Reno Updates

Hey y'all! I feel like I haven't posted in awhile - I hope everyone in blogland is doing fabulous! Today I wanted to share some scenes and updates taking place around the new home. We're estimating about two more months to move in so we've been busy little bees getting all the odds and ends done. Most importantly though, the kitchen install has officially started! I'm literally obsessed. The cabinet storage space is beyond my wildest dreams and seeing my design for the butler's pantry come to life is so dang awesome! It is probably my new favorite space...ever! (who's coming over for cocktails?!) With everything starting to really come together it is neat envisioning being there and living every day life. We're so close! Anyway, time to share some pics of course. 

Hope y'all have a fabulous week!

Andi update: Miss Andi SO enjoyed having last week off from treatment. The beach was JUST what we needed and the weather was fantastic every single day. However today she has an ultrasound, chemotherapy and an echo-cardiogram so its going to be a long day. I feel like she's in the homestretch with treatments and we just pray that her little body continues to respond so well. Thank y'all so so much for the continued support and the outpouring of love and prayers! 

remaining checklist:

1. touching up paint
2. Trim work/crown molding 
3. Kitchen install complete by next week! Now hardware and counter tops
4. Master Closet install and closet island construction 
5. Glass shower enclosure install
6. Front porch paint and railings
7. Fireplace makeover/paneling
8. Tile backsplash for wet bar and kitchen 
9. Furniture purchases
10. Move in!

and landscaping!

We also scored these cute twin beds for the front guestroom and I'm in love! I had saved the photo on the left for inspiration awhile back and plan to do the same look for this fun guestroom!

Below on the left is the closet so far (haha) the middle is what the constructed island will look like and the right is what we're thinking for shoe storage so stay tuned!

 photo signature_zpsdnzukjhu.png


  1. Oh my GOODNESS everything is looking beautiful! I can't even believe this is the same house!!

  2. Oh I just love it all. When you posted on your insta I was so jealous. I'm totally up for cocktails!! And prayers for strength today with sweet Andi. xoxo

  3. I love it. Praying for Miss Andi.

  4. Girl, look at all that fabulous storage you are going to have. Could I bring over my Instapot, blender and slow cooker for you to store for me? Gosh this kitchen is gorgeous.