Monday came mighty quickly in my opinion ya'll! We had quite the busy weekend and I think that is why I feel that way. Friday was nice catching up on things around the house. Hubs and I decided to have a night in and re-start one of our favorite shows from the beginning since he came in on season 3 last time around. He'd probably die if I told ya'll what show that is...cough, cough Gossip Girl.....so I'll try and not spill the beans. Saturday we headed into Richmond to run by Hobby Lobby (always my happy happy place) and also the grocery store which is so much easier when he tags along to entertain Miss A. That evening we had a joint birthday dinner/celebration for a few family members and didn't get home until almost 10pm. I am SUPER excited to share with ya'll, once I make it, this new brussel and apple slaw recipe via my Mother-in-law. She brought it to the dinner and I was literally praying that no one would like it so I could bring it all home! (haha it was so dang good ya'll!)

Sunday we headed into church which was fabulous and then went out to my parent's house to test out my Christmas present. I shot that little thing pretty well for it to be my first time using it! However, one of the casings flew backwards and hit me in the forehead. Uhuh, not cute! We stayed and ate dinner there before heading home and hubs got called overnight to work. I decided to start Gilmore Girls last night after watching Miss Universe and I must say I'm definitely intrigued to keep watching. I'm like the ONLY person apparently that has never seen a single episode and it definitely seems like a great mother/daughter feel-good show!

After Church Jewelry Display 

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WHW: Fav Products

Hey ya'll and welcome to another What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday where you can link up with me or my co-host Jenn over at Going the Distance. You can share whatever you are pinning, doing, eating and thinking about lately so grab our button below and join in!

Today I want to share some of my favorite products that I use on a daily basis and some also that I like to splurge on (and by splurge I usually mean, finding it a tad cheaper than retail via Ebay) I'm all about saving and trying new products and these types of posts tend to be my favorites so I want to join in and share. Lets dive right in shall we?

Mascara: Daily I usually use Covergirl Lashblast just because it is light and buildable without being thick and cakey. It washes off nicely and gives great volume. I have longer lashes anyway so a little goes a long way for me.

Splurge Mascara: I ADORE Bare Minerals flawless definition mascara ($19) and Buxom Mascara which is also around $20. I keep these mostly for bigger events and nights out, etc. I can't say enough good things about both of these!

Eye Shadow: Ya'll for $3 I adore my little Wet-n-Wild 3 palette and I use it daily, no joke! It comes in tons of colors and I just love it. No shame!

Splurge Eye-shadow: Ok this one is a no-brainer, the Naked Palette of course. I scored mine for about $40 and I just adore it on nights out or when you need a darker smokey look!
Concealer: Daily I use my Covergirl Age Rewind roll on concealer. It is so affordable and lasts a long time! It's like $6 tops. Its great to use under eyes and then bring down further into a triangle shape and you barely have to use primer.

Splurge Concealer: Recently I received a sample of this creaseless concealer by Tarte and I'm in love. It's a tad heavier but literally lasts all day and blends super well! I love it! Also, a little goes a long way with this one too! Definitely worth it! ($25)

Primer: Ya'll, I use to splurge on primer because I love Benefit products (and still love Benefit products) but the Elf tinted green primer is so fabulous and silky smooth. My makeup doesn't move with this stuff and you cannot beat the price of Elf products! Its 3 bucks!

Foundation: Daily I use Bare Minerals original in medium beige and this is definitely my go-to. I use to be a liquid only foundation girl until I came across this. I have oily skin so the powder really helps. This runs about $28 I believe and lasts a couple months depending on how much I use.

Splurge Foundation: When I did wear a lot of liquid, I splurged on Lancome Teint Idole foundation. It gives a flawless look and isn't SUPER heavy but does have strong coverage. I still have a ton of this in darker summer shades so I need to revisit and see if I still like it. ($48)

Blush: Daily I use Covergirl Cheekers in a deep pink and ya'll I have faithfully used this since like the 8th grade! It is $3 or $4 and I just love it.

Splurge Blush: In the summer time I love this coral-like shade from NARS called Torrid I believe and it is around $30.

Lips: Other than being a chapstick fanatic, I love L'oreal Infallible lip glosses - they rock! I believe I wear #705 Sangria the most but I also have a red one for fun nights out! (about $8) I'm also getting ready to order one by Tarte - their Lipsurgence in Escape. My friend Rad was wearing it all night for the NYE wedding we had and it was gorgeous! I can't wait to try it!

Hair: There's really only two products I use faithfully and that is It's a 10 Miracle Leave in product ($16) or Garnier Miracle Oil ($6). I LOVE trying new hair products since mine is finally growing and I have to alternate shampoos and conditioners because my hair is on the oilier side so any recommendations are welcome!

