5 things that make me happy

Hey y'all! Happy Fri-yay! I hope everyone had a great Valentines day or I hope you're about to have a great celebration this weekend. I'm currently at the bay and just enjoying being by the water (cold or not) Today I'm joining in on the Friday 5 fun with the usual gang because it has been quite some time since I linked up and shared 5 fun things. Join me! 

Happy weekend!

1. Green, blue, neutrals & greek key all paired together 

2. Speaking of green, I want to add more of it into my wardrobe! Loving these pants and this clutch from Red Dress Boutique (fun fact: I knew I had seen Hannah G on the Bachelor and its because she's on of the models for that website..ha!)

3. We finalized the plans for the closet island and instead of going with a granite or marble top like we did in the last renovation, we've decided to go with the glass inserts with jewelry storage. I'm obsessed!

4. Y'all...do I need these shoes? I just added them to my Amazon list because they will practically match my black legging uniform when I'm out and about or at home. I mean, how cute are these?


5. This tweet from Chrissy Teigen gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME - I want to be her friend!

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  1. OMG! I love those pants (and that color) and yes on those shoes! I need them both! Happy Friday, friend! Enjoy your time!

  2. I am obsessed with the glass tops for the closet. Amd you need those shoes.

  3. Well now the shoes are in my cart too. ;)

  4. Your posts make me happy, friend! Love the loveliness always found here! Hope your Friday is fabulous and your weekend is wonderful! xo!

  5. I had no clue that Hannah G modeled for The Red Dress Boutique! We shop there every time we go to Athens for football games!

  6. Red Dress Boutique was one of my faves back in the day. Haven't checked there in awhile. Love the pants and pops of green, too.

  7. You have to get those trousers and the clutch- resort, chic but current. Love the blue and green decor ideas too- fab!