WHW: Reno Update

Hey y'all! Welcome to another What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday with me and Jenn (which we accidentally skipped last week due to crazy schedules...but at least we were on the same page right? ha!) Today I'm coming at y'all with a little renovation #3 update. We've been kicking some serious you know what lately on the interior front and I'm so proud of the hubs and FIL. The electric is done y'all - we have lights! (aka just hanging light bulbs

The insulation is in and HVAC/duct work is underway. Andi thinks that the insulation was picked out just for her because its pink of course. Gotta love her! Once that was put in it really made the rooms feel like unique spaces. I will admit that its odd not being able to just pass through the walls but its so neat to see it become a designated space! You can really feel the difference temp wise too. Next up on the list is dry wall and I cannot believe we are at that step y'all! Whew! (dry wall is supposed to start next week and the window people are coming back to fix some issues this Friday) I feel like that just about gets us to the half-way point and that is insane!


Dining Room

Guest room/View into Andi's Room
Sunroom - no more Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom nails
hanging down from the ceiling 
Also completed - the roof! I repeat - THE ROOF! What a labor of love this has been from crews quitting and double booking to terrible and super wet weather conditions for weeks on end! The transformation is so fabulous though and once the trim and siding get going it'll be even better. I seriously love it.

Raise the Roof!

Shiny new charcoal metal

I spy the cutest little helper!

Look at all of that old metal!
Moving on to the back of the house, the hubs has finished the new back deck! Y'all, I simply love it. It really fits the layout and space so well and it was definitely needed. We toyed with the idea of the steps and landing for awhile but ultimately decided that having the steps go down towards the garage would make the most sense. We're also able to put the two heating/cooling units underneath the steps so it works out perfectly. We still need to decide on a stain and overall look but I'm leaning towards darker to play off the dark exterior framed windows. I'll also be painting the kitchen door black on both sides just to give y'all an idea.

Ohhh the entertaining that will go on out here!
 (Especially being right off from the kitchen)

Lastly, the bathtubs are starting to go in upstairs in Andi's bathroom and the guest  bathroom. We may have to put the master bath vanity in before the dry wall starts and this gets me all excited mostly because I just want to see the thing! I can't wait to get closer to the design phase AKA Jessi's Design into overdrive. I have so many light fixtures, tile options, wallpaper and colors to throw at y'all so be prepared. As for now, we're celebrating each milestone and we simply love how everything is coming together. Stay tuned for more updates and always tune in to my insta stories and highlights for real time progress!


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Hey y'all! Happy Monday! (I'm on Christmas break from work so I can say happy Monday right?) our two weeks off has officially starts (yay to working in higher education!) and I am in shock that Christmas is NEXT week. I know basically everyone feels the same way but I just hate to see this time of year pass by so quickly. I've been MIA lately but also super productive because of it. Christmas shopping is officially done and everything is wrapped for both my family and my parents. Its a tradition that I shop with both of parents separately (since about the 7th grade) and I always wrap all of Mom and Dad's stuff for them which is making me feel old because I now feel like I need a back brace to sit down and wrap presents for the entire family on the floor - whew! 

Shopping with Afa 

We had our annual Garden Club Christmas party and that was seriously so much fun. I've been OBSESSED with season two of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and decided to channel that mid-century look with a full skirt and plaid heels. Needless to say, I now want full skirts in every color. Very Diane Keaton. We also had the annual Holiday House Tour which is one of my favorite events in our town! We had so much fun (spiked hot chocolate and all!) 

Now My Mom, my sister and I are starting to focus on the menu for our Christmas eve dinner and I'm also brainstorming something fun to bring to Christmas day for my aunt's lunch and for dinner at my in-laws. My brother and sister in-law are hosting at their new house and I'm so excited to get in there and see their finished spaces! Do y'all have any tried and true crowd pleasing holiday apps or meals? Send them my way! Also, come back Wednesday to link up and see an update on Renovation #3!

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WHW: (easy) Holiday Recipes

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! I feel like I've been MIA on blog land recently so I apologize if I haven't read or commented on your slice of the world lately. The holiday season is always crazy so I know y'all can relate. Today I wanted to share some tried and true quick recipes that are perfect for the holiday season. I actually made all of these for Thanksgiving but they could easily be carried over to Christmas as well. 

We always do a big Christmas eve dinner at my Mama's house and then Christmas day we split it by going to my Aunt's for a huge, Thanksgiving-esq lunch and then to my in-laws for a pick-up food/dinner. Because of this, I'm always searching for new dishes to bring! Comment with your favorites so I can look them up and pin them. Have a great rest of the week y'all and check back next week for a home reno #3 update!

