Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WHW: Lately

Hey ya'll! Long time no blog huh? I've been a little MIA lately but only because we've had so much going on! How is everyone? Link up below and let me know what I've been missing! Around these parts, we're still on a relaxed summer schedule with one of the kiddos so the days aren't quite as busy. Miss Andi is (slow  motion) walking up a storm and it still shocks me that my little nugget is a walker. Our siding people are supposed to start by July 6th and I am SERIOUSLY counting down to our home being completely transformed. It is a total disaster zone on the outside currently and I can't wait to get that project going. Before and after pictures to come of course! (I definitely need to update my home reno tab!) Below are some pics I ran out and took with my hubby's phone so ya'll can see what we're pulling into and looking at daily. Whew!

The Miss Virginia pageant was last Saturday and I was so lucky to be able to attend and stay at the hotel Roanoke with my friend Hannah. Hannah was Miss VA 2007 so I was able to tag along to all the exclusive receptions, cocktail parties and after pageant parties. This meant that I was finally able to meet some of the board of directors, pageant big wigs and lots of former Miss Virginia's - it was a dream come true if you know me and my love of the pageant world. We had fabulous seats too! We definitely have it on the books for every year from here on out. (You know, until Andi becomes Miss VA 2036 - no really ya'll)Also, being in Roanoke meant that I had to take my obligatory drive through my college campus of Hollins University and hit all of my favorite spots! It was absolutely fabulous!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WHW: Books

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 Today I want to share a quick book review. I finally have a new read under my belt and it definitely wasn't my typical read whatsoever. I had been really curious to read Kristin Cavallari's new book Balancing in Heels. I snagged a copy on Amazon and waited for it to pop up in my mailbox. I was overly excited for some reason not because I've loved her all along but because I've really loved her recently. I mean, what a total lifestyle makeover with her am I right? I'm not fully sure what I was expecting but I was definitely intrigued to learn more about her healthy eating, etc. She's uber organic and has drastically helped her hubby's type 1 diabetes with their food choices and cooking. Also, I knew she would do some Laguna Beach throwbacks.

It was definitely a quick read and very cut and dry. (she's clearly not a storyteller and that's what I'm used to) I feel like my high school self would have loved the first part. Only when she finally dove into motherhood, marriage and her eating habits, did I start to pay more attention. I thoroughly enjoyed learning what food labels and ingredients to look out for and she shares lots of neat recipes and home remedies. She includes lots of pictures and intimate moments too so if you like her at all, you'll like this quick peek into her life. Overall, I give it a B- but I'm glad I read it. I have a HUGE new grocery list waiting for me because of her so here we go....thanks Kristin. next not-at-all-me read is going to be...drum roll please: Me Before You. I do have a weird weakness for a good cry in a novel and this one apparently delivers just that. My friend sent a picture of her running black mascara and another told me she couldn't put it down so it was only natural that I was curious. The aforementioned friend then dropped off her copy in my mailbox on Sunday and I just started it last night. Of course, once I'm done, I'll report back and let ya'll know how it is! What other good summer reads do ya'll have on your radar? I want to keep this going! (I usually love sad, dark reads like thrillers or mysteries so if you have any to recommend let me know!)

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Monday, June 20, 2016


Hey ya'll and happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was absolutely packed and I loved every minute of it! (I'm only bummed that Monday came so quickly!) It actually started Thursday night when we went to see my Nanny in the hospital. She's doing fine and she's back home but it was good to see that side of the family and check in on Nanny. Since we were already out of town, we turned it into a mini date night and tried out a fun place downtown. Friday we had another date night celebrating a friend's birthday. His wife rented out the back of a restaurant and we had some cocktails and hung out for a little bit. It was nice catching up! Saturday I had a surprise planned for my Dad for Father's day and ya'll he was so pumped. The only clue I had given him was that the event was semi-formal. He kept guessing all week with things like a catfish festival, etc and it was killing me! I kept saying, Dad...semi-formal.

