Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WHW: Smiles

Hey ya'll and happy Wednesday! We're half way to the weekend and for me, that means I'm heading to NC/GA for a girls weekend! I'm so pumped (even though it'll be a ton of driving!) I'm headed to NC first to celebrate my friends recent engagement and then we're both heading to GA to meet Rad's little one that was born in February! I seriously cannot wait to squeeze him, eek! Anyway, I'm sharing some funnies today to hopefully put a smile on your face! Remember, ya'll can link up and post/share about anything that is currently going on whether it is Pinterest related or not - just grab our button and join in on the fun below! 

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Monday, April 25, 2016


Hey ya'll and happy start to a new week! This weekend we had an absolute blast and today I am dragging. (like in my PJ's still dragging) I'm once less babe today so that helps a little. Saturday we headed on a little road trip to pick up a Mother's Day gift for my MIL and since we were already out, we went to a seafood spot we hadn't been to in years. The weather was gorgeous and the food was fabulous! Prom was going on almost everywhere so watching all the kiddos in their pretty gowns, taking pictures was so fun. We headed back home and Miss A went to stay with my parents because we had a friend's surprise 30th birthday to get to.

We met up with some friends and got there right in time - it was so fun seeing everyone! Lots of cocktails later, we thought it was a great idea to go and shut down the bar...literally. Whew ya'll, I was DEFINITELY feeling it on Sunday. I'm pretty sure I lounged in bed until lunchtime! After I regained self-control (haha) I switched out all of the winter clothes in my closest (my one productive move for the entire weekend) and then we went to pick up Miss A. She was only gone overnight but man we missed that little one! Even Emma Jo was looking up the steps the next morning like "aren't we going up there to get sissy?" Overall, it was a super fun weekend but with all the traveling (and drinking) I'm ready for a low-key Monday. Oh, and who's ready for Patricia's flamingo party tonight on Southern Charm? Cheers to Monday nights!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday 5

Hey ya'll and happy FRIDAY! Woor woot! This week, in my opinion, flew by and I'm totally ok with that because it is time for the weekend! This week we visited our local produce stand that is now open, had a girls shopping evening with Miss A, went for many strolls with the nice weather, sent out 1st b-day party thank you notes, rocked my new Mom tee from my friend Tiff and even booked our hotels for 3 future weddings coming up. We're on top of it huh? (for once..) It felt like a very productive week!

Also this week, my first ever Larua Dro Designs original canvas shipped! I actually won it on an insta giveaway but totally plan to purchase more from her. Her work is so fabulous and bright and would you believe that the one I received is a pineapple? AH LOVE! I'm going to have it framed and then find the perfect spot for that beauty! Ok ya'll know I love me some Twitter right? Well I have a new Twitter claim to fame this week (Biana, here we go again!) Cameran from Southern Charm favorited my tweet during Monday night's show and I was so pumped - last week Patricia and now Cam - she is totally my spirit animal ya'll! Adore that girl!  If you don't watch Southern Charm on Bravo, start watching asap!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WHW: Fav Things

Hey ya'll and happy What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite things lately that are Spring-y! The weather is FINALLY warming up (except hello...let's have SPRING not summer right away..geez VA) Wedding and event season is upon us as well so I love browsing new dresses and sites like Rent the Runway. So far we have two weddings this summer and also two this winter. Speaking of weddings, my bestie from college and also my bridesmaid just got engaged over the weekend and we are pumped! She is a former Miss Virginia and we'll be attending Miss VA come June together so let the wedding planning begin! She's thinking New Years Eve! How fun and glamorous will that be? Anyway, check out these cute favs and join in below to share what's hap-pinning in your life!







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Monday, April 18, 2016


Hey ya'll and happy start to a new week! As usual, I don't mind Monday's. For one, my Kelly & Michael/Today Show schedule is back as well as Bravo's lineup of Southern Charm and RHOD (my first real housewives experience! haha) Wow, it really sounds like I live for reality TV huh? (and wine, let's not forget that) Anyway, Friday night we had so much fun at our friend's gender reveal party. They are our closest neighbors too from our house so when we found out it was a boy we immediately envisioned him sneaking over to see Andi "through the pines". Oh boy! They decided to shoot at a target that blew up the color blue to reveal the gender. The different ways to do gender announcements are seriously the coolest. I didn't have enough self control to leave the office without knowing when we went so more power to them!

