Monday, December 2, 2013

(Week)-end Recap

Whew- I haven't posted since last Tuesday! We've been so busy around here with double Thanksgivings (still going off of the calories) and decorating that I've been MIA. Can ya'll believe it's already December?? I feel like I was just posting about Halloween and fall being here finally! I hope everyone had an absolutely fabulous Thanksgiving- we were able to eat with my family at noon and then celebrate with hubby's family at 5:00pm. Now that it is December: Tis the Season Ya'll! Looking forward to all the decor and crafty posts! Now if you'll excuse me, it's Cyber Monday time!

Thanksgiving Day! I miss the food already!

Our Quote of the Day for Sure!

I brought this dip to hubby's parents house and it went over SO well! (SO EASY!)
1 and a half cups mayo, bag of shredded cheese, 5-6 green onions, bacon bits
stir all together and serve with garlic ritz after chilling.

Mimosa anyone? (Sausage ball ingredients in background haha)

I love this time of year at my parents' house- always packed with hunters and reasons to entertain!

Now onto Christmas!!

ordered a cotton wreath handmade from GA!

Our first ornament!

My aunt engraved it with "The Otey's" & our date
with this adorable old school pic!

So beautiful at night time (hubby collects model trains as you'll see at the base of the tree!)

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  1. The decorations are gorgeous! We're searching for some good Cyber Monday deals too :)

  2. Haha I already miss the Thanksgiving food, too! Especially the green bean casserole.. I was actually considering making one this week again! Your Christmas tree looks gorgeous!

    1. I'll make that one for Christmas Eve dinner for sure!!

  3. Your Christmas flag is super cute! I hope you get some great Cyber Monday deals.

  4. I love your Christmas decor!! I'm a sucker for the garland! So glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving with your family :)

  5. I love your stairs and the garland! And it sounds like y'all had a great Thanksgiving! :)

  6. Beautiful Christmas decorations!! Mimosas and sausage balls - a perfect combination if there ever was one!

  7. Oh Christmas!! Beautiful decorations! Love the banister but my FAVE is the cotton wreath! I am obsessed with cotton...such a classic way to decorate! I just commented on April's Thanksgiving cotton centerpiece! Perfect! Happy Monday!!

    1. you'll love this then- I was coming home from the beach last weekend, passed a cotton field (had already been harvested so just left behind stuff) jumped out and grabbed as many cotton bolls as I could and put them in the trunk!! haha-maybe I can add them to the tree or make another wreath!! :)

  8. 1. that cotton wreath is prime.
    2. that dip looks so easy and delicious i might just have to try it!

  9. Wow, what a great weekend!
    That dip looks AMAZING!! I'll have to remember that for my next party.