26 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 26 Weeks & 6 days

Size of Baby: 14 inches and 1.75 lb

Total weight gain/loss: Up 2 pounds from last month- 134 

Symptoms: Lower back pain x100 but have definitely been sleeping well this week thankfully. Glucose test appointment is next Monday (the 9th) so that will be my next appointment. After that one, we are starting to go every 2 weeks! This pregnancy has flown by ya'll! (Can we say anxious/nervous?!)

Maternity clothes? All day everyday! I am literally living in leggings bc the maternity jeans (size 4) are getting tight around my huge belly. Ordered some 6's to see how they will do (Thanks Ebay)

Stretch marks? Nope- thank goodness! That line is getting more visible though and my skin feels soooo tight ugh so I've been doubling up on the lotions and belly butters

Sleep: Heating pad is essential and big leg pillow!
I took the feather mattress topper off of our bed for a firmer feel.

Best moment this week: Purchasing and LOVING my first XL & XXL sports bra!! Ahhh gimme the boobs! (haha) loving it! Also, I need to purchase some disposable nursing pads....the leakage struggle is real yall! (It seems early?)

Miss Anything? Not really.. Fre Chardonnay isn't too bad for Bachelor Monday!

Movement: ALL the time! My little crazy dancer! She is really packing some punch lately and triggering my bladder almost directly. It is so fun to see her moving around and stretching my belly!

Food cravings: Peaches and cara oranges (homemade cookies with icing too!)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Have you started to show yet: SO much so

Gender prediction: Girl! Miss Anderson Greer Otey (Andi)

Nursery: Hubby surprised me on Monday and ordered the below glider! I seriously cannot wait for it to get here- I will just sit in it I know it! Other than this our only big purchase left is an area rug - Pottery Barn Kids has been offering some good sales!

Workouts: Squat and weights at night before bed plus stretching

Labor Signs: eeek no!

Belly Button in or out? both? 

Wedding rings on or off? On but feel bigger- I think that happens in winter though

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Loving this little girl and all the time I've spent with the hubs lately!!

Looking forward to: Spending time with some Hollins gals on Friday night for Hillary's bridal shower this weekend and hopefully finding something cute to wear to avoid looking like a total walrus next to them!

Celebrating Hillary & Ryan this weekend! Wedding is less than one month away!

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Week 25
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And here we are again- face to face with another (Bachelor) Monday that's dreary and rainy and cold. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend though! Not too much happening in the Otey household since the hubs was mostly working. Friday night I relaxed and did some more baking to satisfy my new sweet tooth for cookies, Saturday night had a dinner date with my parents and Sunday did a lot of cleaning. Doesn't sound very fun right?

However, I got my butt ready by 8pm for the Miss Universe pageant on NBC and it was actually fabulous! The Trump organization pageants I don't follow or love as much as the Miss America organization but they're still fun to watch regardless. My predictions were on point too! (pats self on back- I get serious about my pageant research haha) I had Australia, Jamaica, USA, Colombia and Ukraine in my top with either Australia or USA taking it all so I'd say I was pretty close! (Spoiler alert: USA was 1st runner up to Miss Colombia as our new Miss Universe) Not to be bias, but USA should have gone all the way! She was ridiculously stunning and her evening gown was made for her! I guess USA, Jamaica & Colombia were the only ones to really answer the questions though... Also, I loved the judges panel this year! I mean, K Cav & Rob Drydek plus a Redskins player? haha yes!

Linking up today with the lovely B from B Loved Boston for Weekending and you should too!

Hubby satisfying my cravings and making lunch!

Ollie goes crazy over ridiculousness! Pure entertainment!

My Miss Universe buddy


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5 on Friday

 Happy Friday loves and cheers to another weekend so soon! Linking up today with the lovely: Christina, April, Darci, Natasha , Amanda over at Meet @ the Barre and Karli with September Farm.

Favorite post of the week goes to: Jenn @ Going the Distance for her hilarious theory vs. reality post. If you didn't catch it you can read it HERE Love her!

