WHW: Beach Ready

Hey ya'll and welcome to another What's Hap-'Pinning' Wednesday! Today, with the super warm temps around these parts, I'm thinking all things beach. Our annual OBX trips are later this year (first week in August and then first week in September) but when things slow down at work, students leave for the summer and the town becomes quiet - I just want to move to the beach immediately! Being by the water is literally the only time I don't mind heat and sweating (I'm a total Fall person generally) Below is a quick round-up of some tried and true favorites for a day at the beach! Grab our button and link up with us to join in on WHW!

First of all, I'm super into yellow currently! How cute are these bathing suits?

Striped Swimsuit
Gingham One-Piece
Gingham Two-Piece

Monogrammed hat is a must - check out Ashley with Premium Pineapple Embroidery to get one!
Beach towel or blanket 
Beach Chair - I love the backpack ones and use them every year!

Insulated coolor is a must and I also sometimes use it as my main beach bag! The Lilly Pulitzer ones are so spacious and super cute - this is identical to my bag!

A good book is definitely a must! I plan on reading this one since I'm like the only one who hasn't watched it on HBO yet! I just scored this for free at my bookstore yesterday! 

A good sunscreen is a no-brainer and I love the Neutrogena ones for both Andi and myself. You can snag these at any drugstore so be sure to stock up!

And for Miss Andi - a baby pool, toys, tent and her own little chair!

Ok so what am I missing? What are your go-to beach essentials? (of course cold beverages, snacks and maybe a little evian spray to keep in your cooler too, hehe!) 

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  1. Love that Lily cooler bag!! So pretty! Great list :)

  2. This has me so excited for our beach trip this summer! Eeek!

  3. Love everything about this, yay Summer and the BEACH!

  4. I've been DREAMING of a beach trip since March, and I can't wait to go in August! I love the yellow gingham swimsuits! Cheers, Laura

  5. My mom loves the beach. I'd rather be in the pool because I get hot SO easy, but the idea of the beach is very relaxing. Love all your beach needs! Hmm...what else? Maybe one of those roundie blankets that are becoming popular? That would be great to sit on instead of just a towel.


  6. My 31 deluxe tote is my absolute go-to! I can pack everything it to take in one haul AND it's monogrammed ;)

  7. Love all of this! Going to OBX for the 4th and I am counting down the days! You hit all the good stuff, the yellow suits are adorable!

  8. So much fun and now I'm super ready for our beach trip in July! We didn't have any kind of beach vacation last year so I'm ready for one this year! Thanks for the PPE shoutout :)

  9. I haven't seen Big Little Lies yet either but I'd like to. We don't have HBO currently tho :(

  10. You have me wanting to go to the beach so badly. Love the yellow suits. So cute. Big Little Lies was a good book. I read it before watching the series and I liked it that way.

  11. I totally need to get Vi a chair with an umbrella like that one!! love the yellow one piece! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  12. That striped suit is amazing!! I loved the Big Little Lies book but not the series x