Hey ya'll and happy Friday! There are so many awesome things going on around these parts lately and I can't wait to share them. First of all, last weekend I forgot to share my best friend from high school and I took a road tripd down to SC for another one of our best friend's wedding! Harry was my best guy friend and did everything with us. I'm talking, he was even one of the guys on our senior beach week trip that rode down with all of us girls! Harry has been one of my favorites since basically the 8th grade and seeing him get married was awesome! (especially because his new wife is super fabulous and I adore her! And did I mention, Harry's wedding gift to me and my husband was setting off a fireworks show at our own wedding? Love!) The road trip was so much fun but can I just tell ya'll how old I felt the morning after? I'm talking hungover with a capital H - ugh! I guess in the grand scheme of things it was totally worth it!

Look at that handsome groom!!!

Tuesday, I decided to start making the up and down trek from the 3rd floor attic and bring all of the Christmas decor down. I have two of our three trees up, mantle down and staircase and I am over the moon. I know, I know its before Thanksgiving...but hey, three trees takes a toll on you! Turning the lights on makes me so happy - there's really nothing like the feeling of Christmas ya'll. I'll share some pictures once I finish!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! See ya'll back here on Monday for a recap and some big news!

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  1. How fun!! I love your dress, you look gorgeous!!

  2. Love love that dress on you! You look Gorgeous!!

  3. What a fun and beautiful wedding!! Love your dress!

  4. Hangover with a capital H! Bahah! Love it! What a fun little road trip and celebration! You look gorgeous as always, love that dress!!! XO