweet dance moves, play cars, snuggles with Mama & selfies with Dada!

2. Paint party! This was only the beginning - two more large rockers were next plus a coffee table and desk!

3. Andi received a doorstep present from a friend one morning this week and I'm thinking her Mama needs to get a matching one: super cute monogrammed bathing suit coverup! Sticking with the bathing suit/beach theme, we painted her little piggies and they turned out super cute! She's so fancy!

4. Favorite purchase this week: New Hollins alumna tee! Love it!

5. Favorite Funny: 

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WHW: Wish List

Hey ya'll and happy What's Hap-:Pinning" Wednesday - a series where you link up with Jenn and myself and tell us ANYTHING that's currently interesting you on Pinterest, life, home, fashion....you get it! Anything! Today, as I'm constantly tidying up and picking things up, I'm secretly making a list of things I need (want rather) for the home. I definitely have a central theme but I love constantly adding things or sometimes rearranging things around the house.

First on the list is a king size bed. I know, we're functioning adults and still have a small queen. I understand that is totally normal, but every time I visit a friend and stay in their guestroom king bed, I realize how much I love it. I mean, I wake up sideways across the darn thing sometimes! Also, when Andi has her first "I had a nightmare and want to sleep with ya'll" moment wouldn't it be nice to have a tad more room? (that's what I'm telling hubby) I"m really attracted to a classic sleigh bed style or this dark Tommy Bahama one that I'm totally obsessed with (not obsessed with the price though). We have a dark color palette in our master so either style would work! I love the upholstered headboards too but our master is just not girly at all.

Next, I really want a large gold framed mirror and large area rug with some sort of yellow in it for the upstairs sitting room/lounge area. We had a huge beautiful mirror that fell and broke and then we purchased another similar one that is just as heavy so out of fear, we haven't attempted to hang it yet. There's a bench and two matching chairs that we reupholstered in a beige greek key/trellis-like print and then I added yellow, blue and navy accent pillows and curtains. Here is what I'm thinking:

I know hubby can agree with this next one - we want to transform our back patio into a super swanky grilling/hangout space. We have friends over a lot and need to spruce up the back! The front porch is our gathering place now since I have tables and tons of wicker rockers! We have a basic table, umbrella and chairs out back but need to figure out what kind of built in grill look we want to go with, etc. I definitely want those cute string bulb lights as well!

Lastly, I'd loooove a huge dining room table that could sit like 12 people! We have a table that has 4 matching chairs (supposed to be 6..not sure where the others went) now but we entertain a lot. We also hold our annual huge Christmas party at our place so a bigger table would be fabulous! Now, before I end this post, I'm super thankful and blessed with everything we have so don't get me wrong. These are just things I'm working toward and hey, every girl has a wish list right? I'm also a bargain hunter so let the searching begin! Have a great day ya'll!

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Hey ya'll and happy start of a new week! This was such a fun weekend. On Saturday my Mother-in-law and I signed up for a paint party class and painted matching flower scenes that connect to form a single flower when put together. It was so much fun! There were lots of other mother/daughter duos and tons of great food too. How was everyone's Mother's Day? Ours was so much fun and I'm so glad we were able to spend time with our families all day! (we had the oh-so-awful stomach bug earlier in the week and I have NEVER experienced that before and NEVER want to again. Luckily it skipped Andi and we are all back to normal!)

Anyway, we spent the morning with my in-laws and finished out the day with my parents. My sister and her kiddos also joined us so it was fabulous catching up with her as well. She gifted me the most adorable gold pineapple candle that Target is currently carrying - and it smells like pure summer heaven! Ya'll have to go snag one! (My loves spoiled me with a hair appointment to lighten these locks and a new Bourbon & Bowties bracelet - oh, and Andi picked me a buttercup so obviously my day was made and it is still sitting on my dash!) The weather was beautiful on Sunday and we even stopped by an outdoor food truck spot and snagged lunch to bring to everyone. It was nice to finally not have a rainy day let me tell ya! Last night we caught up on some DVR shows and I called it a night early. Overall, my SECOND Mother's Day was absolutely fabulous. I'm so thankful that Miss A made me a mommy. How sweet it is! Linking up with Biana and Meghan today for Weekending!

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