We Did it- We're Married! (Whew!)

Oh my goodness SO much preparation and work and stress and tears (ok I'm done) and then it is over so quickly! Let me just start by saying that we could not have asked for a more PERFECT day. The weather was unreal, the guests are STILL talking about it and the band was the best band I have ever danced to! (My parents, friends and family rock!) Of course I didn't forget about my craft loving DIY followers so I made sure to capture some of my DIY wedding crafts. We did our own flowers which was a fantastic experience because you get to customize them! There is a flower farm near my parents (http://pharsaliaevents.com/show/page/flower-farm) and they charged $30.00 per 5 gallon bucket of flowers. We ordered blue mason jars since Ball re-released them (just in time!) and the bridal party and my super talented aunt (who also helped with my cake!) went to work. Here are some pictures of the big day (& leading up to the big day) Thanks Ya'll for reading & check back soon!

Starting Materials!

Aunt Carla in action!

Coming together

Loved the country feel!

Next i went to work on getting some letters painted & got lots of printables via Pinterest!

Moss & Glue

Ta-Da (still nailed to my parents tree! They loved them!)
Love how they turned out!

Printable time!

Loved finding old frames around Mom's house!

We set these along tables, bar and guestbook!

Ok now for some wedding highlights! Thanks again to all of you and our family and friends for "The Best Day Ever" 9.7.13

Monogrammed veil of course!!

My parents at rehearsal dinner!

Some of my pretty bridal party!