10 Things About Me

Hey ya'll and welcome back to another What's Hap-'Pinning' Wednesday link-up! Thanks for joining Jenn and I each week! Today I did a quick and fun little post with some random facts about little ole' me. I'm currently knee-deep in tea party planning for Andi's birthday celebration this Saturday so really not much else is going on around these parts. Grab our button and link up to join in on the fun below!

1. I originally wanted to be a veterinarian but strayed away from all math and science in college..so there's that...I then declared my major early of Political Science & History to prep for law school but didn't end up applying after graduating and getting all of my debt paid off. (I've worked in higher education ever since graduating!)

2. I received scholarships to my college for my short stories and poems I submitted so I do love writing. (which is funny because I tend to invent my own grammar tactics) I started blogging in 2011 and love the outlet along with the fabulous people you connect with along the way! 

3. I have to have french vanilla creamer in my coffee and actually didn't really drink coffee until Miss A was born. I was borderline addicted to redbull and still love it but only on road trips! (with a side of beef jerky) just tried a coconut creamer at mt Dad's - really yummy! 

4. I have a weakness for Mexican food, chick-fil-a lemonade, anything gummy like hairbo gummy bears, processco or dry champagne, red wine and italian ice/banana pops. A new Mexican restaurant just opened like 2 miles from my house!

5. If I had the chance, I'd gladly re-visit Italy but really have no desire to leave the states. I'd love to travel to Texas or Montana though and have been up and down the East Coast many of times! Waco anyone?!

6. My favorite city is Charleston and anywhere on the Outer Banks - we would move to either and that's really saying something because I adore my hometown of good ole' Farmville. Small town girl for sure!

7. My girl crush will always be Jessica Simpson with a side of Blake lively and my man crush will forever be Mark Walhburg. (Sorry honey) 

8. My daughter, Anderson, is my bestie and my entire world. I seriously cannot believe she's almost two ya'll! NEXT week she turns two! Ah!

My little comedian last summer in the OBX

9. Family is everything to me and my husband and we are so thankful to live right in the middle of both sets of parents! (literally right in the middle - 30 minutes either direction)

10. I'm secretly obsessed with Pageants and joke that Andi will be Miss Virginia 2037 - you can't beat the scholarships of the Miss VA/America organization and the character it builds in young women. (Don't think Trump pageants, this is different and scholarship based) My college friend and bridesmaid was Miss VA 2007 and we're celebrating her 10th anniversary at this year's pageant at the end of June. I'm surprising my Dad with tickets and a big weekend trip to Roanoke since he took me to my very first one (and bought me my first scotch at the after party underage haha) Can't wait!

Andi's Miss VA themed newborn shoot


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  1. LOVE this! We're soul sistas on so many of these.

    Southern Style

  2. Gimme all the Mexican food, and I'll always love Jessica too and will secretly pine for her and Nick to get back together. And hello fellow Poli-Sci major! I can't wait to hear more about Andi's tea party <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Love this! Always fun to learn new facts about blogger friends. That picture of Jessica makes me miss Newlyweds! I loved Jessica and Nick together. I also now want tacos hahaha

  4. Omg I die at the last pic of Miss A, she would be an awesome and very personable pageant girl! Omg yes to all the Mexican food. I'm already planning our date night spot this weekend and I picked Mexican of course! I think a trip to Texas sounds perfect ;)!

  5. I can't believe Andi's party is already here! So exciting!! Love all these facts! Your graduation robes are so neat!!

  6. I cannot believe your daughter is going to be TWO already - time flies!! My love for Charleston runs deep too - my favorite city!

    Amanda Kids and Cabernet

  7. i love mexican food too -- and i miss charleston so much! it is a beautiful city but it's nice to live by family too!! how are our little babies already two!?! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Love this! Yes to all the Mexican food, red wine and Jessica Simpson! Also, COME TO TEXAS!!! ;)

  9. I wanted to be a vet too, and then a nurse... but like you said, science! Ha!

  10. Fun! I love Mexican food too - and the outer banks (hoping to get there this summer)! I love posts like this! I've actually got one posting tomorrow, which I'm excited about! Good luck with the party planning - I know it will be super cute and fun!

  11. Oh gosh, I love gummy things - especially Haribo gummy bears. Yum.

    Aw, your daughter is so cute!! Happy Early Birthday to her!! I'm selling for Usborne Books now if you'd ever be interested in checking it out for your daughter!


  12. Yes, give me all the mexican food too!! And I was just telling the hubby how I want to go on a vaca to Montana and stay at a dude ranch LOL.

  13. I loved reading these fun facts about you! Waco, let's GO! I'll pick you up on the way! :) XOXOX