Friday 5

Happy Friday Ya'll!! Linking up on my favorite day for blogging with the usual gang: Christina, Darci, April & Natasha and you should to! 

Today's 5 I want to dedicate to my best friend Heather. Heather and I met freshman year of college at Hollins and stayed roommates all the way through graduation and even worked together too! She is my opposite other half and I couldn't imagine her not in my life. She & her husband live and run a restaurant in Hatteras, NC so summers are fabulous when I get to visit (I mean she lives at the beach ya'll!) However, in the cold months she comes to me. (haha) With that said, our birthdays are 3 days apart (hers is today and mine is Monday) so we have ALWAYS had joint birthday celebrations since college days. I LOVE that we keep this going and make it a point to drop everything to be with each other and this year is no different. She is here until Monday and we are ready (after some advil and Gatorade from too much wine last night already)

Here's to celebrating and Happy Birthday Heather!

Our first picture together....FRESHMAN year!

Sophomore year!

Junior year!

SENIOR year!!
Our weddings!! (Dual MOH's duh!)

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Tuesday is for Tea

Or a redbull in my case.... haha Anyway I'm so excited to link up with some of my favorite bloggers as they host a new series called Tuesday Tea. This is a link-up just to share any kind of tidbit that is on your mind and that is a fabulous way to start out a random Tuesday morning don't you think? Thank you so much to our hosts: Jenni, Khala, Samantha & ReneƩ

For today's tidbit (Tuesday tea tidbit?) I want to introduce one of my best friends to you all who just joined the blogging world! Tiffany and I have been friends for years and she is literally my craft partner and DIY bestie. Every time we get together there is a project involved and we adore visiting her and her hubby in good ole' Durham, NC. Head over to her blog and show her some love ya'll! -She also just landed a new job about 3 days after her blog went live so give it some time :) Love you Queen Tiff!

Love her!!

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It Sure is Monday...

I kid ya'll not I got in the car this morning and (my pre-set being on XM's Prime Country haha) Mark Chestnut's "It Sure is Monday" came on. Normally I don't mind Monday's- start of a new week, Bachelor wine night to look forward too, etc. but today I woke up around 4am with a POUNDING sinus headache. The kind of sinus headache where you literally hit yourself and try to apply pressure to remotely feel better. (so much for sleep) I'm thinking it may be the weather changing from cold to warm so much Claritin has been consumed so let's pray that helps. 

Anyway, enough with my Monday rant, today I wanted to share with ya'll a super cute local magazine and blog that decided to feature our wedding! I love that it just came out since we are about to hit our "married for 6 months mark" and it is so fun getting to relive the big day. Hill City Bride decided to do a print feature with a Q&A with me about planning an 'at-home wedding' and also did a blog web feature. If you want ya'll can check it out here:

Everyday Wedding – Seth & Jessi
02.21.14 by Jennifer Posted in Couples,Weddings

I am so excited to share today’s wedding with you! Some of the photos that I will be posting in the next few weeks are ones that I have been holding on to for two reasons… one was because I was saving posts for when the new blog went live, and the other is because I was waiting for the wedding issue of clutch to go to print! I know many of you don’t have an actual copy of our wedding issue in hand yet, but until then you can head here to take a peek at a copy online.
This lovely wedding takes place at the home of the Jessi’s parents, and believe it or not (I love this part!) Jessi’s parents were married under that exact same tree. I wonder how much the tree has grown in that amount of time? The pops of yellow and aqua coupled with the perfect weather make this wedding so bright and happy. Jessi actually picked aqua because Seth jokingly asked for a hue that would make his “baby blues” pop, and the lemon color was the perfect accent.
Personalized details such as the letters on the tree and the monogrammed necklace (what a great gift idea for a bride with her new initials!) add a special touch to this outdoor wedding photographed by Visions by Heather Photography. I hope it makes you swoon as much as I did when I saw it! To let you in on a little secret, Jessi herself is also a wedding planner, and her own wedding showcases her lovely talents. Enjoy this stunning wedding today!

As a sidebar, we asked Jessi a few things that her family had to do in order to get their home ready for a wedding. I know what I have to do at times just to get ready for company let alone a full wedding. Here are some of the things that they did to get their home and property in order:
  • repainted the exterior
  • landscaped both the front and back yards
  • installed new gravel
  • refinished the driveway
  • roped off fields for parking
  • planted bushes, flowers and trees that would bloom in time for the August wedding
  • researched when to cut the grass so it would be the perfect height
If you would like to read more about the story of Jessi and Seth’s wedding just click here to see our most recent wedding issue where their wedding appears on pages 34-37.
Also, we have to give great kudos to all of the talented vendors that made this lovely wedding happen, so be sure to check out the list below.
  • Photography – Visions by Heather Photography
  • Band – Trademark Band
  • Bridesmaid Dresses – Caryn’s Bridal
  • Cake – Montana Plains Bakery
  • Catering – Deb & Dale Davis
  • Dress – Anjolique Bridal
  • Flowers – Pharsalia
  • Groomsmen Attire – Joseph A Bank
  • Hair – Creative Images Hair & Makeup Artistry

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