Hey ya'll and happy start to a new week! (my birthday week to be exact - the big 29 on Thursday!) How was everyone's weekend? Our was packed and I loved every second of it! Saturday my sister came in and I took her to her first Hobby Lobby experience. Needless to say, she was absolutely hooked. Her direct quote went something like "I'm officially addicted and will go nowhere else to find home goods". I wish I had a picture of her haul of items she scored for less than $45. I scored some super cute party pieces for Miss A like cups, plates etc. and their pineapple section was literally swoon-worthy so of course I snagged some new pineapple pieces! Afterwards we hit up Target and I picked up some new candles and a super cute Lilly-esq dress for Miss A. Then we stopped by TJ and ended with our favorite Mexican spot. It was the perfect girls day!

That night I prepped a little for my first brunch here at the house and Sunday around 10:30am I was ready to go! It was a little mini-brunch that included sausage pinwheels from Erika, wild blueberry muffins, crescent rolls, pancake, strawberry and cool whips skewers and of course a mimosa bar. The weather jumped up to 67 by the time Erika, Jason and the girls arrived and it couldn't have been any more perfect! Cheers to brunch and good company am I right?

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Friday 5

Hey ya'll! Happy Fri-yay! This week simply flew by in my opinion and I'm actually super pumped for the weekend. My sister is coming in to hang out tomorrow for the day and guess what's going down? I'm taking her to her FIRST EVER Hobby Lobby visit..and by visit I mean shopping spree because I know she'll love it! Starbucks stop + sister time + hobby lobby = yes please, bring it on! Then on Sunday I'm hosting a little brunch here at the house for another couple and their twin girls and I'm seriously counting down to the mimosa bar I have planned. I'll have to take pics and share the details next week for a quick and easy brunch so stay tuned!

In Andi news, she finishes her antibiotics today and I am so glad all of that 'funk' is gone. Sick babies are literally the saddest little things. I've sent cake inspiration photos to our cake maker and I am so thrilled she'll be doing the cake/smash cake. She did my huge Lilly Pulitzer inspired cake for my baby shower and it was ah-mazing AND tasted good. Sometimes it's hard to have both ya'll! Invites are addressed and ready to go out in the next couple weeks and I'm seriously in shock that she'll be one so soon. Anyway, cheers to the weekend and I hope ya have a great one! I'm linking up today with April from A. Liz Adventures, Amanda over at Meet @ the Barre , Karli with September Farm. and Andrea from Momfessionals for Friday 5 and Friday Favorites. Join in!


1. Did ya'll see that Bravo finally stopped beating around the bush and confirmed season 3 of Southern Charm? Needless to say, I am thrilled! Anyone want to do a girls Charleston trip this summer? Anyone?

2. More happy Jessi's Design Bows customer photos! Thank ya'll so much for your purchases!

3.  Speaking of bows, ya'll look at this Etsy find! So cute and pretty hilarious. I bet the song is in your head now!

4. Mimosa bar? Check!

5. I spy little Miss A lookin' mighty cute - favorite snap this week:

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WHW: Pins

Hey ya'll and happy hump day! It's time for another What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday post and today I'm sharing all of my random pins I've been pinning lately. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't secretly excited for Spring and doing that Pinterest thing where you pin and get excited about things a season or so early. We're all guilty I'm sure! I love Spring and Fall - not too hot and not too cold. Speaking of Spring, we REALLY need to get some landscaping done this year around here. We keep putting it off because we haven't pulled the trigger on our new siding yet but I have got to do at least a little something. We're thinking hydrangeas, azaleas, hostas and more - if not all! Also, planning for Miss A's birthday is in full swing. The invites are in and ready to be addressed and I'm talking back and forth with the same lady that did my Lilly cake for my baby shower so sadly enough, we're moving right along. One year already? GASP!

