Hey ya'll! As many of ya'll know, I became a certified wedding planner in 2012 because of my love for all things wedding and planning. I was able to plan ours from start to finish and still call it "The Best Day Ever". Here are some of my favorite snaps from 9/7/13. We did an outdoor ceremony and reception at the home I grew up in. Also, the same place my parents were married! (under the same tree!) The weather, details and everything came together so perfectly! Stay tuned and I'll share some of the other full service weddings I've done. Thanks for stopping by!





  1. you are looking so cute and beautiful. The Bridal dress is fabulous.

  2. What a beautiful wedding, and so special to be married at home x

    1. Thank you! The day couldn't have been better and being able to essentially design and plan every detail was so much fun! Thanks for stopping by! xo