Reno #3 Update

Hey y'all! Welcome to another WHW. I'm finally checking in and sharing some updates on reno number 3! I'm literally over the moon with the progress and cannot wait for y'all to scroll down see some pics so I won't talk (or type) too much. Basically the upstairs is completely finished minus hallway and sunroom light fixtures. The paint and trim is now completely finished and bright white and the floors are waiting to be refinished next. Downstairs, the hubs and FIL duo tackled the trim in the living room, master bedroom, master bath and closet which leaves the dining, kitchen, hallway and stairs. Trim is a time consuming thing y'all! (not to mention a proper labeling system to make sure it all goes back to its rightful place in the home-whew!) Once that is complete, we can get the floors sanded and refinished and ummm move in?! Ok are y'all ready for a big ole' picture dump?

Living room

Master Bedroom
upstairs hall

sun room

Andi's bathroom

Andi's bedroom

fun rose gold hardware once cleaned up! 

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Upstairs hallway to sun room

Other guestroom

We've installed some ceiling fans and even though fans aren't my fav, they are totally necessary for Southern summers am I right? We finally narrowed down the remaining light fixtures needed downstairs which I'll share in another post and we just need to order them. Next up we have appliances. Y'all....I cannot even explain my love for this appliance package. Although I've never seen them in person (I know, odd) I knew that we had to have them. They are the new GE Cafe appliances and they are so chic. Black stainless with bronzed handles. I think with our black kitchen island and other black accents, they will fit in perfectly!

Moving on to one of the most exciting things - the new siding! Despite extremely rainy weather and multiple pushed back start dates, the siding was dropped off last week and has officially been underway for three days now. The difference literally takes my breath away! The black framed windows pop so much more now as well - its crazy and I love it. Unfortunately with the neat curved porch feature we won't be able to wrap the top part in metal but on the flip-side, the details in the wood will remain featured when painted.

Love seeing the progress when I pull up!

Look the the difference - those skinny boards are the original!

That curved porch gives me all the feels!

The master bath is also coming together. We're getting the shower measured for glass and trying to decide on shower tile layout. Vertical shower wall tile or horizontal? The struggle is real...However, the tile is down on the floors and the vanity is in. I'm in love with the space so far. Its small but mighty fabulous!

Stay tuned for more and thanks for following along! Check out my instagram stories for more highlights and everything in between!

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  1. Y’all are amazing! Love it all, especially the appliance package and the rose gold hardware all cleaned up! And yes to the ceiling fans. They’re not my favorite look in my own house, but boy do I use it every single night — even in the dead middle of winter! Ha!

  2. WOW! Such great progress, lady! I am loving it, especially since I KNOW THE HOUSE!!!!

    (btw it seems like the link isn't working?)

  3. OH WOW! It's amazing. I love love love those rose gold doorknobs!! I cannot wait to see this all completed. You are so talented. You totally have an eye for design.

  4. WOW! So awesome! It already looks amazing! Annster's Domain

  5. Wow! It is looking so great. I'm crazy over that navy bedroom and all the heart eyes for those appliances!!

  6. Yes girl, ceiling fans are a must in the south! They're ugly, but they're worth it! Haha. I'd love to have a chandelier over our bed but that just ain't happening as long as I live in GA!