Another week has started - happy Monday ya'll! This weekend just flew by! Friday I did the dreaded "clean out your office" thing which was so awful but of course exciting at the same time. I'm not the best with change so it was sad taking everything down (I'm definitely more of a creature of habit) HR showered with me gifts (sort of funny since I quit...haha love them) and Andi got to see everyone from my boss to the post office staff and bookstore ladies. Afterwards we relaxed at home until Seth got home from work and went to bed early.

Saturday we got up, got ready and headed to my in-laws to drop off miss A. One of my besties from high school (and neighbor!) were about to tie the knot! Her entire wedding was outside and there were nothing but severe thunderstorms and flooding headed our way. I mean it poured basically ALL day! I prayed and prayed for them and would you believe that the clouds broke and actual SUN shined through just long enough for her to walk down the aisle?! We didn't have to move to the tent! Overall it was absolutely beautiful and seeing all of my friends from high school twice in one month was just an added bonus! (minor headache the next morning from a little too much white wine and dancing) Sunday I had a friend stop by and hung out with my parents once Seth got called to work. The weather ended up being gorgeous and hanging with Andi was just what I needed! Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend as well!

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haha not glamorous but oh so typical

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Once again I've lost all track of time and been too wrapped around little Miss A's finger to blog lately so I figured I'd photo dump and update! Things around here have been super busy and super HOT. It's safe to say I'm already ready for Fall and cooler temps...no joke. We've been working on the yard still and hubs is just about finished painting the porch white so we can start on the blue floor! It is really shaping up to be my Southern dream porch!

Also, on a heavier note, I went ahead and pulled the trigger at work. I officially put in my notice last Friday and it is still surreal to think about. Everyone was so understanding and told me they all knew it was coming. I have been so fortunate to have the encouragement and support from my job, family, friends, blogging community and most of all, my husband during this decision making process. I will definitely miss my job and the institution as a whole but this was the best decision for our family at this time. The bond I have with my daughter is incredible and I basically just want to soak it up and not miss a thing. Thank you all so much for your input and words of encouragement! You have no idea how much I appreciate it and love turning to the blogging community for advice. With that said- Mama's: send me your SAHM schedules and activities for littles! How was the transition?

Father's day was fantastic! Andi visited both sides of the family and is finally able to rock hr 3 month size clothing so dressing her up with more options is so much fun! Thanks to Jenn from Going the Distance, she looked so fabulous in her necklace onesie! She is almost rolling over ya'll and definitely finding her voice with new sounds every day! Holding that head up, looking around and standing on her legs are the norm too. Smiles and laughs are becoming the absolute best things in the world and ceiling fans are still hysterically funny to her. Also, she has this new routine of going down by 11pm and not waking up until 6:00am or after, eating and then going back down until about 10am! (yes, be jealous haha) I love this little girl so much.

Another awesome thing about this week? It's Miss Virginia week and a new Miss Virginia will be crowned this Saturday night! As you all know, Andi will be Miss Virginia 2037 so we have to start early.... :) :) I hope everyone has a fabulous humpday and rest of the week!

Taking a bottle from Grandpa

Uncle Dallas teasing her with Aunt Betty's good cookin'

Watching cartoons with cousin Corbin
Hubby working on my dream porch!

Happy Father's Day!

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Weekend Shananigans

Hey ya'll and happy new start to the week! Our weekend was pretty eventful and fun to say the least. Andi had her first round of shots on Friday, she stayed with Grandma Lala & Grandpa peepaw (my parents haha) while Seth and I went to my 10 year high school reunion on Saturday (yes TEN years!) and although it was only like 10 of us, we still had a blast! Sunday we had some visitors over and did some stuff around the house. Also, Sunday morning we picked up another furniture Craigslist find and haven't quite decided what to do with it - There's a picture of it at the bottom of the post so let me know what you think. We're torn between restoring or maybe painting it a fun color? Other than that we are trying to stay cool in this awful heat and I'm gearing up for a trip tomorrow to Norfolk to see Heather & Hillary so her twin girls can meet Miss Andi!

