Fall Wishlist

Oh my heavens y'all the time is finally upon us (although the cooler temperatures are not) FALL! I'm so dang basic when it comes to Fall (and even winter) I live for these months, live for this season of fashion and live for this season of decor as well. Basically, BRING IT ON. I've been adding things left and right to my LIKEtoKNOWit app and I'm loving pretty much every look that's emerging for Fall 2018. Today I want to share the must-haves that are at the tip of my list. I'll make sure to link everything so y'all can check it out. Also, share with me your favorite go-to looks and decor for Fall because I'm over here sipping my first (and only because I like caramel macchiatos better) PSL and loving all things Fall y'all. (ha!) Have a great weekend!

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WHW: Random

Hey y'all! This week has been crazy busy thus far and the month of September pretty much scares me to death (which sucks because I adore all things Fall) because I do not have a single free weekend. My BIL is getting married this Saturday, (cannot wait to celebrate and see Andi's debut as a flower girl) I'm coordinating a wedding out of town the next weekend, Mama and I head to the beach the next and then I finish out the month with another wedding. Whew! I still have my eye on all things design even in the midst of the craziness. We went and looked at countertops and I'm really thinking about taking the plunge and doing the contrasting island/countertops throughout. Take a look below and let me know your thoughts on the black island.

I finally scored my first fiddle fig tree and I'm literally praying every night that I don't kill him. Hayneedle was running an awesome sale on planters - I'm talking those $200 gorgeous oriental planters were marked down to $78 bucks y'all - so I snagged one immediately. He looks gorgeous and I hope he thrives. Thanks for the tips on IG last week!

Also on my radar are these seasonings from Trader Joes. I feel like everyone in the free world has a Trader Joes but us so luckily I found them on Amazon. There's so many yummy recipes I've seen floating around and I can't wait to add these to the spice drawer.

Speaking of recipes, Home Chef is still going strong in my household (let me know if you want to try it and I'll send you a $30 off code) but its not delivered until this evening so last night we tried the Turkey Lettuce Wrap recipe that Christina shared and it was delish y'all!

Lastly, tomorrow is school picture day for this cutie and she couldn't be more excited! She is absolutely loving school and I am so so proud of my little monkey-doodle. She's making friends, staying on green light and coming home with so many new things to share with me (including all 4 oceans "bacific" is her fav)

Happy Wednesday y'all and thanks for linking up!

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WHW: Home Chef

Hey y'all and happy Wednesday! Today I want to share some of the dishes we've made with our new Home Chef  meal delivery service (not sponsored - just want to show off haha) I kept getting those emails about trying it out and we tried Blue Apron awhile back but didn't end up sticking with it. Before accepting the offer, I did a quick Google search and found out that Home Chef was rated #1 in customer service so I thought, OK let's give it a try. I was in a non-meal planning rut and making the same dishes over and over which = boring! I signed up for the 2 meals for 2 people per week plan which comes to $49.99 a week with shipping included. Although I'm pretty sure I would spend a little less at the grocery store overall (yea, I said it) its been so dang fun having the meals delivered and all the fresh ingredients right there ready for me. Also, choosing the menu is the best part because its obviously things I wouldn't normally make. I've kept it going now for a little over a month and I have loved every single meal thus far y'all! 
The best part is the referral options. I got my Mama to sign up to try it which gives me a $30 credit and also gives her $30 off her first order. so here it comes y'all - if anybody wants to give it try, let me send you an email so that I can keep my credits coming! Yup, no shame! Plus - you can cancel after the first week if its not what you expected. Let me know if you're interested and I'll make it happen! Now, just to tempt y'all more, here are some of the recipes we've made thus far.

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This was the very first meal and it was DELISH! I love trying to plate them exactly like the picture
Parisian Bistro Steak with dauphinoise potatoes & green beans

This one was ah-mazing!
Pork Tenderloin with Peanut Sauce and Shisito Pepper Slaw 

Acapulco Beef Burgers with fresh pico de gallo and cilantro lime fries
London Broil Sirloin Steak with Potato Salad & Corn Salsa 

Hunan-Style Glazed Salmon with Ginger Jasmine Rice, Orange Sauce & Sesame Peas 

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WHW: Lately

Hey y'all! Welcome to another What's Hap-'Pinning' Wednesday!

Today I'm just sort of catching up on whats been going on around these parts lately. MOST importantly, my little baby girl started Pre-K y'all! Oh my heavens I just can't believe we're already here. Monday night was her orientation and she is so elated to get going. Her teacher is absolutely wonderful and I can't believe she's starting at my old stomping grounds. Oh and as for me? I CRIED SO MUCH! I told myself I'd be ok since this wasn't quite Kindergarten...SIKE! All the tears. You go baby girl!

We enjoyed a long weekend at the bay house for my Mama's birthday last weekend and that was a great ending to the Summer if I do say so myself. We went to estate and antique sales, spent time on the beach and loaded up on SO much good seafood y'all. I might even turn into a soft shell crab if I don't stop soon.... ha!

On the new (old) house front we've framed the windows to run along the back of the kitchen and I can already tell just how bright its going to be! I'm so excited for this - the black framed exterior and white interior windows have been ordered and should be here and installed in about 6 weeks or so. Also, the roof started this week (was supposed to). Its time to say goodbye to the rusty, old, chipped green metal roof and hello to a crisp new charcoal one. Also, ALL of the plumbing is now complete. As you can see, we're staying busy and I'm super pumped that Fall is right around the corner. (it was 64 degrees the other morning!) Stay tuned for some Home Chef meal reviews coming your way next week.

Thanks for linking up!

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WHW: Beach Recap

Y'all - is there anything better than being at the beach? Nope! We had the best time on our annual Otey OBX vacation and just like it always does - it ended way too quickly! There was a tiny part of me that was ready to be back home though. Its true, there's no place like home. I think I'm also pumped to know that we still get another OBX week in mid September so I'm not totally over the beach mode yet. Anyway, we enjoyed fabulous seafood almost every night, a super fun trip to the NC Aquarium, great weather with only a little bit of rain and we even hit the outlets to do a little school shopping for Miss A. (can y'all believe she starts PreK on the 15th?!) Overall it was wonderful all being together for the week and everyone is in countdown mode to next year already.

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WHW: Beachy

Hey Y'all! We're currently half way through our Otey family vacation in the OBX so I'm probably enjoying a nice cold beer in my beach chair right now and staring straight out into the ocean. #myhappyplace I'll be back next week with a recap (and pic overload of course) and also stay tuned for our review of Home Chef! 

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