Favorite Scent: Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey is my MUST have but I also love their bluebell and red roses. You literally cannot go wrong with any from Jo Malone! I also love my 1990's throwback - ya'll ready? Cool Waters!

Two new products I've recently tried: My friend Tiff gifted me the Rodan and Fields Foaming Sunless tan and I just used it for the last wedding I attended. Its not messy at all and the foam is white so it doesn't stain clothing, etc. However, its hard to see the area you've covered so work diligently and thoroughly. I did mess up my feet and hands (amature) so be sure to wash immediately! The smell isn't so bad and the color is awesome - develops in a few hours so it doesn't overnight.

She also gave me the Rodan & Fields Lash Boost and since I'm just starting this, I'll report back with reviews and results! Again, my lashes are already pretty long but she says that this product helps to darken them as well!

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Hey ya'll and happy Monday! It is seriously pouring today and I feel like I may be swimming by the time I leave work today. It was so tough getting out of bed this morning with the rain pounding on our metal roof and not to mention that Andi was still snoozing well into 8am. Anyway, its Bachelor Monday so that makes today my favorite despite the dreary weather and busyness at work. (is busyness a word?) Join me on Twitter tonight to live tweet week 4 over some wine! Drama, drama and more drama.....

This weekend I attended my cousin's wedding in Lynchburg, VA and it was absolutely beautiful. It was held at a unique venue right in the downtown area overlooking the river and the city itself. As a wedding planner myself, I grabbed the card from the owner because this was seriously the cutest spot I've seen in awhile with two floors and wide open entertaining space but literally right in a downtown area. It was so good getting to see that side of the family (This was my biological father's side and even though they all live semi-close, it is hard seeing everyone often) I went with my sister and brother-in-law since Hubby was working and we had a blast. I can still remember walking across the 'woods' to play with my cousin's when we were like 10 years old and now they are both married! Congrats to Allie & Matt!

On Sunday, Andi and I headed to church together while Hubs slept off the previous night shift. There was an excellent message explaining that despite a nation that is currently full of change, God always remains the same. Andi enjoyed the nursery (and charming everyone that would look her way) and then we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening having dinner and watching the play-off games with my parents. Who's ready for the Superbowl?! (or at least the food!)

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WHW: Lately

Hey ya'll and happy Wednesday! Having Monday off was so nice and it definitely doesn't feel like we're half-way through the week already. Andi and I spent our weekend at the Bay and it was lovely just getting away and having a change of scenery. It was cold and rainy but still lovely being by the water. We had some great seafood and did a lot of shopping! I scored a super cute (and semi-large) blue and white rug for our kitchen, fabulous white ceramic and gold pineapple salt and pepper shakers and picked out a potential fabric for that awesome wing-back chair we scored back in the Fall. The pineapple shakers ended up matching the large pineapple I already have in one of my kitchen display cabinets! The rug was only 12 bucks and needs a little cleaning but I fell in love with the colors. I'm not sure it will stay in the kitchen because I almost feel like I need a round one in that space so let me know what ya'll think.

I've decided I want to get back into crafting when I saw this super cute and easy bow display project over the weekend. It is a felt dress/tutu with a tulle skirt and it has ribbons hanging to display the bows. Miss A has SO many bows so it never hurts to come up with more display ideas. I've also been doing a lot of pinning for her upcoming 2nd birthday - I know, how the heck is she almost two?! Well...she's not two until April but doing a little pre-planning never hurt anyone right? I have to share the theme that Hubby and I decided on. It is so simple with a lot of DIY's and will definitely be a smaller scale than her first party but ya'll it is seriously fabulous. Tea for Two will be the theme! (more to come on this as we get closer to early April)

Work is going good thus far and I'm still staying afloat somehow. This job is so much different than anything I've done and there's definitely a learning curve. Working part time is so ideal though. I work Monday, Tuesday and a half-day on Wednesday. I'm in that phase where I'm trying my hardest not to bug people with questions constantly and still sort of settling in but the people here are absolutely fabulous and I adore working in higher education because really, I always have! I'm praying I start to get a grip on things and that everyone becomes second nature because I really see myself wanting to stay here for a long long time. Keep those prayers coming for this history and poly sci major that is now a Financial Administrator (I know, I wonder what resume they were looking at as well haha)

I also want to express my joy for something in our personal life as well. My heart is so full with our new church family! I've gotten hubby on board and Andi also loves it. I wrote it earlier but we decided to go back to the church I grew up in. It felt right the minute we walked through the doors and I've never been surrounded by such accepting and wonderful folks! Many of them, being charter members, I've known since I was 12 years old. We've met a fabulous new couple with 4 boys and another couple with 3 children and I'm so happy to be surrounding ourselves with such awesome couples and faith-based people.Ah it feels so good ya'll! They also decided to start a new bible study for the women in the church starting next Wednesday so I'm interested in seeing how that goes. Thanks for your continued support and prayers through this process!

