Hey ya'll and happy Labor day! I hope everyone is on a mini vacay or just enjoying the day off. If not, cheers to you anyway then! This morning was absolutely perfect temperature wise. We had all of the windows open and the house had dropped to 65 when I got up. I'm talking chilly! I put on a pair of pants and socks for the first time sine last year. It'll make my a.m. coffee that much more enjoyable ya'll I'm sure. Gosh I love Fall! I know we're probably not in the clear for cooler temps but I'll definitely take this nice preview.

This weekend Andi and I took a little overnight trip to see our friends in NC. They have a little boy, Apollo, that is around the same age and they played fabulous together. We took them to the Durham museum of life and science and Andi was in paradise when we took her to the bug exhibit. She's obviously a girly girl but man she loves pointing to creepy little things and yelling "BUG!" We also took them to the petting zoo portion and playhouses before taking them to the butterfly sanctuary too. Worn out was an understatement! After dinner, a shared bath with Apollo (shhh don't tell her daddy haha!) they were out like a light by 7:30pm so that we could enjoy some adult time and scary movies of course (its our tradition when we get together) Sunday we came home early and did way too much laundry, cleaned and hit up the grocery store for the week. The hubs took us out on a lunch date as well which was a nice switch up! Overall, it was a wonderful weekend and now I'm counting down until we leave for the beach next weekend.

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  1. What a fun weekend!! I can't believe how big Apollo is getting! Girl time is the best :)

  2. Oh my gosh it almost looks like he's trying to hold Andi's hand - so cute!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Ok they are so adorable. I love that he is trying to hold Andi's hand. Oh so cute.