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Oh Fall, you own my heart and always will - and Winter? Winter is a close second. I may love my Lilly Pulitzer and sundresses but nothing beats a cozy sweater, no humidity and sweating, boots and the upcoming holiday season. Yup folks, I'm as basic as basic can get. So my next question - WHY IS IT STILL SO HOT? Anyway, Here are some of the things I'm swooning over as Fall steadily (or slowly) approaches. What are you favorite things to do, eat and see? GO!

(oh and to update: Our house is officially sold (cue tears)..and stay tuned bc as long as everything goes smoothly with another inspection, next steps, etc. hint hint.. I'll be sharing some fun news!) 

I was binging Gilmore Girls with the hubs last night and I mentioned to him how much I loved Lorelei's pink trench she always wears (season 4-5ish) and within 5 minutes he pulls the one above up on his phone and shows me. Bless him! Its Kate Spade and a tad out of budget but I was like good job honey! (haha) shop for it here. I'm also eyeing some new leopard flats and new TB boots but I just haven't pulled the trigger yet!

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WHW: Book Reviews

Hey y'all and welcome to another what's hap-pinning Wednesday with Jenn and little ole' me! Link up below to let us know what's currently happening in your life. Today I want to share some groundbreaking news.... just kidding, not groundbreaking but I DID break out of my book rut! I managed to read 3 books this summer and for me lately, that's impressive. For those that know me, I'm scary/sad/mystery book lover so these may not appeal to everyone. I just started a new one, which I'll share below, but send me your must-reads so I can add them to my (long) list!

1. The Sound of Gravel - I loved it but this one is not for the faint of heart. It is a memoir by Ruth Wariner about her life growing up in a polygamist family. I couldn't put it down mostly because you're dying to know if anything GOOD happens to this girl - like where's the silver lining? (there is a silver lining...but not until the last second) very emotional and empowering read!

2. The Passenger - My MIL gives me a book each Christmas that she feels is right up my alley and this one did not disappoint. It was a quick and suspenseful read that will keep you guessing until the end! (and the end was not what I expected whatsoever!)

3. Big Little Lies - I must admit that I was probably the last one to jump on this train but I promised myself I'd read the book before watching the mini-series and I am SO glad I did! Am I the only one that liked the book WAY better? Regardless, both adaptations are great but with the book I could NOT put it down! In fact, I liked her writing style so much that I just started another one by the same author: The Husband's Secret (which I learned that Blake Lively is producing and staring in the movie!)

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Hey y'all and happy Monday! Last week was whirlwind (with home inspection, appraisal, wedding meetings, etc) and this week unfortunately will be no different. I can't remember if I told y'all already but the inspection went wonderfully. The buyers only wanted like 4 things out of 31 fixed (its an old house) and Hubs has already tackled them so that's a huge relief. Now we're just waiting on that pesky appraisal to come back AND we will know by THIS Friday if we need to start packing. If all goes well, closing is still set for October 16th. We're also headed to look at a home that was just listed in our preferred neighborhood on Wednesday so bring on the good vibes and crossed fingers!

Focusing now on the weekend, Friday I met my bestie for brunch since she was in town and we went to one of our fav local spots and they gave us our drinks on the house. (Rose all day y'all) Score! That evening we went to my high school's football game and I took my Dad with us. They had an amazing win and Miss Andi had so much fun! My Dad spoiled her with even more Falcon gear since she'll be attending school there next year! Saturday we stalked the neighborhood we want to be in and saw that new home being listed and jumped on contacting our agent. Saturday night and Sunday were low-key and we skipped church just so Andi wouldn't bring her cough to the church nursery. She's feeling better but allergies are kicking our butts! I spent Sunday night with my parents for dinner before heading to bed early. So overall it wasn't super eventful but sometimes those are the best am I right? Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!

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WHW: Lately

Hey y'all! I'm back - whew! We've had a whirlwind of travel this summer and we've definitely earned beach bum status. The hubs took off work and surprised me at the beach for our anniversary and it was absolutely fabulous! We then joined a bunch of our friends and celebrated while attending a Cole Swindell concert which was so much fun! We had our first preview of Fall weather that night and I quickly whipped out an open cardy and boots! I'm so overjoyed that Fall is upon us though - so overjoyed! However, this month and next are no slower...I booked two weddings randomly (one in October and one in November) and of course we're in the middle of selling our home and figuring out where will be. I feel like my biggest (and silliest) concern is where we will be celebrating Christmas this year. The buyers have a follow-up home inspection today at 1:00pm because the initial one brought some slight foundation concerns (duh- its an 1800 home but still) so they have asked for a little extension. I will keep y'all updated on that. We have looked at one potential home (another oldie) but just didn't feel sparks. Wish us luck!

Still sending thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by these nasty hurricanes. Consider helping out or donating if its feasible for you! Link up with us below to share What's Hap-'Pinning' in your life! And now I present to y'all...a photo dump of life lately:

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On Beach Time.. Again

Hey y'all - so my Mama, Andi and I have a tradition where we head off for one last week in the OBX before Fall and Winter hit. With that said, we're on beach time again and I'm probably enjoying my fourth mimosa by now. (no shame) Link up with Jenn today to share what's hap-pinning in your life and I"ll catch y'all back her next week to catch up and recap our vacay!

*thinking of everyone being affected by this crazy weather/hurricanes. We're still ok at the Outer Banks  but we're keeping a good watch. Sending prayers!

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Friday 5

Hey y'all and happy FRIDAY! Woot woot! I haven't done a Friday 5 link up in quite some time and felt compelled to join in with y'all. Mama, Andi and I are gearing up for our annual girls beach trip to the OBX and leave tomorrow so I also wanted to squeeze in one more post for this week.Cheers to the weekend (and to one more vacay) and I'll catch y'all back here with a recap next week!

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First of all, thank y'all SO much for all the swet words, support and compliments during the process of selling our home. When you get a surprising and great offer within the first week are you really allowed to call it a process? Anyway, if all goes well, they want in like ASAP and my heart is literally breaking BUT everything works out in the end right? Right. You can view our final home tour here.

Five words: LILLY PULITZER AFTER PARTY SALE - did y'all score anything? Here are a few of the things I picked up for less than $100!

Now that it is September 1st - can we all just admit that it is basically officially FALL! Bring on ALL of my favorite things in the entire world: Cooler temps, pumpkins, fall fashion and decor...I could go on forever

Speaking of Fall, how cute is this door decor I scored from Zulilly back in June? I guess its time to paint it and hang it! (even though we're moving soon...)

Daily dose of cuteness featuring Emma Jo & Miss Andi

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