26 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 26 Weeks & 6 days

Size of Baby: 14 inches and 1.75 lb

Total weight gain/loss: Up 2 pounds from last month- 134 

Symptoms: Lower back pain x100 but have definitely been sleeping well this week thankfully. Glucose test appointment is next Monday (the 9th) so that will be my next appointment. After that one, we are starting to go every 2 weeks! This pregnancy has flown by ya'll! (Can we say anxious/nervous?!)

Maternity clothes? All day everyday! I am literally living in leggings bc the maternity jeans (size 4) are getting tight around my huge belly. Ordered some 6's to see how they will do (Thanks Ebay)

Stretch marks? Nope- thank goodness! That line is getting more visible though and my skin feels soooo tight ugh so I've been doubling up on the lotions and belly butters

Sleep: Heating pad is essential and big leg pillow!
I took the feather mattress topper off of our bed for a firmer feel.

Best moment this week: Purchasing and LOVING my first XL & XXL sports bra!! Ahhh gimme the boobs! (haha) loving it! Also, I need to purchase some disposable nursing pads....the leakage struggle is real yall! (It seems early?)

Miss Anything? Not really.. Fre Chardonnay isn't too bad for Bachelor Monday!

Movement: ALL the time! My little crazy dancer! She is really packing some punch lately and triggering my bladder almost directly. It is so fun to see her moving around and stretching my belly!

Food cravings: Peaches and cara oranges (homemade cookies with icing too!)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Have you started to show yet: SO much so

Gender prediction: Girl! Miss Anderson Greer Otey (Andi)

Nursery: Hubby surprised me on Monday and ordered the below glider! I seriously cannot wait for it to get here- I will just sit in it I know it! Other than this our only big purchase left is an area rug - Pottery Barn Kids has been offering some good sales!

Workouts: Squat and weights at night before bed plus stretching

Labor Signs: eeek no!

Belly Button in or out? both? 

Wedding rings on or off? On but feel bigger- I think that happens in winter though

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Loving this little girl and all the time I've spent with the hubs lately!!

Looking forward to: Spending time with some Hollins gals on Friday night for Hillary's bridal shower this weekend and hopefully finding something cute to wear to avoid looking like a total walrus next to them!

Celebrating Hillary & Ryan this weekend! Wedding is less than one month away!

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  1. Oh you are just the cutest! I'm jealous of your PBKids chair! Also, I much prefer cloth nursing pads to disposable... But I tend to be a particularly green mama. If you are interested look into Bamboobies!

  2. The cutest!!!!! Can't believe we are this far along!! Love the chair!!

  3. You look great girl and you had me rolling with your "gimme the boobs" hahah You enjoy your big boob sports bras lol. Have so much fun at the bridal shower--you do NOT look like a walrus.
    Hope your back pain starts to ease up a bit, too. Make that hubby give you some massages! ;)
    Love you!!

  4. Lookin good mama! That glider is awesome! Happy Friday!

  5. cute glider!! that'll look awesome in your nursery. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Ah! I love your glider!! And you look great and not like a walrus at all!! xoxo

  7. Awe, how sweet that your hubby surprised you by ordering that fabulous glider! I'm so happy that you're feeling good and happy. P.S. - you do NOT look like a walrus.

  8. Jessi, you look so beautiful! Yay for only three months left! That glider is super cute! Have a great weekend. :)

  9. Haha...I love how excited you are about larger bras! I feel ya there. That glider looks so comfy. I just know there will be hours of rocking in it :)

  10. Ahh! We are currently saving up for the PBK chair! Did you get the smaller one (i forgot the name) or the grande?! Yay for three more months!!

  11. I am right their with you about living in leggings. I may never wear real pants again. You look great!

  12. You look great! I hope you are feeling well and your glucose test goes smoothly! Enjoy your weekend lovey! xo

  13. Lookin' great girl! Love that glider. Looks so comfy!

  14. Lookin' so cute, Momma! Can't wait to see what you think of the glider once it arrives!

  15. What a good hubby for surprising you!! Love that!

  16. Yay for that gorgeous glider. You'll love that forever! Hot mama! :)

  17. You look fabulous! I love you!

  18. Woo hoo for no stretch marks!!! You're looking awesome, Jessi!! Hey I finally bought the duvet in gray!!! Yay!! It just got to my house so I can't wait to put it on the bed :)

  19. Eeeeeek! You look adorable! Love that little belly! Leakage already?! You poor thing! I've heard of that happening! No fun :( Did you check out Etsy for some cute reuseable pads? I've been looking at ordering some because I want to be prepared for when that day comes... which could be anytime now. Yikes! Ha! XL and XXL boobs comment cracked me right up! Bahaha! How awesome that you got that glider! It's so perfect!