If you've made it this far through my random life update then thank you! Grab our button and link up with either Jenn or me below to join in on What's Hap-'pinning' Wednesday!

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Hey ya'll and welcome to What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday! We're currently enjoying our 6+ inches of snow here in VA still and super cold (like 5 degree temps) and guess what? It's supposed to be over 60 degrees tomorrow...why is VA so bipolar? Anyway, it was nice having my office closed yesterday for snow so it'll be a super short week for me. Since I'm part-time I only work Monday, Tuesday and a half day on Wednesday. This week is my first official week on my own so keep the prayers coming for an easy transition!

I have to share Miss Andi's less than thrilled reaction to the snow with ya'll. She is most definitely a beach baby and wanted literally NOTHING to do with the snow. It basically took longer to get her dressed for the snow than it did to have her out there in it. We snapped an obligatory snow pic and went right back inside to snuggle and watch movies instead. Bless her heart.

Seriously Mama, do I have to?

Ok I'm over it! 

Also, speaking of heading back to work, if you're like me then you like to pack your lunch most of the time. Sometimes its just easier, especially if you're trying to eat on the healthier or lighter side. Within walking distance of my office is a Mexican restaurant and then a couple fast food joints. My aunt Betty (aka the best Southern cook in these parts) gave me her recipe over Christmas for her chicken salad. As simple as chicken salad can be - ya'll this is just delish! I could eat it every day and you can tweak it to your liking for sure! I got a food processor for Christmas so now I can chop it to the consistency that she always does and I'm head over heels. With that said, here's the step-by-step recipe so you can enjoy as well!

3 chicken breasts
2 celery stalks
1/2 medium onion
sweet pickle relish cubes
1/2 cup dukes mayo
2 tablespoons lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste

boil your chicken breasts (about 30 minutes) drain and pull apart a little before putting them into the food processor. Use the chop option and just pulse it until it reaches the consistency you're looking for. I like it chopped pretty fine.Add other ingredients and mix well. She also says you can add a little chicken broth for added flavor. Keep refrigerated & enjoy! Simple and delicious!

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Cream Cheese Veggie Dip

Hey ya'll and welcome to What's Hap-'pinning' Wednesday! This is where ya'll can link up with either Jenn or down below with me to share what's currently going on in your world. Grab our button below and join in on the fun!

Today I'm sharing a super easy appetizer/snack I recently made. I'm sure this would be so much better in the summer when the ingredients are super fresh but I was totally craving veggies after I watched this being made on the Pioneer Woman during one of my Cooking Channel binges. (If you're like me, then you feel like you're a class A chef after binging the cooking channel!) Anyway, this is super simple and so easy to customize too. I also want to add, if you can, wait a few hours before serving or eating. The flavors blend and 'marinate' so much more if you let it sit for awhile! Try it and let me know what you think - also, send me all of your favorite food processor recipes because I'm addicted and want to learn more!

Veggie Cream Cheese Spread

  • 3 packages (8 Ounces Each) Cream Cheese, Slightly Softened (I only used 2)
  • 6 whole Green Onions, Sliced
  • 1 whole Large Carrot, Peeled And Finely Diced
  • 1 stalk Celery, Finely Diced
  • 1/2 whole Red Bell Pepper, Finely Diced
  • 1/4 cup Finely Diced Red Onion
  • 1 Tablespoon Chopped Chives (more To Taste)
  • 1 Tablespoon Chopped Dill (more To Taste)
  • 1 clove Garlic, Peeled

Combine the cream cheese with all the other ingredients in the bowl of a food processor. Pulse until the mixture reaches the consistency you want: it can be chunky, with larger pieces of the veggies, or you can keep going until it's very mixed together. 

Transfer the spread to a container and store, covered in plastic wrap, in the fridge. Serve cold with crackers, crostini, bagels, or use as a spread on a veggie sandwich.

Note: Add more or less of any veggie/herb you'd like!

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Weekend + New Year!

Hey ya'll and welcome to 2017! Last weekend was a whirlwind but definitely post worthy. My college friend got married and we were all gathered together in NC for her big wedding. I loved being reunited with everyone and being able to spend NYE with my hubby for the first time in 3 years! I took as many pictures as I could but I'm really excited for the professional ones to start popping up because we all got some pretty fabulous shots as honorary bridesmaids and just in general. I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and champagne filled new year and cheers to 2017 ya'll!

Now I have to admit just how nervous I am for tomorrow - I start my new job tomorrow ya'll and for some reason I am freaking out. A) I haven't worked in 21 months B) I've only trained thus far but tomorrow I'm on my own C) it is a brand new college with brand new people and policies so its always going to be hard, especially if you're a creature of habit and D) I just want to make sure I do well. Any good vibes and prayers will be greatly appreciated so thanks in advance!

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