Ya'll.. I seriously love staring at this picture all day while at work. Even though this was taken of her back in October- it is still my favorite! Love ya baby girl!

Guess what time of the year it is?? (haha) Time to start re-watching Newlyweds with Nick & Jess! Whenever it gets close to Valentines Day is when I start to get the itch for some reason. Maybe I should wait until Andi gets here and introduce her? ... who am I kidding- I'll just watch em again.

Favorite recipe this week: Tuscan Stovetop Broccoli Mac (so simple its not even funny but I've been devouring it!)

Painted the book shelf we found in the attic and I am loving it! More to come on progress next week!

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Loving Lately

Hump day already ya'll! (and American Horror Story season finale- anyone else watching?) The weather has been upwards of 60 for the past 2 days so getting my walks in with Emma and some neighborhood gals have been much easier! Today (calling for rain and cold ugh) I wanted to share some random things that have been on my radar recently and get your input on something! 

This shirt- adore everything about this! you can get it here http://cecillola.storenvy.com/

Ya'll know I've been binge watching Gossip Girl like nobody's business (I can't help my obsession with having a no wait/commerical show to watch) and I am loving the fashion even nowadays! I saw this pin the other day and though of Ms. Waldorf immediately (haha)  

I seriously can't get enough of this song for some reason!

 Etsy has been my go-to lately for all things baby Andi and I saw these name rings the other day- so simple and so cute. I'm thinking about one for Emma and one for Andi! you can find them here

Next I have to share with ya'll a fabulous deal- HKL Designs is doing a $1.00 sale of 2" vinyl monograms in 6 different colors! Only this week I'm pretty sure so hurry over and like their page for this deal- these things can go anywhere and trust me, you can never have enough!

Ok so here's where I need your input. I'm in need of a good drugstore mascara. I usually only use Buxom and have to order it since its not carried around here but I'm looking for something that's easily accessible you know? Let me know your favs!

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Happy Monday folks! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I really don't have much to show for this weekend since I didn't take any pictures but basically Friday night we stayed in and Seth bought some Boston butts that are absolutely fabulous and I baked for my sweet tooth! Saturday we also lounged and Sunday we did date night of dinner and a movie and saw American Sniper. Ya'll- excellent movie for sure. Clint Eastwood did one heck of a job because I feel like its hard to pull off a war movie.

Bradley Cooper was absolutely incredible. He deserves whatever award he is up for! I have never seen him fit more perfectly into a role and I've also never had a crush on him until now.... As for the sadness factor, I don't want to spoil the ending if you aren't familiar with the true story but there were definitely a few tears. (Seth says the book is much better and that a lot of things aren't the same) I surprised myself for sure though and didn't break down the way I did in Lone Survivor (Lone Survivor I literally almost needed rehab/therapy and swore never to watch it again even though it was ah-mazing)

I need to see more movies on the Oscar list- I'm really behind my game this year! Linking up with the lovely B over at B Loved Boston for Weekending and don't forget that its Bachelor Monday ya'll! Get your brackets out, wine poured and drama caps strapped on!

Going to need to make more of these babies for sure!

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Friday 5

Happy Friday loves and cheers to another weekend! Linking up today with the lovely: Christina, April, Darci, Natasha , Amanda over at Meet @ the Barre and Karli with September Farm

I just love Jessie Decker and all that she does basically so this video I saw on VH1 made me laugh out loud! She decides to play matchmaker:

Drum-roll please- Heather and the twin girls are officially home ya'll! (after being in the hospital since September!) They went home at the beginning of this week and Mama and babies have been doing fabulous! I've been dying to share the news! Thanks for all of your kind words and continued prayers for these girls!

Ok another drum-roll - I love awards season and red carpets and the Oscars are definitely one of my favs! The list of nominations were just released so go and watch as many as you can! You can check them all out here: 2015 Oscar Nominations List

Ok I THINK...keyword think...Seth and I will see this movie this weekend. He is reading the book now and it really looks intense. However, I watched the extended preview and cried my eyes out people....in the preview! I was destroyed with Lone Survivor and almost needed therapy so seeing this preggo might not be the best idea.... We shall see

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