1.                                                                                     2.

1. Maple Glazed Brussels with Bacon Crumbles
2. Spice Roasted Carrots via Southern Living

1.                                                                                                2.
1. Caprese Kabobs
2. Neiman Marcus Dip 

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WHW: All The Fun Things!

Hey y'all! Welcome to another WHW hosted by Jenn and meeeee. (Brittany is it I or me? haha) First of all how are we done with Thanksgiving? HOW?! I'm all for the holiday season but come on time - lets move in a slower pace pa-leeease. Anyway, I hope everyone had a fabulous and safe Thanksgiving. Ours was wonderful and even though hubs got called to work, he was able to enjoy some good food before he left. 

Today I wanted to share a quick little craft that Andi and I did over break and we surprisingly LOVED! We bought some plain white ornaments from Walmart and some blue paint. I snagged the tiny tip brushes and told her we were going to decorate some new ornaments for the tree. My tree is predominately blue and green so the blue and white was my plan all along. I did some chinoserie pagoda patterns and also attempted my first leopard print. Andi's turned out fantastic and she called them 'abstract' which I adore. Her attempt at leopard is simply fantastic and she also did some marble-esq ones. Needless to say, I plan on getting more white ornaments and some more colors for her to work with.

Also noteworthy, my Dad surprised Miss A with tickets to her very first play. The play was Rudoplh (totally appropriate) and she LOVED every single minute of it. It was so much fun y'all just to watch her joy and amazement during the show. She's been into plays on YouTube lately so this was perfect timing! I can't wait to make these a yearly occurrence for her! 

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Hi Y'all! I'm currently about to go meet Miss Andi for lunch at her school (our first one) so I'll try and make this quick! I'm sure y'all are feeling just as busy with Thanksgiving tomorrow - can you believe its tomorrow?! Whew! We're doing the usual split family day where we eat with my family at noon and then my with my in-laws around dinner time. SO MUCH FOOD - BRING IT ON! I'm bringing a couple of side dishes to each and I'll try and share them as I make them. It seems like a lot but I am so thankful that we live close to both of our families. 

Life has been crazy lately but so fun. Fuqua School held its largest, annual fundraiser and this year I was the chair of the silent auction portion. We were able to raise so much money for the school and the turnout was fantastic! (Hubs even bid on and won some swag from his college!) This year we picked a casino theme and everyone has an absolute blast. Until next year Five Grand Falcon!

Also going on around our home - Christmas decorating! I always do it early but this year it looks like the decorating bug hit EVERYONE early and I'd be lying if I said I didn't absolutely love it. I also felt like we were late to the game! Ha! I did a predominately blue and green theme and still need to add my hand-painted chinoserie ornaments (that I've yet to hand-paint...) so stay tuned for that tutorial if they turn out semi decent. Also, take note of Miss A's excitement watching that play because my Dad just scored us tickets to see Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer live this Sunday. She's been so into live entertainment and this will be her very first play y'all! I'll definitely try and share some of it on my insta stories.

I hope everyone has a safe and fabulous Thanksgiving!   

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2018 Ultimate Gift Guide

Ladies & gentlemen...its that time of year again...drumroll please:

Hosted by Jessi's Design & Life As The Mrs

I hope that y'all will be able to check off a ton of boxes on your Christmas shopping lists after linking up and checking out today's posts. I simply love this time of year and I've tried to keep my suggestions more on the affordable side. I've grouped the list by hostess gifts, gifts for her, gifts for him and gifts for littles. My littles sections is girl specific so I apologize to the boy Mama's in advance for that! Anyway, Its so easy to get caught up and stressed out in the hustle and bustle of the season so grab a glass of wine, stay home and browse these ideas from fellow bloggers! Cheers y'all and remember, Jesus is the real reason for the season. (Thoughts & prayers to all those affected by disaster and trauma in CA) Lets jump in and start with gifts for the hostess - we all have a family gathering or party to attend this season so keep simple hostess gifts in mind (aka see below) then read on for her, him and babes.

Thanks for linking up today!

6. PJs
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Family Portraits 2018

Hey y'all and happy Monday! Today I HAVE to share some of our family pictures we had done last week for two reasons: 1. because I adore them and 2. because we haven't done professional pics since Andi was SEVEN MONTHS old! I know...crazy. I usually just get a friend or a family member to snap a quick pic for our Christmas cards and the hubs doesn't love professional shoots so we just never do them. However, I am SO happy that we did. Time to order ALL the canvas' and prints y'all. 

Also, don't forget to link up with us like normal on Wednesday because I'm joining forces with Brittany from Life as the Mrs. to bring y'all the ultimate 2018 gift guide!

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