I took him as my date to the Summer Garden Opera and he was over the moon. The event is held annually and there are so many of his oldest friends that attend so the surprise was a hit. There was a seated dinner and then open bar all night. We mingled and sipped until the opera started and the weather was ah-mazing. Is there really anything better than cocktails, time with your Dad, and mingling under the stars? I'm thinking that we may have to make this our new tradition! (sorry honey, your invite has been revoked)

On Sunday, I hung out with my family for a bit longer and visited with my sister and nephews before heading out to my in-laws with Miss A. Unfortunately, as expected with the railroad, Seth was called to work overnight and missed Father's day almost completely.I snagged him a huge bbq plate from his Mama's and he opened his presents and snuggled with Miss A this morning once she woke up. Basically this weekend was non-stop but sometimes that makes it worthwhile am I right? This week should be fab as well because one of the babes is on vacay with her parents all week. Cheers to a new week and Bachelorette Monday ya'll!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WHW: Projects

And just like that, its Wednesday again! What's "hap-pinning" with ya'll?  Today I'm covering one project in particular but some new pillows I snagged as well. I seriously have a weakness for pillows - any kind, any size! I scored some super cute lumbar ones from Minted and I'm obsessed! Did ya'll know they did home decor and not just stationary? I totally had no idea! The lemon print is so classic to our home and the pineapple one looks great upstairs in our sitting area. I'm actually thinking the lemon ones should be displayed on the wicker rockers on the front porch and then maybe the kitchen breakfast nook? I'm not 100% sure yet...

The bar stools my Dad scored from the local dump are up next! I know that sounds odd...but they were in perfect condition! They were wooden, swivel, captain's chairs and he called me after snagging them. I told him we could definitely transform these dated babies and bring them down to the bay house with brand new life. Seth sanded them and we picked out a cool coral/orange color from Lowe's to spray paint them. Basically, they turned out so much better than I imagined I brought them down during the girls reunion trip last weekend and needless to say they got a lot of use! I also was able to score some fantastic throw pillows to put in them from TJ Maxx that were in the exact same color scheme. The floating bar is turquoise and the walls are yellow so the coral color was just the pop we needed! Anyway, he found a coffee table as well that I need to transform and there are still a few other fun furniture pieces we need to re-do so stay tuned for those! (Have ya'll ever noticed  how much I love exclamation points?) 

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Girls Trip

Hey ya'll and happy Monday! I'm one less babe today and thank goodness because today is definitely a recovery and back to reality day. I mean, this time yesterday I was on a! Anyway, we had the absolute best weekend. The weather was perfect and sunny, the girls had a blast and we ate some fabulous seafood. What could be better? I'm so happy everyone loved the house and location because we already want to plan another random weekend before the summer ends. Ya'll, we even shut down bars.. it was like college all over again! That much girl catch up time is seriously good for the soul. I love those ladies so much and I'm so glad we make a point to do these things. Take me back!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy your day! Linking up today with Biana & Meghan for Weekending.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WHW: Fav Summer Eats

Hey ya'll and happy what's hap-'pinning' Wednesday! We made it to the half-way mark which means the weekend is within reach. I leave tomorrow for girls weekend - woot woot - bring it on! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite summer recipes with ya'll. For some reason I love Fall and Winter comfort food a little better but you seriously cannot beat the fresh ingredients that are available this time of year. It always inspires me to cook and whip up new dishes!

I was craving a cold pasta dish the other day and literally pulled together something with what I had available in the house. I used garden veggie penne, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, black olives, tomatoes, sweet peas and cucumber. Mixed in red wine vinegar, olive oil and some suddenly salad seasoning with sesame seeds and then popped it in the freezer for about an hour. Top it with those oriental crunchy things and you're golden! Ya'll, is there anything better that that simple cold salad? We ate on it for a couple days for like every single meal. Those are my favorite things to keep on hand in the fridge so if you have any recipes like that let me know! Here are some Pinterest finds and favorites I'm looking forward to making as well. Don't forget to grab our button and link up below to share what's going on in your life. Since I'm leaving tomorrow, I'll be back on Monday with a recap so enjoy the rest of your week!





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