Friday 5

Hey ya'll and happy Friday! We made it to the weekend and I'm not sure where you are but where I am it is supposed to warm up a bit and pretend to be Spring again for a couple days. Cheers to a wonderful and much needed weekend and I'll catch ya'll back here next week! 

I'm linking up today with April for Friday 5

Mary Jane Bowtie Shoes - monogrammed
Ya'll these are seriously the cutest and I think Miss A needs them for her birthday!
 (They come in more colors too)

Speaking of Miss A - can we just take a look at this sweet face? We are in definite
need of some smiles and fun after this 5 day sickness took us by storm! Bring on the warm
temperatures this weekend and maybe a bay trip!

Ok I need ya'lls opinion here. I'm really leaning towards trying this 21 day fix plan.
Have any of ya'll tried this and if so tell me EVERYTHING! I've never done any sort of fixed plan like this but a close friend did and she seriously looks ah-mazing!

I adore bamboo and gold. I always have. I love bamboo frames especially and
when I saw this picture on instagram I just knew I had to have a room like this one day.
With that said, we aren't there yet but look at these precious T.J. Maxx bamboo frame finds!
Sorry for the lighting but I just love them!

Favorite Funny & Happy weekend!

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  1. That taco emergency just made my morning! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Haha 9 juan jaun! LOL! I have not done the fix but would be really interested in hearing how it goes if you try it out!

  3. ...and now I want tacos. ;) I'm thinking sweet Knox might be needing those shoes!

  4. I did the 21 day fix and LOVED it. A super long email will be coming your way today!!!

  5. LOL at the taco emergency! Those frames are just the cutest, anything gold like that is just adorable! Those shoes, all the heart eyes!

  6. Happy Friday! How cute is Andi?! And I'm always in a taco emergency.

    Southern Style

  7. I mean Andi's face just makes me smile!! Can't wait to hear if you decide to try 21 day fix! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Laughing at the taco emergency photo. And those mary jane's look really cute. I need to scoop some up for my girls.

  9. I've done 21 day fix but not the food part, I was nursing when I did it. The workouts are really intense (at least to me) which are great! I always feel like I worked so hard after doing them. I still do them now every other day.

  10. I love the bamboo frames!! I need to check out TJ Maxx to see if I can find some for my dining room! And love those shoes!

  11. Haha this taco emergency makes me want tacos for dinner! I need to check out those mary jane's for my goddaughter. Hope you guys have a great weekend :-)

    Xo Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  12. I did the 21 day fix. Well I wasn't super complaint with the eating but I will say I love her workouts. Some of my favorites and I still pull that DVD out :)

  13. First off, love the floral numbers - so pretty! Those shoes are adorable and Andi NEEDS them! Let me know if you do the 21 day fix... The before and after pictures are so temping... I think I might try Tone It Up 7 day slimdown. Bamboo frames are the best!! Love yours and that wall is amazing!