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Mother-in-law Grandma snuggles

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Friday 5

Happy Friday ya'll! This week flew by and today Andi gets her first round of shots so ya'll please pray for her (and me! I'll probably cry more!) -update- she did fabulous and only cried for 10 seconds- Also, I want to dedicate my post to her since she is TWO MONTHS OLD today! Ahhh why is time flying by so quickly? Stay little my love bug! Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend - Linking up today with April from A. Liz Adventures for Friday 5!

1. She is so strong! She's been lifting her head since week 3 and loves to look around and have tummy time. She also straightens those legs in a standing position like nobody's business!

2. She is sleeping like a charm! She typically goes down at 11 and doesn't wake again until 4-5 and then after a feedings goes back until 9 or 10 - thanks little muffin!

3. She is so much more alert now during the day and doesn't nap as much. Also, she is going through a "I only want Mommy phase" which I am secretly eating up #MommasGirl She also loves to SMILE and thinks it is so funny when I sing the 'good morning' song and look at her first thing when she wakes up - melt my heart why don't ya!? (We captured this on video too but it is on the hubby's phone)

4. She is obsessed with ceiling fans! Could stare at them for hours. Also LOVES taking a warm bath! She is also loving reading time and staring at colorful books with Daddy in the mornings he is home.

5. She is still rockin' some newborn sleepers but for the most part she has finally graduated to 0- month clothing (and officially has more clothes than Mommy!)

Saw this earlier in the week and this is 100% accurate to my feelings- I'm with ya little girl! 

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Starter Series: Dream Home + Mini Tour

I was recently introduced to a company called Compass, a home search company that works mainly in Washington D.C. and New York City that helps pair people with neighborhoods and agents that best fit what they are looking for. D.C isn't too far from me and I have lots of friends in that area (including some fellow bloggers!) They are running a series called Starter Stories and asked me to write a little about our first home we shared as a family.

Although our current home isn't technically our first - it is our first one completely bought together and where we plan to stay and raise our children! I mean basically it is my absolute DREAM home and I've been in love since we saw it all decrepit and boarded up on day 1.... it really is a Cinderella story since it was a foreclosure left abandoned. We have transformed it from the ground up and it has been so rewarding doing the work ourselves and watching it come back to life!  Thanks Compass!

A little Kitchen before:

Kitchen After:

Before Master:

 After Master:

Entryway and living room before:

Entry/Living After

Before Master Closet:

After Master Closet:

Other snaps: Andi's Nursery, Upstairs lounge, Dining Room (still need guest rooms (2) & Office plus guest bath and kids bath - to come soon I promise! Also, the outdoor space is starting to shape up!

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And just like that - the weekend is over! This weekend was definitely one for the books.... the books of recovery that is... Oh holy hangover on Saturday! Hillary and her husband Ryan came in Friday night to hang out, spend the night and get some Andi time in. We started out with two bottles of wine and then added 2 more to the mix (the last one being one of those cheapy huge ones haha) Basically Seth got off work at like 4am to find Ryan passed out and Hillary and I watching a movie cuddled on the couch basically incoherent. (No worries, I pumped and baby girl was down by midnight and right across the hall) Saturday morning rolls around and I cannot move my body or my head and also cannot keep down solid food! AH I'M OLD! I'm so thankful my child sensed my inability to function and was so low maintenance ALL day! (I'm pretty sure it took until 7pm for me to make myself eat and come back to life...never again... not even having wine for the Bachelorette tonight ya'll) Way to ease back into right? Yikes!

Sunday was great and much more productive! Hung out with little bit, got housework done, burned more of that pesky bamboo from the side yard and managed to pot some flowers I picked up from Lowe's. We had some visitors too and ate a ton! (making up for lost eating time the day before) I also scored some pillows for the kitchen this weekend from Walmart believe it or not! They were marked down to 7 bucks!

 They don't match the cushions since they came in borderline turquoise (ugh and custom so non-returnable) but I plan to cover them in a darker fabric once I order it. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and has a great week as well!

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