Saturday, instead of heading to the bay, we attended the annual wine festival here with another couple and had SO much fun! The weather was absolutely perfect and we visited a ton of vendors/wineries that are all local! We grabbed Mexican afterwards and then unfortunately, Hubs got called to work and didn't get back until this morning. Since he was gone, Andi and I packed up and stayed the night with my parents. It was a fun change of scenery but Lord knows I should've stayed and cleaned this house before all the babes arrived this morning! Whew ya'll...the vacuum will be singing to me later on this evening I'm sure. Last night I had a few orders for bows come in and thankfully finished those while Andi was sleeping. They are ready to ship out so thank ya'll so much for your orders! Speaking of, don't forget to enter the bows and more giveaway I have running with a fellow blogger - visit this post for info on how to enter! (3 days left!) 

I hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend and if you're in the VA area, I hope you're ready for some warmer temps! Linking up with Biana & Meghan for Weekending

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday 5 + Giveaway!

Hey ya'll and happy Friday! Today is exciting (not only bc it is Friday and I'll have 2 less kiddos all weekend, whew) but because I've teamed up with Melissa from Loving Life Moore to bring ya'll a fabulous giveaway for any special baby/kiddo in your life! She has the cutest Etsy shop, Black River Boutique, which you can check out by clicking here and of course I have my little side business Jessi's Design Bows. As work-at-home mamas, we pride ourselves in making products for the modern mama and the trendiest of littles.  I"m so happy to be partnering with a fellow Mama with a small business and cheers to girl boss status am I right? Thank ya'll so much for your continued support with Jessi's Design Bows! So, what can you win?

From Jessi’s Design Bows: Win a Spring Package of 4 (even if you have a boy – these are great shower gifts!)
From Black River Boutique: Your pick of ANY product currently live in the shop!
This giveaway will run from today April 15, 2016 through April 22, 2016 (ends midnight 12 AM EST) and is open to all US residents! We’ll pick one lucky winner via Rafflecopter and send your prize out!
What are you waiting for? Good luck!

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Cheers to the weekend ya'll & good luck! We're heading to a gender reveal party tonight where you are supposed to wear pink or blue to show your vote - with that said, I need to decide on a pink or blue outfit for Miss A and myself. If we do both, we'll be 50/50! (haha) That works right? Hubby can be the tie-breaker. Other than that, we're either heading to the bay or trying a new church around here on Sunday. I'm still asking for prayers that we soon find a great church family. See ya'll back here on Monday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WHW: Trendy

Hey ya'll and happy What's Hap-'Pinning' Wednesday! Now that the candles are blown out and the tears are all wiped away from the reality of my baby turning one, we can get back to normal right? Right. How's the in-home childcare going you ask? Well, I'm alive still and go to bed unusually early and wake up unusually early. Basically I'm a non-showered zombie but let's move on.

I'm LOVING that everywhere I go I'm seeing the trendy pineapple craze in full force. I've always loved vintage pineapples around my home and any that are gold especially - in the South, the pineapple is a symbol of welcome-ness and hospitality (I know, not a word, but they were used back then like a welcome mat now) Hobby-Lobby has been killing it with pineapple decor and accessories and I've recently picked up a little gold accent one and a pretty gold foil print for the kitchen. There are so many great pineapple finds on Pinterest and here are some of my favs lately. Link up with Jenn or myself below and let us know what's happening in your life! Enjoy your day and thank you all for the birthday shout outs for Miss A yesterday - ya'll seriously rock!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Andi

Miss A is ONE... today, at 6:04pm, one year ago, our lives changed forever. (read her birth story here) I never knew in my wildest dreams how much I could love another soul. She is the light in my life and the reason I live to make the world a better place for her. Ob-sessed is probably an understatement (haha) As I sit here staring at the monitor with her little thumb in her mouth and her other hand playing with her own hair, I realize my baby is now a toddler. She's longer, funny, beautiful and so animated. She gives so much love and kisses and her heart is so full of wonder and kindness. Her attitude is definitely from me and she knows exactly what she wants. When she looks at me, I melt. When she smiles at me, I melt. I am in sheer awe of everything about her. God has blessed us so deeply and I will forever be grateful. Thank you Miss A for making our lives whole. We love you baby girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Anderson Greer! - ps her party was absolute ah-mazing! Thank ya'll so much for the calls, texts and gifts! The entire day was so special!

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