Reno #3 Projects

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! I'm coming at y'all with a little this and that post about whats going on currently with renovation numero tres. First of all, the heart pine flooring from mi padre (aka my Dad & I'm on an odd Spanish kick today..) was delivered a couple of weeks ago and is acclimating nicely in the hallway. Did I mention that we were able to mill and cut 19 foot long planks?! AH I'm so in love! Anyway, our flooring guy is scheduled to start next Tuesday on getting it down in the kitchen and once that is completed, he can go ahead and refinish the rest of the oak throughout the upstairs and downstairs. And we all know what that means afterwards: KITCHEN INSTALL!

Nothing like the smell of fresh Heartpine flooring 

Next up we went ahead and installed the front and back porch light fixtures as well as some sensor floods on the back sides. The lantern-esq fixtures I scored were the closest look to the old school gas lanterns and obviously a fraction of the cost. I absolutely love how they look! The front one is 23 inches and the back one is the exact fixture but comes in at 19 inches. (3 light versus a two) I got tons of messages about them so just in case you missed my insta stories, I've linked them again below!
Just imagine those decorative windows painted and that porch ceiling a fresh new blue!

click here to purchase via Wayfair

Hubs also pieced together original trim to actually trim out the 3 new windows in the kitchen and I'm floored at how it turned out. It looks like they've been there as long as the house. The lighting wasn't the best but I tried to take some pictures below to show you how they turned out. He also cased the doors so everything matches. While we're talking about trim, we've decided to definitely add a wainscoting-esq paneling down the long hallway. The hallway ceilings are so tall and the walls are so stark that I really needed some sort of midway break. Also, the hallway is a tad too narrow to add furniture down it to break up the monotony of white and bleakness for lack of a better term. We've purchased the materials and drawn out in pencil what we want and I'm including some inspo pics below to give you an idea of what we're thinking.

Kitchen back wall 

Love the view out onto the deck

Bring on the hallway paneling project 

Getting ready for master vanity install

Have to leave y'all with this neat picture I took from the kitchen. It looks into the butler's pantry and then on through the dining room and into the living room!

 photo signature_zpsdnzukjhu.png


  1. I am dying at the fact you guys have a butler's pantry. Love!!! And all that trim - so gorgeous!

  2. Those carriage lights are just my favorite! Dying to get them for our house!

  3. The transom and the board and batten... swoon worthy!

  4. It's looking lovely! I like the view from those big windows to the deck!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  5. Looking great! I love that you are doing the wainscoting, that is going to be a great touch.

  6. The windows in your kitchen are perfection! Love all that natural light that will come through! I'm dying to see everything finished!

  7. Oh my!! I love it all!! I love love the wainscoting!! You all are so talented!!

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