Friday 5

Hey ya'll and happy Friday! We've made it through another week (short week for most) and now we can be in full on weekend mode! Today I'm linking up with April, Karli, Andrea & Amanda for my favorite Friday link-up's and you should join in as well. Happy weekend and see ya'll back here on Monday!

One of my college gal pals welcomed a sweet and perfect baby boy this week and we are so over the moon! She was holding off on his name but now that I have the initials, I can send some new monograms his way! Congrats Lauryn & Justin!

Ya'll, this jam has been on repeat basically all week! I am absolutely loving this new one by Keith & Carrie.

This recipe has been floating around and I've seen 3 people share it recently with 2 thumbs up. I'm definitely adding this to our list of new recipes to try hopefully for next week!

Egg Roll in a Bowl Recipe

Favorite Andi moments from this week! Doesn't get much better than baby blues, daffodils, smoked shoes and dress yourself outfit days!

These temps (over 70 today!) really have me dreaming of Spring. I snagged some super cheap blanks that were marked down to like $2 at Walmart and took them to my local embroidery shop to have them monogrammed for Miss A. Look how cute these turned out? I need to take some for me! I also sent a couple of items to Ashley from Hanging with the Hirsts so she can monogram some too. She recently started a new little business and her stuff is so cute ya'll! Go check her out at Premium Pineapple Embroidery!

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  1. Omg I love those monograms! I might need to see if she's interested in partnering with my shop to monogram blankies! Happy Friday!

  2. Egg roll in a bowl - yes please!! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Ashley does the cutest stuff! And I have seen that recipe floating around, too, so I'll definitely be trying it when we are back in our house!

  4. That's awesome you got some cheap items monogrammed. Makes them look so much classier!

    Oh gosh, egg roll in a bowl? I'm down for that!


  5. I've been seeing those egg roll bowls EVERYWHERE this week!! I'm going to have to try them next week! THANK YOU for the shout out!!! I picked up the green thread today and I can't wait to monogram her sweet items this weekend :)

  6. The Egg Roll dinner is delicious!!!! Love the monograms! :)

  7. That egg roll in a bowl looks so tasty!! Andi is such a cutie pie! Love every single snap of your sweet girl! Hooray for frugal finds with fabulous monograms! Happy weekend! xo

  8. Anything monogrammed is so fun! Yay for your friends new baby! My nephew was just born last week too, babies all around!

  9. Good idea on picking up some affordable pieces at Walmart! I might have to copy ya! R needs some monogram tops in her life! 😉 I've seen that egg roll in a bowl recipe a lot too! Looks so yummy! Super jealous of your nice weather!! It's back to the 30s here!