 Anyway, we're getting ready to leave for our weekly play-date so I have to make this short but I hope you'll grab our button and join in below so tonight I can read about what's going on in your neck of the woods! Is there anything better than a glass of wine and catching up on blogging? I hope ya'll have a fabulous day!

Easter is in March so this is far game right?

Just ordered this beauty!


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Weekend Snaps

Hey ya'll and happy Monday! What a weekend this was! Andi is definitely on the road to recovery from last week's scary fever pitch. Come to find out, it is a yucky, first ear infection. She's been on antibiotics since last Wednesday and she is doing fantastic so that's a big relief. Friday the hubs and I went out and grabbed margaritas and Mexican which is never a bad idea. Saturday, little bit and I actually had a fantastic playdate ALL day that ended in dinner and homemade chocolate covered strawberries. Sunday was my Grandpa's 90th birthday and ya'll, he had a big ole' Southern shindig. He invited over 150 people, had it catered by the same folks that catered our wedding and even had a WWII themed photobooth. We had a blast and Miss A definitely stole the show. I'd say that by the time Sunday night came around, we were just excited to sit down and relax. Today I'm seriously just happy that I have NOWHERE to go. I'm also pumped because it's Bachelor Monday and tonight we have hometown dates ya'll! Tune in tonight and live tweet with me! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and cheers to a new week!

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WHW: Currently

Hey ya'll and happy Wednesday! WHW = What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday...will it catch? My font is so large on my header so until I change that I'm condensing (haha) Today I'm sharing what has been going on around here lately. Unfortunately Miss A came down with her first high fever and because of the snow, the pediatrician has been closed! Yes closed, I kid you not. She hit a 103.9 and I called the on-call service and they didn't seem to be too concerned.....they just said to alternate tylenol and motrin and keep fluids in her. I'm wondering if teething could be a contender and she did have her first big play-date last week. She has sort of gained an appetite back and is drinking a little more but definitely not her normal amounts. I thought yesterday morning when her temperature dropped to normal she was alright but last night it spiked again. We are taking her to the doc today just in case it is something more serious. Sick babes are seriously heartbreaking ya'll. If you've kept up with us on Snapchat then you've seen how pitiful she's been. Bless her tiny little heart. Send us some wellness vibes if you get a chance to today!

Other than dealing with icky fevers, she turned 10 months and I seriously cannot believe that I just picked up her 1st birthday invites! (which are seriously over-the-top presh!) Valentines day was fantastic - hubby was out of town working but we were able to celebrate yesterday and the grandparents spoiled Andi with flowers, goodies, new clothes and snacks! She was loving every second of it. Also, I've made it a little over a month with my 'natural' dark locks. That means it's fair game for me to go back blonde-sih right? Right? I'm going to wait closer to my birthday so I can call it a happy b-day to me gift before making another appointment. I'm thinking I'll go a shade lighter and do my normal low/high-lights but I'm not positive yet. I've been old-school crushing on Reese circa the Cruel Intentions days for style/cut though. Speaking of Reese, does her quote on monogramming EVER get old? NOPE!

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Friday 5

Hey ya'll and happy Friday! Its Valentines day weekend so bring on the corny cards and chocolate am I right? Oh, and how about the 8 degree temps that Virginia is supposed to get on Saturday? Ah Yikes! I'm thinking a tad bit more snow is in our near future with temps like that. Whew! Anyway, I hope ya'll have a great weekend! I'm linking up today with April from A. Liz Adventures, Amanda over at Meet @ the Barre , Karli with September Farm. and Andrea from Momfessionals for Friday 5 and Friday Favorites. Join in!


New Bows are ready to ship! Thank ya'll again for your support and if you'd like to order any, just let me know! New + old styles available and 7 different Lilly styles.

This place setting is swoon-worthy! (and perfect for Valentines Day)

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this girl is oh-so presh and already into playing dress-up? LOVE! This was definitely my favorite snap of the week!

I did have to jump on the Valentine treat bandwagon and whip up these little cuties! (They didn't last long)

Favorite funny:

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